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Monday, February 22, 2010

Naruto Chapter 484 / 485 RAW - Prediction - Discuss

Naruto vs Pain

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Naruto 484: Team Seven
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Little Itachi is so cute...

By: Sage_Naruto

Naruto 484: Student Vs Sensei!!

(Sasuke Scene)
Kakashi: Sakura go….
Sakura: Sensei i….(closes her eyes and makes a fist)
Kakashi: …..(removes a kunai)
Sakura: I-I am sorry sensei….(picks up Karin)
Sakura: (thinking)I am sorry Naruto...
(Sakura puts Karin on her back and turns away)

Sasuke: (watches as sakura goes away with Karin)
Kakashi: Alright then…time to correct my mistake… (Readies kunai)
Sasuke: heh! (Smiles and charges at kakashi with a chidori )

Just as the chidori is about to hit him, Kakashi jumps in the air barely dodging it.
Sasuke is prepared for the dodge, and turns around as soon as kakashi is in the air.He charges his other hand with a chidori spear.

Sasuke: HA!(the spear pierces a surprised kakashi, who was unable to dodge it because he was in mid air)
Kakashi:..Poof! (turns into a rag doll)
Sasuku : !! (Thinking) substitution!
Kakashi: (appearing just a few steps behind sasuke) Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet! (a huge water dragon flies at Sasuke who is just inches away)
Kakashi: (watches as sasuke is engulfed by the water dragon)……!!!!

(Suddenly black flames start consuming the water dragon)
Kakashi: (thinking) Amaterasu…
Sasuke: (Standing in middle of the smoke cause by the rapid evaporation of the water because of amaterasu) Is that all you have got Kakashi? (Reveals his mangeykyo sharingan!)
Kakashi:?! (Looks at the evilness in sasuke’s sharingan) (Thinking) Revenge has consumed him…Sasuke…

Sasuke: DIE! (Aims the amaterasu at kakashi )
Kakashi: Shadow Clone jutsu! (Makes 5 shadow clones of himself) Poof!! (The kakashi who was attacked with the amaterasu disappears)
Sasuke: hmph (used shadow to escape dodge my amaterasu…)
Kakashi: (thinking while dodgeing sasuke’s amaterasu’s continuously)sasuke’s chakra levels are pretty low…Looks like he was in a fight not to long…the kage summit maby?...judging by his state right now, those mangeykyo attacks should be taking a lot out of him..if I can keep out of his line of sight and confuse him with my clones then I should be able to get close enough to finish him off…

Sasuke: haha keep running…I am going to burn you to the ground and watch as you suffer in agony!!
Sasuke:?!! (Suddenly kakashi’s figure blures causing the flame to go totally of target and Sasuke becomes a little dazed for a second)
Kakashi: (thinking) NOW!!!

In a split second, Kakashi’s 4 shadow clones surround Sasuke and get ready for a lightning blade from all 4 sides..
Kakashi: Lightning Blade!!!

All the 4 Lightning blades hit Sasuke at the same time from all sides!!!

Kakashi: *pant* *pant I got him…
Kakashi: (surprised) HUH??! What the-

Sasuke is completely surrounded by susanoo’s bones!

As Kakashi is about to jump back, the bones form a fist and catch hold of kakashi’s arm

Sasuke: (turns around to face Kakashi) Now its my turn….

(Naruto Scene)
Naruto: (thinking) almost there... (Speeds up a little bit)

(Sasuke Scene)
Kakashi: Arrrrghhh!!!! (The Susanoo’s fist is crushing Kakashi’s arm)
Kakashi: (falls to his knees and his shadow clones disappear)
Sasuke: hahaha (has a insane looks on his face) that pain is nothing compared to the pain I have gone through! Maby now you will understand it a little better…

(Slowly sasuke’s susanoos body starts to form behind him)

Kakashi: (wincing from the pain) (thinking) I have got no choice…
Sasuke: I am going to tear you limp from limp and-

(Kakashi raises his head and looks at Sasuke straight in the eye)

Kakashi: You let revenge take over you…and now you are too far gone in the darkness to be brought back……

(kakashi closes his sharingan eye)
Sasuke: hm…..?

Kakashi opens his eye to reveal the Mangeykyo sharingan!(close up on kakashi’s eyes)

Sasuke: (surprised) eh?! How did you-

Kakashi: KAMUI!!!


Kakashi has activated his mangeykyo sharingan! He used kamui on Sasuke at almost point blank distance. Has Sasuke finally been defeated??? Did kakashi really kill him?

Look out for Chapter 485!

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