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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Naruto 482 - Bijuu Meeting

By: Sensei-Q

NARUTO 482 - ‘Bijuu Meeting!’

(Naruto Scene)
KillerBee(Hachibi): Bee, try to block my chakra, now!

KillerBee: (Why?)

KillerBee(Hachibi): The fox is trying to take over my chakra!

Raikage: What’s going on! Bee, stop right now!

Naruto: Arghaargh!

Kakashi: (Oh no..) Senpai!

Yamato: Yoshi!

*Jijun Jutsu!*

Kakashi: It’s not working.. Why isn’t it working?!

Yamato: ! (The necklace!) It’s the necklace! He’s not wearing the necklace. I’m powerless without that necklace.

Raikage: Bee, do it!

KillerBee: Damn it kid, ?Surpress the chakra, you baga!?

Naruto: I can’t!

Kakashi: If naruto’s cloak reaches 3 tails, he’ll lose control of himself. We need to figure out how to stop it before it gets out of hand!

Note: This is just PREDICTION

Raikage: Bee, stand still. I’m going to paralyze you with lightning chakra.

*Raiton – Jibashi!*

KillerBee: Argh!

Kakashi/Yamato: !?

*The Hachibi cloak fades and Bee falls down unconscious.

*Naruto’s cloak fades collapses, but is still conscious*

Raikage: This never happened before.. Why can’t he control his beast? Every Jinchuuriki has a method to do so.

Kakashi: Well, Naruto is a special case. It’s a long story.

Naruto: *Pant-Pant* Oh just tell him Sensei..

Kakashi: Okay.. Raikage-Sama, Naruto is the son of the former Fourth Hokage.

Shi/Darui: ????

Raikage: Hmph, that hair and your face.. indeed similar to Minato. Still, Minato would never bow for mercy just to save villains’ life. I am disappointed..

Naruto: You have no idea of what’s happening to Sasuke right now! You don’t know anything about him!

Kakashi: Naruto, remember what we agreed on...

Naruto: Tsk!

Raikage: Why would he seal the 9tails inside of his own son? (He must have been in a losing situation where he had no choice...)

Kakashi: Since a few weeks ago, Naruto knows who his father was. Before that, he didn’t. It was kept a secret for the good of him and the village.

Raikage: I see.. So you never got to learn about the ‘Key’, am I right?

Naruto: What key?

Yamato: Raikage-Sama, that information is top-classified. How do you know about the key?

Shi: At birth, when the Bijuu gets sealed inside the host, there would be a Key to unlock the full powers of the beast. But before the Key is given, the Jinchuuriki must be in total sync with the Beast. There has to be an ´´Agreement´´ between the two. Bee-Sama is able to fully control his beast. He is the perfect Jinchuuriki. You –points to naruto- on the other hand, have absolutely no control whatsoever.

Naruto: Then how can I do this agreement if the only thing that stupid fox wants, is freedom and destruction?!

Raikage: Then my brother will teach you.

Kakashi: What about the war? We must return to the village.

Raikage: Yes, as the 6th Hokage, you must return to the village to inform the Jounins. We will bring the kid with us. He is of great importance. If Madara manages to defeat us, he has to be able to defend himself.

Naruto: …Alright then, take me to your village!

Kakashi: Naruto.. if anything goes wrong, send a toed.

Naruto: *Smiles*

Raikage: Darui, pick up Bee. Lets go.

*The group jumps away as Kakashi watches Naruto from the back.*

Yamato: What about Sakura?

Kakashi: Don´t worry, they won´t get near Sasuke.

Yamato: Huh… Why?

Kakashi: I knew she would lie to him.. So I prepared us for this.

Yamato: What?!

Note: This is just PREDICTION

´Kakashi knew all along? How can this be?! Find out in the next chapter..´

Next: 483 – ´A Step Ahead´

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