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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Naruto 482 - Reunion of Old Friends

by: Hyperjudge

Naruto 482 : Reunion of Old Friends

(Sasuke scene)
Sasuke : We head for Konoha.

Madara : First I collect Shisui's eye.

As Madara comes close to Danzo, we see that the eye is closed. The body vanishes in smoke.

Madara : (Thinks) What a waste of a good eye.

Sasuke : That bastard. He'll - (Pain strike Sasuke, and he falls on his knees, holding his head in terrible pain)

Madara : You have no choice, Sasuke. You have to use your brother's eyes before it is too late.

Sasuke : No. I said... I would never use... the eyes of... my brother.

(Sakura scene)
Sakura : Get out of my way, Sai.

Sai : As I said, I promised Kakashi-sensei I wouldn't let you pass, whatever the cost.

Note: This is just PREDICTION

Sakura : Formation Alpha, guys !

Kiba, Lee : Hai ! (Kiba and Akamaru get in formation to attack, Lee runs behind Sai)

Kiba : Double Fang Hurricane!

Lee : Konoha's Tornado !

The attack hits Sai, who vanishes in ink.

Sakura : (Thinks) Ink clone. So he's coming with Kakashi. I have to hurry. (Throw the sleeping bomb at Lee, Kiba and Akamaru. They instantly fall asleep) No time for explanation.

(Kakashi scene)
Sai : Sensei, Sakura killed my clone. She really heads for Sasuke alone.

Note: This is just PREDICTION

Kakashi : We aren't far from there, are-we? Let's speed up more. (Thinks: Sakura, don't do that.)

(Sasuke scene)
Sasuke is in pain still, Madara is standing next to him.

Madara : So what do you plan to do, now ? Run in Konoha, attrack as much attention that you can, and then overuse your eyes? You are born as an Uchiha, you are gifted at birth. And yet, you are throwing this gift away. You first need to heal, or else only death awaits you there. You cannot simply run in there.

Sasuke : Shut... up Madara. I will have my revenge, even if it costs me my life ! I'll make them pay for the sacrifice my - (Madara raise his hand to signal him to shut up)

Madara : Konoha nin, 7o'clock. Alone. (Thinks: This is the med that was with naruto in their team, she could be valuable in healing him)

Sasuke gets on his feet, and Madara warps them next to Sakura. Sasuke instantly falls on his knees, his pain returning.

Sakura : Sasuke !

Note: This is just PREDICTION

Madara : Well well, what a good timing, just as we needed some medical help. Or are you here to finish him ?

Sasuke : (Voice shaking) Sa... ku... ra... (faints)

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