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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

One Piece 560 Spoilers and Summaries

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keep coming back for ワンピース 560 Chapter or One Piece 560 full scans updates! 

keep coming back for ワンピース 560 Chapter or One Piece 560 full scans updates! 

keep coming back for ワンピース 560 Chapter or One Piece 560 full scans updates! 

One piece 560 pics

The Clear Ones
One piece 560 pics

One piece 560 picsOne piece 560 pics

One piece 560 spoiler pics

One piece 560 picsOne piece 560 pics

Translation of the picture above
by Aohige...

Hancock (I can't believe he held me so firm! Is this what they call...... MARRIAGE!!?)

DoFlamingo: So you manage to come out eh, crocodile bastard! How was the (too blurry) eh?
Croc: DoFlamingo....!!

Croc: Stay out of this.... Do you wanna die?
DoFlamingo: You got some nasty mouth there!! Heheh, how about it? Why don't we join forces?

??: Go Strawhat!
Mihawk: (too blurry to read)
Luffy: Hawkeye!!

Mihawk: Well, destiny... does the life of that Child of the New Era end here...?
How are you going to save him from this black sword of mine...?

Jozu: Brilliant Punk! (or Bunk, depending on blurriness)

Croc: ....!! He's huge, yet he's fast....!! This is gonna be tough...!!
Diamond Jozu!!

ONe piece nakama

Status : Pending
Credits NJA

Chapter 560: Title The prisoners of Impel Down
Zoro's Coverstory: A shadow crouching near

Hancock whispers to Luffy
Hancock: Luffy, I'm glad to see you safely here.
Here, this is the keys to your brother's cuffs
Luffy: Hancock thanks!!

Luffy hughs Hancock, and Hancock blushingly says
Hancock: Hurry, go save your brother

Hancocks falls down (from overwhelming pleasure)
Marine: The pirate empress has been defeated by Strawhat with a back breaker!!
Hancock: Oh.... this is what... marriage is like!
Smoker: I won't let you get away, Strawhat!

Smoker blocks Hancocks' Perfume Femur with his Jutte, but it turns into stone and crumples.

Scene changes to Buggy
Mr.3: You sure this plan will work?
Buggy: It'll be alright!! Let's go my men!!

Buggy is starting up something.

Ivankov vs Kuma
DoFlamingo: He's finally completed recently. They frist started with his legs and arm...
And finally they modefied his head, into a full cyborg.
He's not longer the Kuma you knew!!
Ivankov: Being forgotten is the hardest thing....

That's when Kuma proceeds to attack the other prisoners.
Enraged, Ivankov says no more fooling around, he's going all out.


Scene changes to Crocodile

Croc: We've gotten far from them...
Near croc is Mr.1

Fodder pirates: I won't let you get to pops!!
They attack Crocodile.
Croc: Out of my way.
Croc blows them away with tornado.
Whitebeard sighs or something, I don't remember >_< (<- Nja's comment)

Jozu comes rushing in, and body slams into Croc's face.
Croc is blown away, and mutters how fast Jozu is despite his size and weight.
Croc lands on his feet, but blood gushes out from his mouth and nose.
DoFlamingo is near by.

Jozu comes attacking him, but DoFlamingo stops Jozu.
Jozu: So you managed to sneak out of that hole of yours huh, crocodile man?

Then he slowly turns towards DoFlamingo, and glares.

Croc: Don't get in the way Doflamingo, or I'll kill you!
DoFlamingo: How about it Crocodile, why don't we join forces?
Jozu vs Croc & Doflamingo?

The strongest swordsman Hawkeye appears in front of Luffy who went to save Ace.
Luffy vs Mihawk


Additional info
While Luffy is running, he mutters I keep having Hancock look after me.
could this be a flag? Maybe he will ask her what he can do for her, and she asks for him? (<- Nja's opinion)

Lastly, Mihawk mulbles something to the like of "I'm sorry Red-hair, but this power is blah blah", "...with my Black Sword!"
He seems to be eager to fight.
(Nja was going off his memory, and didn't remember the whole lines)

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