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Friday, September 4, 2009

One Piece 557 Prediction and Discuss

Wow...The One Piece 557 Spoiler Pics and Summary are available now

Click here for it...!!!


click image to See full size

The image from the last chapter

One Piece chapter 556

Whitebeard's war against the Marines HQ continues as Luffy, Ivankov, and the other Impel Down escapees drops right in the battlefield. What's going to happen next? Discuss the next chapter here. Feel free to start predicting now until the first spoilers emerge.


Crayne Said

1. Ace will be mad at Luffy for attempting his rescue.
2. Whitebeard will be either impressed, or go "Do whatever you want." and I'm betting on the latter one.
3. Garp will be dumbfounded. In b4 Garp bursts out laughing.
4. Pirates team up against the marines.

Gad Said

I half agree with Crayne with my ideas

1) Ace will be mad at Luffy for attempting this mission
2) WB will let Luffy have his way, but will also try to help him out(Depends on whether Luffy does something noteworthy)
3) Garp will be crying and swearing at why Luffy is doing this and putting himself in danger. He won't laugh lol.

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do you have any prediction..?? share it with us..!!!

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