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Monday, January 18, 2010

One Piece 571 Spoiler Pics and Summaries

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Spoiler for One Piece 571 :

Source: 2ch, JJT
Credit: ID:jQ7EnSzk0, Idol
Verification: Confirmed
Translation By Aohige_AP on Arlong Park

Chapter 571: The Execution Stand

???: It's Garp, the "hero"!
Inazuma: The bridge is.... falling!!
Ivankov: Do something about it, Strawhat boy!!
Garp: I've been fighting pirates long before you were born!!

Garp: If you want to get through here, do so over my dead body!! "Strawhat Luffy"!!!
Garp: That is the path you both chose!!!
Ace: Gramps...

Garp (younger): Don't be so spoiled!! You're gonna become a stronger marine than anyone!!
With an attitude like that, you'd be killed by the pirates in an instant!!

Luffy: I can't do that Grampa, please get out of my way!!!
Garp: If you can't, then it means Ace dies!!!
Luffy: No, I don't want to!!!
Garp: Many unwanted things happen in the world, despite your wishes!!! I won't go easy on you!!!
Garp: Luffy... I declare you an enemy of mine!!!

Ace (flashback): After all this... I now value my own life!!
(Garp closes his eyes)
Sengoku: GARP!!!

Onigumo: Vice Admiral Garp!!?
Sengoku: You're still a parent afterall, Garp...!!

???: Pops!!!!

Hancock (flashback): Take this... it's the key to your brother's cuffs!
Luffy: Hang in there for a sec, I have the keys!!
Ace: Luffy you...!!?
Marine A: Look, Fleet Admiral Sengoku is using his ability!!
Marine B: This is the first time I've seen it!!

 Sengoku: Wait!! Don't you think I'll let you off!!!
Ace: ...!? Sengoku!!?

Luffy: No!!! The key!!!
VA Strawberry: Take aim!!!
Luffy: Aaaahhh!!! No, the key!!
Mr3: .... uh.....!!
Mr3: ...!! What was that... I suddenly lost my conciousness....!!
Luffy: What the!? "3"!!! What are you doing here!!?
Sengoku: I'll execute you by my own hands!!!
Luffy: Gomu gomu..... oh hey, "3", protect Ace with your wall

Luffy: Giant Balloon!!!
Sengoku: !!?

Mr3: Candle Wall!!
Sengoku: He can grow large!!?

Marine: The execution stand is falling!!
Pirate?: What just happened!? Ace isn't dead yet!!

???: We're falling!!
Mr3: I'll make the key!! I'll get those cuffs off right away!!
Luffy: Gotcha!!
Pirate: Captain Buggy!! That's our brother Mr3
Buggy: WHY!!?
Marines: Shoot them!!! Blow them away along with the stand!!!

Bon-chan (flashback): Make sure and save your brother!!!
Mr3: If I told you the reason I'm here... is to fulfill my fallen comrade's wishes... would you laugh at me?
Luffy: I course I wouldn't!!!
Mr3: Save your brother, Strawhat!!!
Kizaru?: Oh no!!

Page 16-7:
Marine: Firefist is in his solid form, he can't possibly be alive!!
Marine: huh!? There's a tunnel of flames in the explosion!!

Ace: You're always like that, Luffy!! You never listen to what I say... and dash in headstrong!!
Pirates: AAAACCCEE!!!
Luffy: AAAACCEE!!! 

Indonesian Translation by Arisemut @ MH

chapter 571. tempat hukuman mati

marine : itu Garp sang pahlawan!!!
Inazuma : jembatannya...runtuh!!
Iva : lakukan sesuatu, mugiwara boy!!

Garp : jauh sebelum engkau lahir ke dunia ini
Garp : aku sudah bertarung melawan para bajak laut!!!

Garp : kalau kau mau lewat, bunuhlah aku!!!
Garp : "mugiwara" Luffy!!!

Ace : .........!!
Garp : itu adalah jalan
Garp : yang telah kalian pilih!!!
Ace : kakek

Garp : jangan manja!!
Garp : kau harus jadi marine yang paling kuat
Garp : kalau perasaanmu terus seperti itu
Garp : kau akan segera mati dibunuh oleh bajak laut!!!

Luffy : kakek, aku tak bisa!!! menyingkirlah!!!
Garp : kalau kau tak bisa, maka Ace hanya akan mati!!!
Luffy : tidak mau!!!
Garp : hal-hal yang tak kau inginkan akan terus terjadi!!! aku tak akan berbaik hati!!!
Garp : Luffy, kau adalah
Garp : musuh!!!

Ace : justru sekarang
Ace : aku jadi...belum mau mati!!!
Sengoku : Garp!!

Luffy : uwaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
Garp : !!!

Garp : .........!!
Onigumo : Vice Admiral Garp!!?
Sengoku : Garp, kau juga manusia yang sayang anak cucu......!!

Shirohige : !!!
bajak laut : bapaaak!!!

Hancock : ini...!!
Hancock : kunci borgol kakakmu...!!

Luffy : haah
Luffy : aku punya kuncinya. tunggulah!!! haah...!!
Ace : Luffy, kau!!!
Luffy : haah...haah!!
marine : lihat!! Fleet Admiral Sengoku menggunakan kekuatannya!!
marine : ini pertama kali aku melihatnya...

Luffy : !!?
Sengoku : tunggu!!!
Sengoku : jangan kira aku akan membiarkan ini!!!
Ace : ......!!? Sengoku!!?

Luffy : !!?
Luffy : aaah!!! kuncinya!!!

Strawberry : bersiap!!
Luffy : aa...!! aaah
Luffy : tanpa kunci tak akan bisa!!!

3 : mm......!!
3 : ......!! uuh...kenapa aku tiba-tiba pingsan, ya...!!!
Luffy : !
Luffy : eh!!?
Luffy : 3!!! kenapa kau ada di sini!!?

Sengoku : akan kuhukum mati dengan tanganku sendiri!!!
Luffy : !!?
Luffy : Gomugomu no...
Luffy : oi, 3. lindungi Ace dengan dinding!!!
3 : gyaaaa!! apa itu!!? gyaaaaaaaa

Sengoku : !!?
Luffy : Giganto Fuusen!!!!
3 : Candle Wall!!!!
Sengoku : jadi raksasa...!!?
Luffy : ugh
Luffy : buwahhh!!!
marine : tempat hukuman matinya hancur!!!
marine : apa yang terjadi!!?
marine : Ace masih belum mati!!!

Luffy : kita jatuuuh!!!
3 : aku buat kuncinya!! segera lepaskan borgolnya!!
Luffy : baik!!!

mantan napi : kapten Buggy!! itu kak 3!!!
Buggy : kenapa dia di situ!!?

marine : tembak!!!
marine : hancurkan bersama tempat hukuman matinya sekaligus!!!

2 : selamatkanlah kakakmuuuuuu!!
3 : apakah kau akan mentertawakanku...kalau aku bilang alasanku ada disini adalah
3 : untuk menebus kematian rekanku!!!

Luffy : mana mungkin!!!
3 : selamatkan kakakmu!!! mugiwara!!!

Sengoku : sial!!

bajak laut : !!!!

marine : Hiken masih tubuh biasa, dia tak akan bisa bertahan hidup!!
marine : hmm!?
marine : di dalam ledakan itu
marine : ada terowongan api...!!!
Ace : sejak dulu kau selalu begitu
Ace : Luffy!!!
Luffy : haah...haah...!!!
Ace : tidak pernah mendengarkan ucapanku
bajak laut : uwooooooooooo!!!
Ace : dan terus saja bertindak sembrono!!!
bajak laut : Aaaaaaaaaaace!!!
Luffy : Aaaaace!!!!


Source: Anonymous Comment # 2
Verification: Pending

Chapter 571: execution platform

luffy vs garp

garp : if you wanted to pass then beat me up

luffy : grandpa.... 2nd gear!

luffy punches, garp jumped and avoided the punch.
luffy kicked in mid air and garp got hit by it, lost his balance and fall down from the bridge.

garp's expression seems like he let luffy hit him (poster's opinion)

luffy finally arrived at the execution platform.

luffy : ace, i am finally here. use this key to open the lock.

ace : thanks luffy, where did you get that key from?

kizaru : it would be troublesome if it was unlocked.

(from source 2, i read that the key was knock off by kizaru)

MR3 appear on the platform disguised as the executioner.

luffy: ah litte 3, you are good, how did you get up here?

MR3 : i will tell you later, lets save ace now

(on source2, it seems MR3 is responsible for creating yet another key with his candle)

luffy : what happens?

a shadowed figure appeard behind MR3.

ace : supreme admiral.

pirates : damn, sengoku has joined the fight

sengoku: ace must stay here

sengoku started his attack toward luffy.

(on source 2, by turning into a big buddha)

luffy cs avoided the attack but the execution platform crumbled.

all 3 fall down

luffy : ace, the lock, quick unlock it.

marine: everyone fire (i think this is toward luffy cs)

and a flame is seen where luffy cs got fired at, luffy and ace shows up, mr3 is half dead


From J4bb3rw0cky @ MH
 Verification : Pending
garp vs luffy

luffy: ...!! (pant pant) let me pass! Gramps!!

garp: Be quiet!! I am a Marine Vice Admiral!!!

luffy: at any rate... !! you will let me pass!! (pant) Old Man!!

luffy stretches his arm: Gomu gomu no... !

(Garp moves at high speed and knocks luffy in the air)

Ace: Luffy!! ... Gramps!!

Luffy lands

white beard: that guy... Garp the hero... he beat the boy...!!

iva: Straw... Strawhat boy!!
sengoku: ...hmph

scene change

Crocodile vs Mihawk

mihawk: sorry... straw-hat luffy
crocodile: !! Straw hat!!

scene change: luffy

luffy: dammit.. just a little more and I can rescue ace..!
(what was it that I just got hit with? Was that the "haki" .. ?)

garp: What will I do!! Do you understand our situation !!!
luffy: (pant) gramps!!
garp: ...? hmm...?
luffy : Over there... I must...

garp: You brat!!
(Garp raises his fist)
grap: You will speak to me as your Grandpa!!

luffy: (pant)...gear two!!

iva: be careful! strawhat-boy! You will weaken and this is the hero of the marines: Garp!!

white beard: ... brat ...!
Aokiji: Ji-san.. are you serious?
kizaru: Oooo...

luffy vs garp:
luffy: gomu gomu no...
garp: !?
luffy: jet pistol!!
garp stops the attack one handed

luffy: what?
(garp grabs luffy's arm and pulls him in)

luffy: Waa...aa!

ace: luffy! Oh no!!
iva: A..aa!!
Whitebeard: ...!!

Garp: Take that.. !!

luffy: i..!!

garp: Hmph!! (he halts his fist.. but then FX!!)
luffy: (!!?)
luffy: !!
luffy gets hit

luffy spews blood while breathing very heavily

garp: you, if only you became a marine... you, you chose to become a pirate!! I already..

luffy: gramps!

iva rushes over to try to help

iva: Strawhat boy!

croc: strawhat, (pant)... dammit!

hawkeyes: Is this the king's end? strawhat luffy?

whitebeard: (coughs) (falls over from his sickness)

whitebeard: ... brat... !

whitebeard pirates and co. : Pops... dammit! pops has...!

new world captains are helping strawhat

ace: stop it! stop it gramps!!

garp: I see, in the end... leaving you in dadan's hands was a mistake...
luffy: ...dammit

sengoku: finish him garp!

Right when garp was about to hit luffy...

tears FX...

sengoku: ...!? ... Garp?

white beard, the three admirals, iva, seven warlords: !!?

garp: ...
luffy: !? .. huh?
sengoku: ... what are you doing? GARP!!
garp: "I can't do it... " Garp cries

sengoku is surprised at his change of character

garp: What is the reason why you become a pirate? why did you become the enemy? I... truly cannot hit my grandchild!

sengoku: fool! you are garp! "the hero of the marines"!

garp: I know, I know but...

everybody ...!!?

luffy: Gr... Gramps!!?

the end

From Battle Franky on AP
Spoiler seems to be given by Apprentice early, like last week:
Verification: Pending
Ch. 571: The Gallows
Cover: Nami

Luffy vs Garp [I'll blow you out of my way] Luffy goes into Gear 2nd and smashes Garp (Garp seems to take the hit deliberately) and is knocked off the bridge.
Luffy arrives at the top of the platform, and attempts to unlock Ace's cuffs, but Kizaru intercepts, knocking the key away with a beam.
Mr. 3, who had disguised himself as an executioner lends a hand to free the locks, but Sengoku finally plays his hand and reveals his ability that makes him grow large (kyojin no mi?)
His appearance is that of a Daibutsu (a large statue(s) of Buddha), he has become huge! Dai-sengoku throws a punch at Luffy, the scaffold collapses bouncing everyone off, Luffy tries to open the cuffs in mid-air (got the key back and/or Mr. 3) the marines concentrate a barrage of fire on them, and from inside a circle of flames appears Ace! End

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