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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Naruto Chapter 463 (fan art)

Read Online Naruto Chapter 463 fan art
Status : Confirmed
Title : Naruto vs Tobi
Begin to read naruto chapter 463 fan art

Naruto 463 (fan art)

Naruto 463 (fan art)

Naruto 463 (fan art)
Naruto and Tobi face off..!!
Naruto : I'll show you...
Tobi : (This Chakra...)
Tobi : (Such high compression..)
Tobi : (It looks almost like..)
Naruto : My wiil of fire..!!!
Like a small black hole.. !
Naruto : (Kakashi Sensei..., Ero Sennin..., Tsunade Baachan...,)
Naruto : (Watch ME...!!!!)
Tobi : What..?? Immpossible..!!
Tobi's Mask has been broken, Tobi real face revealed
Naruto : .....
Tsunade : What..!?
Kakashi : ..!!
Tobi : Gha..hahahaaha..

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Naruto Chapter 463 Prediction
by: Nja-2Ch
by: Pocketmofo

Title: Sasuke VS Raikage

[Sasuke] dodges the Raikage’s elbow and stabs the Raikage’s chest with his Chidori, but he only goes in up until the second phalanx. “Dammit!!”

Raikage: “You were able to wound me while I am wrapped in this Raiton chakra. That technique must be the same as Hatake Kakashi’s…”
The Raikage turns around to grab Sasuke. “This is the end!!”
Liger Bomb¹!! (a powerful bomb that apparently needs two pages to display its terrifying power)

Sasuke is slammed with his back unto the ground, but he is protected by something that resemble the bones of Susanoo that was used by Itachi before, thus Sasuke escapes his predicament.
The Raikage notices that Sasuke’s eyes change to the Mangekyou, so he goes away and raises his chakra.

Karin: “What’s with that chakra…? That chakra is equal to that of a Bijuu ”

The bone-like object wanders around Sasuke. From his eyes flows a large amount of blood. “Amaterasu!”
The scene changes to Naruto
Madara’s conversation: “I don’t know whether ot not you want to persuade Sasuke like you did with Nagato, but it won’t work on Sasuke”
I forgot this part
Kakashi: “Why are you collecting the Bijuu for the Uchiha’s revenge?”
Madara: “It’s simple, really. In order to become whole.”

Madara says “This chat with you was fun” and leaves with his space-time ninjutsu
Back to Sasuke
The Amaterasu is released, but the Raikage simply avoids it with movements beyond the Shunshin no Jutsu, movements that the Sharingan cannot follow. For the time being, Sasuke builds up a defence.

The bones of the incomplete Susanoo form a barrier around his body, but these bones mean that Sasuke cannot attack with the Amaterasu.

Blow of Rage – Horizontal Backhand Chop²
Darui: Give him left arm Raikage-sama!!
The Raikage sends Sasuke flying down to the ground with all his might, jumps up and yells “It is over!!”
It stops with this scene. Maybe next week he’ll use the Guillotine Drop³

The Raikage seems to be a ninjutsu/taijutsu pro.
C says something afterwards: “He can manipulate the black flames that much (making it into an armour) Is his ability above Itachi!?”

¹ The kanji literally mean “Lightning Self Bomb,” but it is apparently pronounced as Raigabomu, which is the Japanese name for the Liger Bomb, a move used in pro-wrestling.
² Also a pro-wrestling term
³ Also a pro-wrestling term

Did you know what power that itachi give to naruto..???
Well here it goes..Sage Naruto + Mangekyu Sharingan
Sage Naruto Mangekyu Sharingan

hehehe.....just for fun..!!!
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