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Sunday, January 24, 2010

One Piece 572 - Regained Freedom

by: Onayako

One Piece 572: Regained Freedom

Every pirate on the battleground shouting and sheding tears of joy.
-You are finally free Aceeee-saaaan!
There is a great shock on the marines side.
-Are we...... Failed?
Akainu: Meeeeeen! Pull yourselves together! This war is not over yet!
The Shichibukai are showing different reactions.
Don Flamingo: Fuuuuufufufufufu! They've really made it. Now now Sengoku, what will you do?
Hancock blushes, and thinking: That's the man I love, Oooooh Luffyyyy, you are so cool.
Moria: Shiiiiishishishishishiiiiiiii. One day, one day your shadow will be definitely mine, Monkey D. Luffy.

Buggy Scene:
Buggy and his men are watching events from distance.
Buggy: I can't belive it. That straw-hat has actually made it.
-Captain Buggy, that man is stealing all the reputation!
-Don't worry you moron, all the world will know our Captain's name when he takes down Whitebeard.
-Yeah if Sengoku doesn't take him down first. He smashed the platform into bits with a single punch. Damn he is so strong.
Buggy: Yeah, Sengoku is very strong............That must be because of the AFRO!
-You are damn right Captain.
-Oh my god, our Captain is not only strong but very wise too!

Reminder: this is just a PREDICTION

Ace is finally free and reunites with Whitebeard. Luffy, Mr.3, Ivankov, Jinbei are also there.
Ace: Pops!
WB: My Son!
Whitebeard embraces Ace, they are both crying.
Ivankov: You've really done it Luffy-chan. That's ze Dragon's son for ya
Jinbei: Thank you alot Luffy-kun.(He is seen crying)
Luffy smiles as usual. "Hihiihiiiiii!"
Ace: I'm grateful to you pops but why, why going so far for me?
WB remembers his conversation with Shanks.

Flashback scene
Whitebeard to Shanks: Such a man like you, came from East Blue without an arm. Everyone was suprised. Tell me, to what kind of enemy, did you give that left arm?
Shanks: Oh this? I...... bet it to "A new era".
Whitebeard: As long as you don't have any regrets that is fine.
Flashback ends.
Whitebeard: Ace, you are my bet on "A new era".
Ace: Heeee, what's that supposed to mean?
Whitebeard: You'll understand one day........ Marco, are you okay?
Marco: Yeah, I'll manage somehow.
Whitebeard: Take Ace and his brother to safety. There's one last thing I need to do.
Marco thinking: Sengoku won't be an easy opponent pops! Don't die on us yet!
Luffy, Ace, Marco, Ivankov, Jinbei and Mr.3 retreat and they leave Whitebeard alone against Sengoku. Akainu and Kizaru interferes and wants to eliminate Ace and Luffy but Ivankov stands before them.

Reminder: this is just a PREDICTION

Scene swithes to Garp, he seems to be recovering. There are some marines gathered around him.
-Vice-Admiral Garp, are you ok?
Garp: Yeah, I'm ok. So pirates managed to save Ace huh?
-Yes Vice-Admiral. But battle is not over yet. Sengoku is fighting Whitebeard. Whitebeard has no chance in his state.
Garp: Fools. You don't know that man. He's been holding back for this whole time, not to accidently harm Ace.
-No waaaaay!
Garp thinking: So it has come to this. Whitebeard against Sengoku huh? No matter who wins, this era will come to an end today. And the new era will begin shaping. Now my son, I wonder when will you make your move?

Whitebeard and Sengoku stand before each other. The heavens split into two just like before. Now then, who will prevail?

One Piece 573: Whitebeard vs Sengoku

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