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Saturday, October 3, 2009

One Piece 560 Prediction

Status: Prediction
Contributor: Seal

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from the last chapter as we know Ivankov was stopped by Kuma and have a conversation with Doflamingo. What will be happen for the next chapter..??
here you are some prediction
Ivankov vs Kuma & Doflamingo
Ivankov so curious about Kuma his old friend meanwhile Kuma Still attack on Ivankov. Ivankov just evade the attack. Finally, Doflamingo tell the truth about what happen to Kuma.
Luffy & Hancock vs Smoker
Kizaru vs Marco

White Beard and Buggy make a move to reach Ace. Admiral Aokiji and Aikanu try to stop them.
I think the battle versus Aokiji and Aikanu will be on One Piece chapter 561

Do you have any prediction..?? Share it with us ^_^

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