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Friday, January 15, 2010

Naruto 479 - Izanagi

by: State of Naruto

The Ultimate Defence

Naruto 479: Izanagi

Madara: my, my when did danzo learn that ??? Izanagi a body, transfer technique like no other, this is a jutsu that actives when the user is fatally injured, one second hes nothing but dust the next he has a perfectly new body that's the power of Izanagi, pretty incredible technique but its not perfect

Kirin: that's it than so it's not a genjutsu after all but how does the technique work ??? (kirin remembers the sharingan's on danzo's arm)
..that's it everytime he survived one of sasuke's attacks one of his sharingan's closed. Sasuke !!!!!!!!!!! that freak is exchanging sharingan's for body's

Danzo:smart are we ?? you can say what you like but at less my actions are for peace. Sasuke you want to know the differences between you and itachi

Sasuke: AGGGGRRRR !!!!! I said shut the hell up about itachi !! firing two arrows from susanoo

Danzo easily dogged the arrows using a great wind jutsu to blow himself into the air, but to his surprise

Sasuke smiles **shadow shuriken arrow style** the first and second head straight into the shy a third arrow in the shadow of the first two got Danzo

Danzo used Izanagi again, Sasuke, Sasuke the darkness has clouded
you little fool !! you are out of chakra !!

Sasuke starts laughing its over danzo,
lightning strikes.

Danzo: haha, dont make me laugh, i still have three shringan's left and you have no chakra
kirin: what a thundercloud ??

Madara: i see those arrows were nothing but energy of heat .

Sasuke: your Izanagi jutsu has a weakness !! Danzo: WHAT ??
Sasuke: it takes time for you to changes bodys, my attacks before were to slow to do anything to you. ( Danzo oo sh*it look on his face)
Sasuke:what ?? you didnt think my eyes could see it,you only have three eye's left,now im about to kill you three times over with the speed of lightning !!!!!!!!

Danzo: you know what i think is if you are going to kill someone just do it dont spend all day conversationing about it danzo makes a hand sign

Madara: watching the fight) light thinks it travels faster than anything but it is wrong. no matter how fast light travels it finds the darkness has always got there first, and is waiting for it sasuke is the new face of evil

It ends with
Sasuke: karin !!!

A beautiful light strikes at 186,000 miles per second !!!
Who wins Sasuke or Danzo?

Naruto 480: The Rain

Naruto 480 - Naruto's Special Training Prediction by Rock Lee

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