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Friday, January 22, 2010

Naruto 480 - The Victory

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Status: Prediction
Credits: The Special One @ NC

Madara gazes at the two seemingly impaled shinobi.)

Madara (in thought): Sasuke took the blow but avoided a vital by letting the blade braise him… But, Sasuke wasn’t thorough enough… There was still one awakened sharingan on Danzou’s hand. (Madara remembers back to last chapter. Right before Danzou and Sasuke clashed, the eye on Danzou’s hand was still clearly open, the scene switches to Karin.)

Karin: SASUKE! (The Scene switches to the battle. Sasuke grunts as Danzou falls to the ground. Sasuke clinches the left side of his lower torso as he slouches. Sasuke also withdraws his Mangekyou sharingan.)

Sasuke in thought: He’s still out there somewhere. (The corpse of Danzou vanishes. Soon Danzou resurfaces in back of Sasuke. The scene switches over to Karin.)

Karin: BEHIND YOU SASUKE! He just might be the last one… (The Scene switches over to the battle. As Danzou prepares to stick Sasuke with a straight punch, Danzou goes into thought.)

Reminder: This is Just Prediction

Danzou (in thought): I already used enough chakra in this battle… To secure victory, I have to settle it with fists… (Sasuke quickly turns around and slips his head quickly. In one quick motion, Sasuke jumps up and kicks Danzou however, Danzou quickly guards himself by crossing his arms in an x and blocking the attack. Danzou then pushes off by breaking his own guard.

Sasuke flies backwards and slides across the ground. Danzou rushes forward. As Danzou gets closer to Sasuke, Sasuke balances on his left hand and using his momentum, he swings his legs low and forward in order to trip Danzou; Danzou however, jumps over them and lands in back of Sasuke. Danzou does a backward flip with intent to land on Sasuke however, Sasuke repositions himself and jumps away before Danzou’s feet on the ground. As Sasuke lands some distances as away from Danzou, he turns to face Danzou, who is meters apart from Sasuke. The Scene switches over to Madara.)

Madara (in thought): They’re setting it through taijutsu… This could get brutal… (The Scene switches back to the battle.)

Danzou (In thought): His body moves well… But, I have experience on my side. (Danzou gets in the taijutsu stance used by Lee and Gai (right hand forward, left hand behind the back). Sasuke is shocked at what he sees. The Scene switches over to Karin.)

Karin: What kind of stance is that? (The Scene switches over Madara’s location.)

Madara (In thought): Gouken Ryuu, a taijutsu style originating from Konoha… It focuses on dealing sever damage to the outer body as well as to the bones of the opponent… It’s not surprising that he’s able in this form. Being a rival to Hiruzen, he must know and be skilled in many of the jutsu Konoha possesses. But even Danzou has his limits… (The scene switches over to the battle.)

Sasuke: That’s Lee’s taijutsu…

Danzou: Yes, you are too from Konoha. I take it you’ve seen this form from the fellow villagers of Konoha. Unlike the versions you’ve seen… I’m much more skilled. (Sasuke sweats a little. Sasuke rushes forward. Danzou smirks and as Sasuke gets close, Danzou does a downward kick however, Sasuke quickly guards with the initial set up to Leaf Shadow Dance. The upward kick parries Danzou’s kick.)

Sasuke: Heh… Wasn’t expecting that heh…

Danzou: Hmm… So, you've copies some of this before with your eyes… (The Scene switches over to Karin.)

Karin: GO SASUKE! (The Scene switches over to Madara’s location.)

Madara (in thought): I didn’t even foresee that… So, he still has tricks up sleeve… (The scene switches over to the battle. The two are still parried together.)

Danzou: Impressive, but not GOOD ENOUGH! (Immediately Danzou over powers Sasuke kick, which knocks Sasuke’s foot down. Immediately Danzou straight jabs Sasuke in the face with his left hand; Sasuke now bleeds from his nose.)

Sasuke (in thought): I couldn’t read his left hand. It was kept behind the back… (Immediately Danzou goes on the offensive, and hand jabs Sasuke in the stomach with his right hand. Sasuke then notices that Danzou is preparing a round kick from the right leg, so Sasuke guards by protecting his left side by check guarding his left side by positioning his body and blocking with both arms however, Danzou repositions and uses his left leg to kick Sasuke upside the right side of his head with an inside crescent kick.)


(The Scene switches over to Karin.)

Karin: SASUKEEE! (The Scene switches over to the battle. Sasuke is still stunned, so Danzou takes advantage.)

Danzou: Konoha Dai Senpuu! (Using great agility, Danzou executes rapid series of spinning kicks to Sasuke’s upper, mid, and lower body. Sasuke slouches, and then Danzou uses another attack.) Konoha Gourriki Senpuu! (Danzou uses a powerful roundhouse kick which sends Sasuke flying. The Scene switches over to Karin.)

Karin: Sasuke… (She falls to her knees. The scene switches over to Madara.)

Madara:….. (The Scene switches over to the battle. Sasuke’s body is in bad shape. Danzou casually walks to Sasuke. Danzou then does the initial upward kick from the Reverse Lotus, to send Sasuke into the air. Danzou is soaring behind Sasuke. Danzou uses the wood from his right arm to form a prison for Sasuke.

Danzou grabs the wooden prison and falls to the ground with it. Before it hits, Danzou backs away and lets gravity take it course. Dust covers the area. The Scene switches over to Madara.)

Reminder: This is Just Prediction

Madara: I’ll definitely step in this time… (The Scene switches to the battle. Karin screams at the top of her lungs as the dust clears more, Sasuke is seen inside the initial incomplete form of Susano-o (just the white bones are present). Danzou grunts as he sees this.)

Danzou: All that I poured into him … Yet, he still… (Sasuke looks at Danzou and activates Amaterasu.) So, he’s been trying to save his chakra… Nice tactic… (Danzou burns up. The scene switches over to Madara.)

Madara: Looks like I don’t have to intervene after all. (The Scene switches over to Karin.)

Karin: Sasuke… I knew he wouldn’t die. (Immediately Sasuke collapses and hits the ground as Susano-o cancels. Immediately Danzou appears again in front of the chakra drained Sasuke; it seems it’s not over yet for Danzou. The Scene switches over to Karin.)

Karin: NoOOOOO! So he was hiding another sharingan after all… damn, damn! (Tears flow from her face, the scene switches over to Madara’s location.)

Madara: I always thought there was something up with his right eye socket… I’m coming Sasuke… (The Scene switches over to Karin.)

Karin: WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO SASUKE! (The Scene switches over to Danzou’s location. Sasuke is over Danzou’s shoulder, Madara jumps into the fray and lands in front of Danzou.)

Madara: SO, what do you plan on doing with him?

Danzou: You have with you, two of the best out of my Root organization… It’s only fair that I take Sasuke for compensation...

Madara: If it those two things you want, I’ll give them over. I’m going to be needing Sasuke back, so cough him up…

Danzou: It’s not that simple… You see, without him, you aren’t much of anything…

Madara: Do you seriously think you can simply walk away? I have my own abilities to prohibit this action you intend to undertake…

Danzou: And I have such abilities to make my vision of this world come true.

Reminder: This is Just Prediction

Madara: Don’t bluff Danzou, I know your power has taken a blow in this battle… Now hand him over, or else… (Madara gets into a striking stance.)

Danzou (in thought): I’ve fallen out of grace with the allied forces as well as Konoha… This kind of bargaining piece is what I need to move up the ranks… I have to seize the opportunity while it’s there…

Madara: Danzou sir, what do you think about joining your two underlings in the next dimension?

Next Time: What will become of Danzou’s shocking action?…

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