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Friday, January 15, 2010

Naruto 480 - Naruto's Special Training

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Sasuke Susano'o

Status: Prediction
by: Rock Lee

Naruto Scene –
Naruto : who’s it??? ( Thinking : I know this person… I have felt this chakra once )
Unknown Person : We have met before…. Haven’t we??
( The ‘Unknown Person’ comes out of the dark )
( Woah!!! It’s Minato…. )
Naruto : What??!! FATHER!!! ( Starts running towards Minato)
Itachi : Welcome back Sensei!!!
Minato : Thank you Itachi… and hello son…
( Naruto hugs Minato and starts crying )
Minato : Son, you’ve gotten a lot stronger than we met earlier… but I must start with your training as well
Itachi : Nice to see you again Sensei… ( Smiling )
Naruto : Why is Itachi-San is calling you Sensei??? ( Confused )
Minato : Well, I was his Sensei from the start… We had training at secret places…. And I knew that this day would come so I kept a part of mine in Itachi’s body and the other part was in your body… and now I must start with your training as well…
Naruto : Yes father please start with the training….
Minato : Itachi, I will need a continuous supply of chakra…. Even if you break the supply once, I’ll die then and there…
Itachi : Yeah sure Sensei….
Minato : Let’s begin with it Naruto…. Now you’ll be learning Futon : Raseinkoshai No Jutsu … It’s a very special Jutsu Naruto… You are the first ever person to use it…
Naruto : ( Gulp ) okay..
Minato : You mastered my Jutsu, The Rasengan and further upgraded it with Rasenshuriken…. I’m proud of you…
Itachi : ( Thinking : What is this Jutsu??!! Is it that good??? )
Naruto : Thank you Father!!!
Minato : Naruto, you learnt to form a Rasengan with the help a single clone and in Rasenshuriken you had to use two clones for the chakra pressure and one for your self defense… But for performing this Jutsu you don’t have to use any clone….
Naruto : Well then, it’ll be easy then…
Minato : The Rasengan and the Rasenshuriken will be playing the most vital role for the training of this Jutsu. The Rasengan and the Rasenshuriken has helped you with controlling your chakra levels really well. For performing the Raseinkoshai No Jutsu, you’ll have to mix your chakra with the chakra of The Kyubi… And if the Kyubi tries to take over your body then I and Itachi-Kun will help you controlling it.
Naruto : Yes Father!!! But how do you know about the Rasengan and the Rasenshuriken are learned by me already??
Minato : Naruto, I can see the outer world through the eyes of the person I’m in. I sealed myself inside you and Itachi after sealing the Kyubi in you, Naruto.
Naruto : Okay… Now tell me about the Jutsu I’m going to learn.
Minato : *Raseinkoshai No Jutsu* is based on the same concept on which Rasengan is based i.e. Shape Transformation. Earlier, when the Kyubi attacked Konoha, it attacked with a large amount of small ball shaped condensed chakra that is similar to a Rasesngan but the intensity of Rasengan is really less.
Naruto : Rasengan causes enough damage too… And this Jutsu is going to be a really strong one… But Father I don’t want destruction anymore…..
Minato : My Son, trust me…. I also never wanted Destruction to spread…. This Jutsu is basically for your self defense… The Akatsuki is after you… They want you badly… You should be ready for them …
Naruto : Well then, what will I have to do for it?
Minato : Naruto, you require a Rasengan and 4 Rasenshurikens for this Jutsu… You have to combine all of these for this Jutsu….
Naruto and Itachi : WHAT??!!
Minato : Naruto, trust me…
Naruto : Yes Father, I do… * Kage Bunshin No Jutsu *
( Fourteen Bunshins of Naruto and they start making a Rasengan and Four Rasenshurikens. The original Naruto goes behind and sits down, watching the Bunshins )
Two Bunshin of Naruto : Rasengan!!!
Other Bunshins of Naruto : Rasenshuriken!!!
Original Naruto : Let’s Do It!!!
( The Bunshins having the Rasenshuriken surround the Bunshin having the Rasengan. The first Bunshin starts combining the Rasenshuriken to the Rasengan… He accomplishes!!! The color of the Rasengan changes to green and its size increases a bit )
( The Chakra levels of the Original Naruto are too low )
Minato : Good going Naruto… ( Thinking : His chakra is draining fast…. Real Fast )
( The other Bunshin who is bearing the Rasenshuriken comes to the Rasengan bearing Bunshin and starts to mix up the Rasenshuriken into the Rasengan… A huge blast takes place and all the Bunshins disappear. The original Naruto is out cold )
Itachi : Will he survive it Sensei?
Minato : Yes, he would!!!
( After a minute, flame colored chakra starts swirling around Naruto )
Minato : ( Sarcastically ) don’t you feel something Itachi-Kun ???
Itachi : Yes, I do… it’s growing huge and huge every second…
( Naruto stands up in 3 tail form )
Naruto : ( Shouting ) I’ll not give up!!! * Kage Bunshin No Jutsu *
( 140 clones of Naruto stand behind him and start making Rasengans and Rasenshurikens )
Minato : Woah!!! 10X more than before!!!
Naruto’s Bunshins : We’re ready!!!
Original Naruto : Start…
( All the Bunshins start the process of combining and all of a sudden, huge blasts start to occur all over the place )
Itachi : Hard Luck!!!
( All the Bunshins disappear )
Minato : ( Thinking : He’s controlling the Kyubi really well but he’ll not be able to Summon Gerotora now. I’ll have to do it then )
Naruto : * Kage Bunshin No Jutsu* ( Thousands of Bunshins appear )
( All of them tried to do the process again, but again it goes futile )
Naruto : It’s not possible!!!
Minato : Naruto, make your bunshins in a straight line and all facing toward the East. And make the Rasengan bearing Bunshin stand at the centre of it…
Naruto : Yes father.. * Kage Bunshin No Jutsu *( The Bunshins stand in the positions as told by Minato )
Minato : Well done Son… Now make the Rasenshuriken bearing Bunshins throw the Rasenshurikens at a distance of about 300m to the straight of the Rasengan bearing Bunshin and THROW THEM ALL AT ONCE, THEY SHOULD HAVE THE SAME POINT OF COLLISION AND THE WITH THE SAME CHAKRA PROPORTIONS IN THE JUTSU!!!
Naruto : Yes Father…
( Naruto does what Minato said )
( At the point of collision of all the Jutsu’s, a Huge White shiny ball starts to form )
Itachi : It’s going well till now…
( Two of the Rasenshurikens combine with the Rasengan. The color of the Rasengan changes to dark brown )
( Even the third Rasenshuriken gets into the Dark Brown glowing ball… But when the Fourth Rasenshuriken touches the glowing dark brown Rasengan, a huge explosion takes place again )
Itachi : ( Thinking : Even the moon could have exploded by this attack… what on earth is this technique going to be??? )
Minato : Wow!!! That was really close… This happened because of disproportionate chakra division.
Naruto : I’m trying my best!!!
Minato : ( Thinking : It’s not possible for him to do it in the same proportions until the Kyubi is called out ) * Sage Mode Summoning Jutsu *
( Gerotora is summoned )
Geratora : Minato-Sama!!! You’re alive!!! What a surprise!!!
Minato : Well, we will talk about this later… Please get inside Naruto and unlock the Seal on the Kyubi.
Gerotora : Wha??!! Is he ready for it?? I don’t think so at all….
Minato : Yes, he is ready!!! Now is the time for it… Now please do as I say…
Gerotora : Well then… As you say so Minato-Sama!!! * Secret Demon Kwakuruizon No Jutsu *
( Naruto’s seal starts to glow )
Naruto : What is happening to m………. WAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! ( Shouting )

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