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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Transparent Glass Style

Tutorial Description

Platform: Adobe Photoshop CS or better
Difficulty: Beginner
Author: Vebyo Arson

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Transparent Glass Style

People love glass effects. They also love transparent look, glowing and glossy as well. Now, we will learn how to make these popular effects. Less than 1 minute, you can get this Transparent Glass Style in Photoshop. Let's get started!

Step 1

Open any image in Photoshop. I recommended to open full color image or the real photo (not abstract) but it's up to you after all ^^.

Straw Field

Step 2

Use Horizontal Type Tool (T) and write any text you want. In this tutorial I used white color (#FFFFFF), 72pt for size, and Gill Sans Ultra Bold for font.

Transparent Glass

Step 3

Apply the following Layer Style to the "Transparent Glass" Text Layer (Double Click on it or go to Layer > Layer Style > Blending Options...).
Blending Options: Custom – Set Fill Opacity to 20% under Advanced Blending

Transparent Glass Blending Options

Outer Glow: You may change outer glow setting if you want to.

Transparent Glass Outer Glow

Gradient Overlay: This is the crucial part of this step. Don't miss it!

Gradient Overlay
Transparent Glass Style Gradient

Stroke: I used standard stroke here. White (#FFFFFF) for color, 3px for size in outside position and 100% for opacity.

Transparent Glass

Step 4

Look what should you get now ...A Transparent Glass Style Effect.

Transparent Glass Style

If you take a look closer, it will be like the following image. It's so cool, isn't it?

Transparent Glass Closer

You may also change the color of the text if you like

Transparent Glass Change Color

Final Result

Transparent Glass Style
PSD Download Download PSD 3.04 Mb
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