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Friday, February 19, 2010

How to Clean Manga (comic)

Before you read this tutorial, I would like you to read my previous tutorial about how to scan HQ manga (comic). After that, Ok let’s begin
To input your own language to the manga or comic, you have to clean the Japanese text first and here is
My Final Result

How did I work with it? Here we go
Use Selection Tool (there are three of them which is you can use) and create the selection to Japanese text and then create new layer.
Selection Tool

Create New Layer

In this case, I recommended using Rectangle Tool  . Now, after you have selected the Japanese text and created the new layer (as picture above) fill it in white color by using Paint Bucket Tool.
The Result
Click Image to Enlarge

Afterward, you can re-write the Japanese text by using Type Tool as damn you want. lol
Mission Completed. Good Luck ^_^

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