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Friday, October 2, 2009

Naruto 467 Spoiler (RAW) and Prediction

Naruto 467 Spoiler (RAW)
Read Online Naruto Chapter 467 Spoiler ナルト 467 spoiler and prediction , No Download or registration required.

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Summit Meeting Area

Raikage: Well spit it out already! What did you want to tell us?

Madara gives Sasuke to Karin.

Madara: Be useful for once & slit your wrist for Sasuke. Don't worry I'll have Zetsu heal your wounds later however your blood is more potent than Zetsu's spore jutsu. I want Sasuke awake for this.

Karin: Ye...s sr...

Karin slits her wrist & places it over Sasuke's mouth. As the first few drops hit his lips Sasuke wakes up & bites down on Karin as she screams with pleasure.

Mizukage: That little bitch stole my boy toy!

Raikage: Boy toy?! Shut up you crazy cougar!

Sasuke: Whats... going on...

Karin: Madara saved you from Tschukage's attack.

Madara: Ok if everyone is done bickering I will begin.

Raikage: Grrrr..

Madara: Since the foundation of Konoha the balance of power has been disrupted within the shinobi world. These times of peace have made all your pathetic villages weak. To think you all actually call yourselves kages when your abilities are surpassed by mere children.

Raikage: That's it you're fucking dead!

Raikage rushes at Madara & goes in for the infamous uber elbow but passes right threw him.

Raikage: WTF?!?! Do you think this is a fucking game!

Madara: Quite fool I'm not done!

Raikage appears behind Madara & tries to kick him but Madara vanishes & reappears behind Raikage & drop kicks him in the back sending the Raikage flying into a wall.

Madara: Katon, Gouryuuka no jutsu!!!

As Raikage starts to stand he's hit by Madara's Gouryuuka & is knocked down again.

Darui: Raikage-sama!!!

Darui tries to help the Raikage but is stopped by Gaara's sand.

Gaara: I'm sorry Darui but you're just no match for this man. I don't think any of us are...

Raikage stands back up.

Raikage: Ha... is that the best you could do!!!

Madara: Fine have it your way.

Raikage rushes Madara again while Madara vanishes. Raikage looks around the room confused.

Tschukage: Hehehe... this is amusing.

Mizukage: Tschukage this isn't funny. Raikage calm down we need to formulate a strategy this is Uchiha Madara we're dealing with!

Raikage: Just stay out of my way bitch. Where the fuck did he go!

Madara: Hey meathead I'm up here!!!

Madara can be seen standing on the ceiling. Raikage looks up & is hit by Madara's mask. Everyone looks up with shock as Madara's face is revealed show a large scar on the side of his face.

Madara: Allow me to show you my true power!

Outside Summit Area
Aoi: thinking: Damn they're fast.

Danzou: This is far enough let's stop here. Fuu & Torune take care of our little problem.

Fuu/Torune: Yes lord Danzou

Fuu & Torune turn around & get in a fighting stance while Danzou stands back.

Danzou: This is your only warning. Stop following me now or your life ends here.

Aoi: The summit isn't over yet & you need to answer for your crimes!

Danzou: Have it your way.

Danzou beats his cane into the ground as Fuu & Torune rush Aoi from both sides & attacks. Aoi dodges both hits by grabbing their arms & smacking them into each other. Aoi does a couple of back flips & get's in his fighting stance.

Fuu: Katon, Dai Endan no jutsu!

Torune: Fuuton, Dai Oroshi no jutsu!

The two attacks combine into one massive fireball.

Aoi: Suiton Baku Suishouha no jutsu!

Aoi vomits up water which overwhelms the massive fireball. Danzou steps in front of Fuu & Torune & cuts the suiton to the side using a powerful Fuuton.

Danzou: I guess I'll have to get involved.

Danzou reveals his sharingan.

Wooden House
Naruto: Why did you leave me Sasuke why why! Come back to the side of light. The dark side is only filled with sadness & hate. Come back to Konoha so we could make the lovin!

Yamato: I think he's lost it Kakashi.

Kakashi: *sighs* He tends to do this allot but it's ok it just makes Sakura fair game.

Yamato: Kakashi you didn't!? Did you... how was it?

Kakashi: Tsunade was better (thinking: sorry Jiraiya)

Sounds of fighting can be heard from outside.

Yamato: WTF was that?

Naruto, Yamato, & Kakashi run outside & follow the sounds of fighting. They come across Danzou kicking Aoi to the floor walking up to him with a sword drawn.

Kakashi: Something isn't right Danzou should be at the summit. Yamato stop him now.

Wood wraps around Danzou's body as he puts the sword to Aoi's throat.

Danzou: Mokuton this can only be...

Danzou looks over at Naruto, Kakashi, & Yamato & thinks: Sai betrayed me.

Kakashi: Danzou what is the meaning of this? Why are you attacking Aoi of the hidden mist & why aren't you at the summit?

Aoi thinking: That's sharingan Kakashi!

Danzou: This doesn't concern you Kakashi. Go back to Konoha now before I have all of you executed for your betrayal.

Kakashi: Aoi come here. Fuu & Tourne don't try anything funny.

Aoi walks over to Kakashi.

Aoi: Kakashi this man is in breach of international law. He tried to use sharingan genjutsu to manipulate Mafune for his own selfish ends.

Kakashi: Sharingan!

Kakashi looks over at Danzou's eye.

Aoi: What's worse is Akatsuki attacked the summit & Danzou ran off once he saw the opportunity.

Naruto: Sasuke...

Aoi: Yes that's the one! How did you know.

Naruto: He went there to kill Danzou.

Aoi: I see... There was also another one pale white face kind of looked like half a man. But the Raikage killed him on the spot then went chasing after Sasuke.

Naruto: I think he means Alovera!

Kakashi: Wait when you say half a man as in the dark half wasn't there?

Aoi: Dark half?

Kakashi: Let me take a wild guess & say that this half a man tolled you Sasuke was at the summit.

Aoi: Yes.

Kakashi: It was a trap to lure Sasuke into fighting the Kages...

Naruto: Damn that Madara!

Aoi: I'm sure by now the situation has been handled.

Naruto: What do you mean handled...

Aoi: Look I know it's hard to accept but there's no way in hell Sasuke could overcome those 4 great Kages on his own.

Kakashi: I wouldn't underestimate the power of Uchiha Madara. This is all a part of his plan. & you Danzou you simply ran like a coward to protect your own arse.

Danzou: It was the best move I could make.

Kakashi: It was your only move. The alternative was to die by Sasuke's hand or be executed by the Kages. Do you realize that your actions may start another shinobi war? As top jounin of Konoha I see you as unfit to lead. I will bring Uzumaki Naruto to the summit to speak on behalf of Konoha. Summoning jutsu!

Kakashi writes down a note

Kakashi: Give this letter to Shukaku he'll know what to do. Ok Yamato you can let him go.

Danzou is set free.

Danzou: Kakashi... I won't forget this...

Kakashi: Your time is over you're not even officially the Hokage anyway. It's obvious at this point that you manipulated the Dumi(whatever) as well to even gain such a position. Fuu & Torune I order you two to return to Konoha. We'll keep watch over Danzou & return with him to the summit.

Fuu: Danzou isn't going anywhere with you.

Danzou: Fuu enough do as he says.

Summit Meeting Area

Sasuke thinking: So that's the power of PMS...

Raikage is seen badly damaged & half awake

Madara: As I was saying... Konoha's ideals of everlasting peace will cause the downfall of all of your nations. This is a tactic used since the villages foundation. Hashirama manipulated the Uchiha into an alliance which first triggered the need for unification from other rival clans which lead to large scale wars with an increase in the deaths of innocents. The Rain village is a prime example of the result of unified war. Time had passed & the other nations grew weaker & also bowed their heads to Konoha.

Tschukage: This was inevitable. The Senju & Uchiha working together was just to much for any nation to withstand.

Raikage: Speak for yourself old man!

Tschukage: Hey Raikage what happened to your arm anyway?

Madara: Enough with the bickering. A time came when Konoha no longer needed to rely on the power of the Uchiha. They became weak in these times of peace which ultimately lead to their demise. Sasuke however is a true Uchiha unlike the pretender generation that was wiped out. Sasuke came here seeking the head of Danzou for the sake of the Uchiha's pride.

Gaara: What does pride have to do with it? Why would Sasuke want to kill Danzou? What does he have to gain from it?

Madara: Because of Konoha's dark little secret. Because of the truth behind the destruction of the Uchiha.

Tschukage: Ha! I thought so.

Raikage: What's so funny Yoda!

Tschukage: I know thinking is a hard concept for you to grasp but out of the 5 Kage's which one of us isn't here?

Raikage: You don't mean!

Madara: Exactly, Danzou ordered Uchiha Itachi to assassinate the Uchiha because he feared the Uchiha would revolt against the Senju. Sasuke joined Akatsuki in the hopes to gain enough power to wipe Konoha off the map.

Karin: Sasuke...

Sasuke looks away from Karin in shame

Karin thinking: You lied to us... you said you only wanted to kill Danzou & the elders...

Madara: Our organization has gathered 7 of the Buuji. Unfortunately Sasuke failed in the capture of Kirabi but that little mistake will soon be corrected. Was we speak Hoshigaki Kisame is searching for Kirabi.

Choujuru thinking: Kisame sama!

Raikage thinking: Kirabi's alive!

Madara: Because of his failure Sasuke was sent here to remind you of what most of you have forgotten. You're all warriors it is your right to command by show of strength! Yet you're willing accept concepts of peace & jump threw hoops for political fat cats who get rich off of your blood! Who among you are willing to overthrow the figure heads of your respective nations that call for disarment?

Tschukage: Ha I like this guy I'm in!

Mizukage: Well you know where I stand Madara-sama!

Gaara/Raikage: WTF?!?!

Madara: Let's talk about the eye of the moon...
Status : Prediction by Sasuke-kun

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(Sasuke Scene)
(Sasuke is on the ground, the Raikage is kicking his stomach; Shii and Gaara are in the room)

Raikage: I’ll teach you to not mess with the Raikage! (Sasuke spews some blood)
Karin: SASUKE!!! (she struggles, but Choujuurou won’t budge)

Raikage: You think you can kill my brother and break into this meeting without paying the consequences, did ya, punk?!
Sasuke: (thinking) His brother?! Does he mean… the Hachibi’s Jinchuuriki?

Karin: We didn’t kill him! He got away!
Raikage: Lies! If he got away, he’d return to Kumogakure! (continues to beat Sasuke)

Shii: Raikage-sama, another of the Akatsuki is coming in this direction. The beastly one, by the chakra.
Tsuchikage: More Akatsuki? When this is going to end?

Raikage: All of you, take care of him. I got this prick under control.
Tsuchikage: (thinking) He must think he’s the boss of us all. (talking) I’ll take care of him, don’t worry.
Akatsuchi: What about your back, Tsuchikage-sama?

Tsuchikage: The Akatsuki pain me more than my back at this moment! (reaches the entrance left by the Raikage with Akatsuchi; Juugo appears) Now! (Akatsuchi stands in the way of Juugo, while the Tsuchikage slips between Juugo’s legs)

Tsuchikage & Akatsuchi: Doton Kekkai: Dorou Doumu! *(Juugo is trapped inside a dome of earth and rocks; their palms touch the outside of the dome)

Juugo: Let me out! (starts to punch, but the dome self-regenerates)

Tsuchikage: It’s no use, kid.

Karin: But we didn’t killed the Hachibi’s Jinchuuriki, I swear!

Raikage: You think I trust in an Akatsuki’s word?

Juugo: (thinking) Damn, I can only here mumbles from here…

Shii: But, Raikage-sama…

Raikage: What?!

Shii: Her chakra isn’t changing. She’s speaks the truth.

Karin: See? I’m not lying!

Raikage: What the hell, Shii?!

Shii: I know what they did to Yugito can’t be forgiven, but nonetheless I can’t oppose to the truth.

Raikage: Hmmm… I don’t care, this prick will pay for what Akatsuki has done to Kumogakure! (Raikage tries to kick once again Sasuke, but Gaara’s sand appears between them)

Gaara: That’s enough, Raikage.

Raikage: You’re stoping me again?

Gaara: I know someone who’ll deal better with Sasuke than any of us.

Raikage: You don’t mean that brat that begged for this fraud’s life?!

Sasuke: (thinking) What?!

Gaara: By what you say, he must be Naruto.

Raikage: That’s the whiney brat’s name!

*Earth Release Barrier: Earth Prison Dome of Magnificent Nothingness

(Naruto Scene)
(Yamato is fixing the roof; Naruto is still inside the wooden cage)

Naruto: But we got to find Sasuke!

Kakashi: That’s exactly what Madara wants you to do. You can’t rush things like crazy, you got to think first. (sounds of a battle are heard)

Naruto: What’s this?
Yamato: It seems like a bunch of people fighting each other.
Naruto: Who are they?

Yamato: (tries to see more clearly) It seems… Danzou and two more people… probably his guards, against… Kankurou and Temari… and more two people, I can’t recognize them.

Kakashi: What are they doing here, so far from the Summit?
Naruto: Who cares? We got to go there!
Kakashi: Guess you’re right.
Naruto: Yes!!!
Yamato: But, Kakashi-senpai...

(Danzou Scene)

(Darui parries with Fuu; Kankurou’s Sasori puppet and Ao parry with Torune; Danzou, with the Sharingan uncovered performs the Rat, Serpent, Horse and Dog hand seals, takes a deep breath and exhales in Temari’s direction)

Temari: Daikamaitachi no Jutsu! * (swings her fan, nullifying Danzou’s Jutsu)
Danzou: (thinking) This is taking too long… (performs the Ram, Horse and Serpent handseals)

Fuu: Danzou-sama, look out! (Wood that sprouts from the ground and restrains everyone’s wrists and ankles)
Danzou: (thinking) Mokuton? That means… (Naruto approaches with Kakashi and Yamato)

Temari: Isn’t that…
Kankurou: Naruto!
Danzou: (thinking) So, Sai betrayed me. I’ll dispose of him later.

Naruto: What are you guys doing here? And why are you fighting?

Ao: (thinking) His chakra is out of the charts. Is he… the Kyuubi’s Jinchuuriki? (talking) The Hokage was mind controlling the moderator of the Summit, and in top of that, he ran away when the Akatsuki invaded the building.

Naruto: Akatsuki?!
Ao: Yes, Uchiha Sasuke was the one.
Kakashi: Oh boy…

Naruto: We got to go there, before the other Kages kill him!
Kakashi: I already told you, don’t rush things.

Naruto: But…!
Kakashi: You go there and then what? What you’ll do?
Yamato: Kakashi-senpai is right, we need to think before we act.

Ao: Excuse me, but the Hokage must return to the summit to answer his actions.
Danzou: Hmmmpf, again with the accusations...
Ao: Since you have such a formidable restraining jutsu, I’d be glad if you join us.

Naruto: Of course!

Yamato: It seems we don’t have a choice.
Kakashi: And, Danzou… (uncovers his sharingan) I’ll keep an eye on you.

Ao: (thinking) Another Sharingan user, they just keep coming… (talking) Well, now that’s all clear, let’s return.

*Great Sickle Weasel Technique

(Sasuke Scene)
(Everyone’s quiet; Sasuke is coughing blood)

Karin: (thinking) His chakra is so weak at this moment. What’ll happen to you, Sasuke?! What’ll happen to us?!

Raikage: Are you supposed to stay here waiting for the Hokage or that Naruto brat? And do nothing about this Uchiha punk?

Mifune: Don’t worry, if they delay, I’ll make sure Sasuke will be put in a secured cell, along with the other members of his team.

Raikage: Well, your samurai didn’t do sh*t when they approached him, so what’s the use?!
Mifune: Please, mind your mouth.

Raikage: I’d trust more that silly old gnome to guard them than your samurai!

Tsuchikage: Hey!
Mifune: Please…

Raikage: Don’t come with “please”, enough with the words, show me action! (a warp appears behind Sasuke, from it appears the upper half of Madara) What the hell?

Mizukage: Another Akatsuki?
Gaara: This is bad! (Gaara’s sand rush towards Madara)

Madara: I’ll be taking care of him. (grabs Sasuke) By the way, I’m Madara, nice to meet you! (Dark Zetsu appears a little farther, rejoining with White Zetsu)

Raikage: (thinking) Madara? Uchiha Madara?
Tsuchikage: (thinking) They just appear from thin air!

Dark Zetsu: How are you feeling?
White Zetsu: My neck hurts a lot.

Madara: Now I’ll go, bye! (Madara, Sasuke and Zetsu disappear, before Gaara’s sand reaches Madara)

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