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Monday, February 8, 2010

One Piece 574 Spoiler Pics and Summaries

Click HERE to read One Piece Chapter 574 in FULL SCREEN
Portgas D. Ace, is DEAD..!!!

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Terjemahan Bahasa Indonesia oleh Ari Semut

English Translation
Status: Confirmed

Pirates: Ace has been taken out!

Pirates: Stop Akainu!

Commander with big cannon thing (forget his name): It’s no good! I can’t stop him at all!
Akainu: Looks like you’re still breathing…
Luffy: Cut it out!
Jinbei: Anything more than this will…!!!

Pirates: Jinbei!
Mr. 3: Whoooa! I’ve been saved! If I had stayed like that…
Marco: Just forget it already and get these cuffs off!
Akainu: Stop trying to worthlessly buy time, Jinbei. You’re a former Shichibukai. You know my power…
Jinbei: If chipping away at this body is buying time--then fine! (can’t do the rest)

Vice-admirals: Vice Admiral Garp!
Sengoku: What are you trying to do, Garp?!
Garp: Hold me back like this, Sengoku. If you don’t…I’ll kill Sakazuki!
Sengoku: …..Fool!!!
Akainu: It’s necessary to punish traitors as well!
Marco/Vista (I assume): Stop! Jinbei!

Pirates (I assume): Commander Vista! Commander Marco!
Akainu: Ugh! Haki users sure are a pain in the ass…don’t you understand that it’s too late for “Fire Fist”?
Vista: (something about leaving regrets I think)
Marco: What a thing to do…

Pirates: Ace!
Ace: Sorry…Luffy.
Luffy: Ace! Let’s hurry and get you treated!
Ace: Sorry you couldn’t properly save me…(might have this wrong)

Luffy: What are you talking about?! Don’t say that crap! Someone treate Ace! Some one save him!
Pirate: Hurry up! Take emergency procedures!
Ace: It’s no use!! Hahh…I at least know when my own life is ending. He burned my internal organs…It’s no good anymore…so…listen, Luffy
Luffy: What are you talking about Ace? Are you going to die?…You…you promised me didn’t you?!

Luffy: Didn’t you say you’d never die?!
Ace: …that’s right. If it weren’t for the wooden shoes man (not sure about this) and a meddling brother like you…I didn’t think I could live on.
Villager: If Gol D. Roger had a kid…he’d have to be decapitated!
Ace: Nobody wishes for that…nothing you can do about it!
Villager: It’d just an amount of revenge on Roger (not sure) for all the people throughout the world….how’s that for a warning? (bad with this expression, just guessed, probably wrong) Burn him at the stake! The sight of him on the verge of death would be the world’s laughingstock! Everyone would say…”Serves ya right!” Hahaha

Villagers: I’d like him to leave these last words! “I’m sorry I was born, I’m just trash!”
Villager: No way he exists!
Ace: ….
Dadan (?): Ace! You caused a scene in the town!
Ace: Shut up! If I had the power I would have skilled them all!
Dadan: What?!
Ace: ….That’s right….if you see Dadan someday, tell him I said hi. It’s like, now that I know I’m dying, I even miss that guy…
Luffy: …..!
Ace: I have one regret…and it’s that I couldn’t see the end of your dream….but you can definitely do it…you’re my little brother!

Ace: Just like we promised long ago…I have no regrets in my life!
Luffy: ….you’re kidding…you’re a liar!
Ace: It’s no lie…hah…fame was never what I wanted…
Ace: What I wanted…was an answer to the question “should I have been born?”
Luffy: !
Ace: Haah…I can’t speak loudly anymore…Luffy…what I’m about to say….tell everyone later.
Ace: Pops! Everyone…and Luffy
Luffy: !
Ace: Come out! I’ve come to take Whitebeard’s head!
Whitebeard: (crying)
Ace: Up until today…this hopeless me…this me who has the blood of a demon…
WB crewmates: Ace!! We’ll definitely save you! Don’t give up!

Ace: For loving that me…Thank you!!
WB crewmates: Ace!!

Ace: Gramps…
Luffy: Ace!
Ace: I wonder if I should have been born.
Ace: Did you think I would die?

Luffy: But!
Ace: What are you crying for?! Don’t just go around writing people off as dead on your own!
Ace: I promise you! I’ll never die! How could I die and leave a little weakling brother like you behind?
Rouge (I think): If it’s a boy…Ace…this kid’s name will be Gol. D. Ace.

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