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Friday, August 21, 2009

Naruto 461 ナルト| NARUTO Chapter 461 Spoiler

Prediction by SenninKorby

Sasuke vs Raichu lasts 2 chapters. Simultaneously, we see Madara's conversation with Naruto. At the end of 462, Madara informs Naruto that Sasuke is fighting the Raikage as they speak, without a thought, Naruto rushes out. As Kakashi and Yamato watch him leave, Madara vanishes. It cuts back to Raichu v Sasuke. Depending on who is winning, and about to likely deal a death blow, Naruto comes in at the last second and stops whoever was about to kill. Then we get a slightly one-sided fight between Sasuke and Naruto, the latter of whom winning. This results in Sasuke having to retreat. This leads him to either: Take Itachi's eyes, Confront Madara and Zetsu, or both. Either way, it somehow leads up to a far longer, more balanced showdown between Sasuke and Naruto, which leads to a major plot developing shift.

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Read Online Naruto Chapter 463 fan art

Status : Confirmed

Title : Naruto vs Tobi

Begin to read naruto chapter 463 fan art

This image will be different from the other source
Naruto 463 (fan art)

Naruto 463 (fan art)

Naruto 463 (fan art)

Naruto 463 (fan art)

See full Size Naruto 463 fan art 04

Naruto and Tobi face off..!!

Naruto : I'll show you...

Tobi : (This Chakra...)

Tobi : (Such high compression..)

Tobi : (It looks almost like..)

Naruto : My wiil of fire..!!!

Like a small black hole.. !

Naruto : (Kakashi Sensei..., Ero Sennin..., Tsunade Baachan...,)

Naruto : (Watch ME...!!!!)


Tobi : What..?? Immpossible..!!

Tobi's Mask has been broken, Tobi real face revealed

Naruto : .....

Tsunade : What..!?

Kakashi : ..!!

Tobi : Gha..hahahaaha..

Next issue for Naruto Chapter 464 - Ancient Secret

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