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Friday, January 22, 2010

Naruto 480 - The Conclusion !

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Naruto 480 - Empty Shell by Zharoth
Naruto 480 - The Victory by The Special One
Status: Prediction
Credits: Vengeance @ NC

Danzou Vs Sasuke

Danzou thinking: Only 5 seconds left

Danzou forces his wind blade deeper into Sasuke until he cuts him in two. Danzou's final eye closes as he takes a quick step back.

Karin: Sasuke!!!!

Danzou looks at Madara & gets ready to go after him but suddenly stops.

Danzou: I can't believe you figured out how to use Izanagi by simply fighting me...

Suddenly Sasuke is shown behind Danzou with s smirk on his face.

Sasuke: 30 seconds left

Reminder: This is Just Prediction

Sasuke suddenly dashes at Danzou & Danzou turns with his hand on his bandages & he starts to remove them but then suddenly stops. Out of no where Lee kicks Sasuke in the side of the head sending him flying into the air while Kiba & Akumaru both hit Sasuke mid air with their spinning move. Sasuke's body appear heavily damaged.

Sai: Danzou sama are you alright!?

Sakura, Lee, & Sai jump in front of Danzou as Sasuke gets back up much to everyone's surprise.

Sasuke thinking: Shit I've run out of time!

Sasuke falls to one knee as the light in his eye fades.

Danzou: Sasuke is weakened kill him Sai.

Karin jumps in front of Sasuke with a kunai in her hand.

Sakura thinking: Thats... thats... the same girl I walked past in that village! She's the one who had Sasuke's scent on her?!

Madara teleports to Karin & Sasuke & teleports them out of the area.

Danzou: They got away...

Reminder: This is Just Prediction

Sakura: Hokage sama why were you...

Danzou: That's something I should be asking you 3 why have you left the village!? Everyone was under strict orders to stay in the village until after the sumit.

Lee: But we..

Danzou: I don't want to hear your excuses Sai create an Ink bird for me to travel on I must return to the village immediately.

Sai: Yes sr.

Sai creates an ink bird for Danzou to ride on.

Danzou thinking: I'll deal with your betrayal later Sai but for now it is important that I return to the village before word gets out about my actions at the summit.

Madara & Sasuke
Sasuke: Why did you pull me away! I could have..

Madara: Could have done what go completely blind & get yourself killed? I can't believe you were stupid enough to use that jutsu Sasuke.

Sasuke: He's the one who..

Madara: You'll never get your revenge if you keep making reckless decisions like this.

Sasuke: So how long until my eye recovers anyway?

Madara: Izanagi is a jutsu that permanently seals away the light in one's eye in exchange for control over one's self reality. For but a brief moment one becomes truly immortal; impervious to all physical harm. Losing one's light is the cost of this ultimate genjutsu. This light never returns take it from someone who's knows form 80 years of experience with that jutsu.

Madara removes his mask to reveal his face. As he opens his other eye its completely white. Sasuke looks in shock.

Sasuke: &... there's no way to fix this?

Madara: There mite be one way at least in your case... But it requires you to infuse Itachi's eyes into your own.

Madara pulls out two jars with Itachi's eyes.

Sasuke: I... I... don't want...

Madara: It doesn't matter if you want to rebel against your dead brother. You need this power in order to exact your revenge. Take the eyes Sasuke!

Sasuke reaches out both hands as they're shaking & grabs the eyes.

Sasuke: What do I do now?

Madara: Just think of your brother & place your hands with each eye over your own. Your blood will instinctively do the best.

Sasuke does what Madara ask of him & Itachi's eye's fuse into his own. Sasuke then looks around the room in amazement was everything looks so different.

Sasuke: I can see.... everything!

Sasuke then looks at Madara

Sasuke thinking: So thats how his jutsu works...

Next week: Sasuke's destiny

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Naruto 480 - Empty Shell by Zharoth
Naruto 480 - The Victory by The Special One

Read also another specialist prediction Naruto 480 - Empty Shell

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