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Friday, August 21, 2009

One Piece 555 ワンピース | One Piece 555 prediction

Read Online One Piece Chapter 555 Prediction

prediction by Sasuke-kun

All right after studying the battle sequence so far this is where the battle is at.
Marco controls the sky and is likely to use it to his advantage, whoever controls the air controls the battle. The only problem is that Marco is only one of five types of flying powers ever discovered to be able to fly, along with Pell and Lafitte, Marco is unlikely to give adequate aerial support on a battle of this magnitude but he did stop Kizaru. Which was important because of WB’s position in the bay, if Kizaru had of taken control of the air, he could’ve bombarded WB and the 14 captains giving the marines the chance to advance on the WB pirates. But it looks like Marco got the upper hand and so Kizaru is having to warn the giant squad to expect an aerial attack.

The admirals are all having to fight, which if anyone plays chess will know its like sending your Queen and Rooks out when you haven’t developed the rest of your pieces. Very risky and dangerous especially if your suppose to be defending.

The marines send out the giant squad and it seems like their trying to stop the 14 commanders from advancing and getting on land, the bay is a very dangerous place for the WB pirates to be on even if it is frozen over. In retaliation they send Oz jnr out to oppose the giant squad and to get a foot hold on land. A very clever move but one that may work against them especially now that the Schichibukai are entering the field.

My predictions are that the Schichibukai will be the key to the marines victory, they are in the position right now to slow down the WB pirates assault long enough for the marines to regroup and push the WB pirates back. Once they do this, heavy bombardment from the canons, marine fleet and the admirals should do the trick.

The problem is that if at any point the Schichibukai turn on the marines, tactically the marines are screwed. Once the WB pirates advance past the canons on the cliff, then the marines will be backed into a corner. With no where to go and being pushed back by WB and the Schichibukai the marines only choice would be to cut and run i.e. kill Ace and hope it shocks the pirates enough to allow them to escape.

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