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Friday, January 22, 2010

Naruto 480 - Empty Shell

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Status : Prediction
Credits: Zharoth @ NC

(Fighting scene)
Madara and Karin appears shocked, as Sasuke and Danzou are standing in the same position the last chapter left them. Sasuke collapses to the ground, as Danzou, barely wounded, looks at his last eye closing from that strike, panting.

Karin: SASUKE! (Running towards him.)

Danzou smirks and kicks her off again, as he turns to Madara with a smile on his face.

Danzou: It appears that the your legacy, and the Uchiha clan's fell down today, Madara. You have nobody else to play puppet for you. How are you going to get to your goals, on your own? The technique I've used today is no secret to you, is it?

Madara: So you've known all along.

Danzou: Look where that has gotten you. Sasuke wasn't ready to fight me, and you knew it. Pushing that brat too hard only led him to his death. He doesn't possess the talent his brother had. Itachi was your best hope.

Reminder: This is Just Prediction

Danzou: The rumors among the Uchihas tablets were true. You survived using Izanagi. You lost your eye, and half of your powers. You're nothing but an empty shell; the price to pay for using Izanagi, only, I've found a way around thanks to Orochimaru.

Madara: So Orochimaru experimented on you... That all makes sense now. What else do you have going for you... Itachi was pure, he couldn't be corrupted. Sasuke on the other hand is easily manipulable. I can make him do whatever I want whether he's aware or not. I don't need to fight myself, if I send puppets to do the job.

Danzou: Your only puppet just died. Itachi had no choice to eliminate the Uchiha clan, and he also did it because it was part of your deal with him to not touch Konoha, or Sasuke. If Itachi were alive, he certainly would have..

Madara: Killed me? Don't make me laugh.

Danzou: You were the one pulling the strings all along. We had an agreement. You were to get rid of all Uchihas to have your revenge, also taking Sarutobi and the elders with you for me to take the Hokage spot. Little did I know you were fooling me all along.

Madara: ... 

Danzou: You attacked Konoha by controlling the Kyuubi, to blame it on the Uchihas. I controlled the elders to give the order to eliminate the Uchiha clan, as we agreed when we defeated Shisui.

Danzou: When the time came, you didn't act as you said you would. Itachi did his part, and killed the entire Uchiha clan, but his brother, and you knew he wouldn't do it, as Itachi made you promise not to touch him or Konoha after the events when he would leave the village.

Reminder: This is Just Prediction

Danzou: You knew Sasuke would hate his brother, and drove him the other way, so he would eliminate the elders, and me to clean up this story. And at the same time to make sure your revenge on Konoha is accomplished.

Madara: Not bad, but why would you even want to be Hokage so badly?

Danzou: I suppose I can tell you before I dispose of you, as well.

Madara: So sure of yourself. Let's hear it.

Danzou: Simple, I want to create a nation, unified, that would conquer all others, and create one mighty unstoppable force of shinobis, a nation of shinobis, protecting everyone in a military manner.

Madara: War to create peace? That's a twisted idea.

Danzou: (A little surprised by the last words) ... But now I'm afraid it's time for you to die, Uchiha Madara.

(Danzou smiles and was going to remove the bandage off his eye, as Madara vanishes into crows).
(The entire world collapses and turns dark) 

Danzou: Genjutsu?

Sasuke: This was very informative. (Sasuke swings his katana straight into Danzou's chest, mortally wounding him.)

Danzou: !!! (Coughing blood)

Madara: Genjutsu... That was ingenious. He will never stop surprising me.

Sasuke panting, reverts his eyes to normal, his body aching in pain from the excess use of MS jutsus. His Susanoo vanishes into thin air, and he kneels next to Danzou's corpse, exhausted.

Sasuke: That will teach you to try and fool the Uchihas.

Danzou suddenly sits up straight and slashes Sasuke's eyes with an horizontal slice with the kunai he was holding screaming: INSOLENT UCHIHA!

Sasuke screams in pain as Madara quickly moves over, surprised, and swirls Sasuke and Karin in, leaving faster than he ever has.

Danzou: Damn. I should have known he would leave. Damn these two Uchihas. At least both of them are handicapped, they shouldn't pose a threat. I must find Orochimaru, and fast.

Reminder: This is Just Prediction

(Danzou unties his head bandage to reveal Shisui's sharingan closed.)

(Madara dimension)

Karin: It's no good... I can only treat the wounds, but his eyes... I can't save them.

(Sasuke screams in agony, as Madara appears.)

Next episode: A new sight, a new goal.


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