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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Naruto 537 Prediction : Gedo Mazo

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Naruto 537: Gedo Mazo
Credits: NarutoFan
Status: Prediction

Gedo Mazo pushes it way through the enemy lines, slaughtering everyone.

Chouza:It's Madara, we're not prepared fall back!
Choji: What about these guys dad!
Shikamaru: Forget them Choji you're gonna be killed if you stay here!!
Choji throws the Hyuga at the statue and releases Kakuzu
Dan: Run forget about the barrier!
Ino: What kind of summon is that??
Raikage: WHAT!?
Mabui: It seems Madara has summoned some kind of creature and is attacking Darui's division.
Tsunade: It must be a fusion of the 7 tailed beasts. Order them to fall back and notify the other divisions.
Raikage: I can't just sit here and watch my men get killed, I'm going to help them.
Shikaku: Please lord Raikage...we need you here.
Raikage: Forget it, we need to move to plan B. If he has a creature that strong then we must attack it with everything we got.

Scene switch to Mizukage and co
Black Zetsu: !
White Zetsu: We have no further use for the daimyos, kill everyone.
Black Zetsu: With pleasure *merges underground*
Mizukage: Are they retreating?
Chojuro: ?! Mizukage sama!!!!!
Black Zetsu shapeshifts into the Mizukage.
Mizukage: What? how?
Black Zetsu: The moment you touched me, I copied your DNA...Time for some fun.

Scene switch back to Tobi
Tobi: Looks like the kin gin twins are sealed in the pot.
Tobi opens the pot and Atsui and Samui and kin gin are released.
Atsui and Samui: !
Tobi*Shinra tensei!
Atsui and Samui go flying and crash into the rocks
Kinkaku: what the fuck? Where did everyone go.
Tobi warps kin and gin
Dan: This guy....he must be the one behind all of this.
Tobi: ...I have no use for both you and the hyuga and Kabuto has you commanded however, I can put you both to good use.
Tobi: Hizashi, follow the retreating army and finish them off.
Hizashi: ...*under sharingan genjutsu*
Tobi: it? Kill off the Hokage, Tsunade.
Kakuzu: So your Tobi....who would have guessed.
Tobi: I don't think I'll need genjutsu to order you around.
Kakuzu: Unlikely.
Tobi: Good, after your done stocking back up on hearts..go fetch your partner. White Zetsu will show you the locations and help you put him back together.
Kakuzu: And what use do you have for him?
Tobi: Leave that to me.

Scene switch to Kakashi and co.
Kakashi is dripping and covered in blood
Fodder: He took out all the swordsman with that eye of his! Amazing!
Gai: To think my rival could do this...
Sakura: Kakashi sensei!
Kakashi: !!?
Mangetsu comes ripping through a ninja's body
Sakura; Summoning Jutsu!
Katsuya appears and crushes Magetsu
Kakashi: !Sakura?
Sakura: It's time for me to surpass my master as well.
Chapter end.

Archive for Naruto 536 :

Prediction by Killer
Chapter 536: Negotiations.
Side text: Naruto is running into battle but is stopped by...

Madara pops in on Naruto. Naruto goes to attack but fails. Madara warps Naruto to his box factory.

Naruto: Where the hell am I?!

Madara: You like? This is a dimension I created. It's how I use my Space/Time jutsu.

Naruto notices people in the boxes fighting in the war.

Madara: Each of these boxes shows a different part of the war and everything that's going on at the moments. It's how I know so much, like where to always find you...and Sasuke.

Naruto: !

Madara: Sasuke as well has recently gotten a power boost, but he hasn't recovered yet. The reason I've showed up and transported you here is so you don't fight in this war against anyone but Sasuke.

Naruto: If you think you can stop me think again. I'm much stron-

Madara: You misunderstand...I'm not forcing you to stay here, simply offering a choice for you. Sasuke will be ready soon, and he'll also be much stronger, I just think it'll be in your best interest to stay here for now so you don't waste any of your energy fighting anyone but Sasuke.

Naruto: ...We aren't your toys to play with!!! I'll fight every thing you throw at me, and after I'm done with the warm up I'll go and fight Sasuke and bring him back. That's my choice now let me out of here!

Madara: ...Very well.

Naruto: !!!

Madara: Like I said, I'm not forcing you to stay, just offering a choice for you. If your choice is to fight then so be it, but just know that this war will be like nothing you have ever will change completely. Now then, I'll let you out...I have other things to attend to...such as Killerbee.

Naruto: What?!

Madara releases Naruto from his box factory.

Naruto: He's going after Killerbee, I can't let him capture him but...everyone else is fighting this war because of me I can't let them sacrifice themselves over me. What am I going to do.

Meanwhile, Black Zetsu is around a building. He's using some sort of jutsu that lets him see everything around him.

Black Zetsu: Let's see...6 Daimyos...the Mizukage and her guard, and a few handful of other ninjas. That's it? They will regret underestimating me.

Scene switches to Mei and that.

Mei: We just received word that someone attempted to take the fake Daimyos hostage or possibly kill them. He wasn't detected by any of the sensors and was able to escape easily. So be on full alert.

Black Zetsu(Isn't visible): I'm afraid being on full alert wont accomplish anything.

Chojuro: Who's saying that...I can't see anyone. I...I don't think this will turn out good.

Mei: Show yourself!

Black Zetsu(Still not visible): To insult my skills as a ninja by having fools guard even bigger fools...expecting that to stop me...I'll make sure to enjoy devouring your corpses.

Chojuro: Wha...what?!

Mei(Thinking): Is this some sort of Genjutsu...

Black Zetsu(Still not visible): This is a Genjutsu Mizukage...but it's like none you've ever seen.

Mei: He...he read my thoughts...

Chojuro: If he can do that can we stop him.

Mei: We have to dispel this Genjutsu right away!

Black Zetsu(Still not visible): There you go again...underestimating my powers. I told you, this is a Genjutsu that you've never seen can't dispel it!

Mei: What?!

Room becomes pitch Black and everyone around Mei is gone. Black Zetsu's head appears in front of Mei.

Mei: !

Black Zetsu: This Genjutsu makes you feel lost and alone, feeling there's no way out. Like you're no one. If you can live long enough and survive the insanity of this...then the Genjutsu will dispel on it's own. But...if the thought of being alone forever drives you insane...not only will you take your life in this Genjutsu but out of this Genjutsu as well.

Mei: That's...that's not possible...

Black Zetsu: It fact a few have already succumbed to it.

We see a few unnamed ninjas with Kunais in their heart and head.

Black Zetsu: You have five minutes to endure this feeling of loneliness. It may not seem like much, but I can assure you that you've never felt this alone in your life, the feeling will be unbearable, and you will think about ending it all...but there has been some to survive so not all hope is lost, but even if you live it'll be too late for you...and everyone.

Black Zetsu's head vanishes. Mei drops to the ground and has a terrified look on her face.

The Daimyos are confused about what's happening(Since they weren't put under the Genjutsu). Black Zetsu pops up.

Lighting Daimyo: What the hell is that thing!

Wind Daimyo: Wake up ninja and protect us!

Black Zetsu: You fools are coming with me.

Black Zetsu's White Goo shoots from him and covers the Daimyos. The Daimyos start to merge with the ground, as does Black Zetsu.

Scene switches to Killer A, Tsunade, and whoever else is with them.

Killer A: We have to get Naruto back into the Island!!! It wont be long before Killerbee tries to escape too!!!

Tsunade: We'll just have to-

Black Zetsu pops in.

Black Zetsu: I'm afraid you have bigger issues to attend to now...

Everyone in the room: !!!

Black Zetsu: Now then...hand over the Hachibi, and Kyuubi or...

The Daimyos come up from the ground.

Black Zetsu: These fools will die!

End text: Zetsu puts the Kages in a difficult spot. How will they react?

Chapter ends.

Archive for Naruto 532 :

Chapter 532 Prediction: Goodbye Sensei
by Tyranos

Honzou complements Mifune's faith and then Kabuto's jutsu is undone.

Meanwhile, Team 10 engages Asuma. Ino and Chouji goe into a pincer and attack from the sides, while Shikamaru draws Asuma's old Trench Knives and the two lock weapons. Asuma complements them on the strategy, but Kabuto has Asuma jump in the air and forces him to use the ash jutsu. Shikamaru is prepared and bluffs the pincer for another kind of attack, in which Chouji comes from behind and grabs Asuma, then Ino uses her jutsu to hold off control long enough for them to secure Asuma.

Realized he's been defeated, Asuma praises Inoshikachou and Shikamaru reassures Asuma that he will do his best to train his son (who just happens to be born at that moment). Asuma smiles and asks him to give Kurenai his love, then disappears.

Naruto 531
Prediction by Wolf

Chapter 531: Team 10 Reunited
Chapter Cover: Is of Asuma, Shikamaru, Ino, and Choji. In the front they are all happy and that but behind the current condition their in is show and they aren't so happy any more.
Side Text: He died and left the three on their own, now they are reunited but is that a good thing?

Chapter starts with Hanzou and Mifune. Hanzou is impress Mifune could withstand the poison. Mifune explains how Samurai train themselves to overcome such things. More Samurai appear behind Mifune, Okisuke and Urakaku is among them. Mifune tells a group of Samurai to take Kankuro and the others to a safe distant. Hanzou tries to go after them but is hit down by a three way attack by Mifune, Okisuke, and Urakaku. Mifune then reveals that he knows all about Hanzou. Mifune explains how he used to be from the Iron Country and was a samurai himself but left because he felt Samuri were too weak. Mifune says he'll show the power of samurai and make Hanzou regret him ever leaving. Mifune says he's going to get ready to use a move, Hanzou is shocked and nervous now.

Dan tells Chouza that he can't hold back much longer. Chouza isn't nervous. Shikaku and Inochi decide to hurry up and back Chouza up. They say they'd like to see their sensei again.

Hizashi and Hiashi are fighting. Hinata and Neji appear there. Words are exchanged.

Shikamaru, Ino, and Choji meet Asuma, tension is thick. Asuma looks at them and smiles, chapter ends with him saying "Nice to say you three again, how you doing?".

End Text: Even in his current condition, Asuma smiles at the sight of his students as if nothing else mattered.

Chapter ends.

Archive for Naruto 529-530 :

by: Forlong

Naruto 530 Motoi: What is it, Naruto-kun?
Naruto: It was weird. It felt when one of my Kage Bunshins is dispelled. But I never cast it.
Killer Bee: I think I know what it is, ya see, another Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi.
Motoi: !
Naruto: What? But how is that possible? The Kyuubi was sealed inside me.
Motoi: Well...not all of it. There were two brothers of the Cloud that ate some of the Kyuubi's flesh.
Naruto: Gross.
Killer Bee: Yeah that may be, but they got the powers of the Kyuubi.
Motoi: They died a long time ago at the hand of Hiruzen-sama.
Naruto: Old man Hokage beat two Jinchuriki at once!?
Motoi: That's what I heard.'s possible someone could have taken part of the Kyuubi.
Naruto: Hmmm. I guess. Hey, does that mean that all the Biju could be fused together?
Motoi: Well...they were that way.
Naruto: What!?
Motoi: *sigh* I guess you won't be able to focus on your training until I explain it.
Cut to Shikamaru.
Choji: I can't believe we beat one of the Cloud's greatest shinobi.
Asuma: The new generation always surpasses the old, Choji.
Kakuzu: Fu fu fu. Looks like you have to fight your old master. Kinkaku gave you to many openings. He got rusty. Or should I say "tarnished"?
Ino: You want to fight again, Kakuzu? Well, we beat you before, and I'd hate for things to get redundant.
Kakuzu: I don't recall you doing a thing against me. It was that Kyuubi kid that did it. Him and Kakashi. I'll kill them once I'm done with you.
Shikamaru: He he he. You kill Naruto? That's a laugh. Remember your boss, Nagato? Well Naruto defeated him. He's way out of your liege now.
Cut to Gaara.
Gaara: This looks like a good place to set up an ambush.
Onoki: They'll realize that too. Remember who we're dealing with.
Gaara: Don't think I'd forget.
Cut to Muu.
Muu: The group has stopped.
Second Mizukage: I'm tired of you being so vague about who we're facing! Can't you be more descriptive.
Muu: No.
Third Raikage: It's not like he can. He's been long dead, and it's very unlikely he knew any of the shinobi we'll be facing.
Muu: I can identify one. My student, Onoki.
Second Mizukage: How deliciously wonderful, Muu will have to fight his own student.
Muu: Idiot! Do you realize what this means!?
Second Mizukage: Of course, you will have to kill your own--
Muu: Shut up and listen! It was Sensing Sand that detected me, a Sand Village jutsu. If my student is with the Sand Village, all the great shinobi villages might be working together.
Third Raikage: I see. Then members of the Yotsuki clan could be there. Or of the Uzumaki clan.
Muu: If they expected this jutsu, there are probably some of their best sealers in that group. In fact, they might have fallen back to hold off for those shinobi to arrive.
Fourth Kazekage: And if they stopped, we can guarantee that they are setting traps for us.
Cut to Temari.
Temari: We may not be the Ambush Division, but that should get the job done.
Random shinobi: They're moving again.
Gaara: Everyone get ready!
Onoki: It's been a long time since I've been in a fight.
Gaara: Don't worry, I'll watch your back.
Onoki: Hmpf. No. I'll be watching your back.
Temari (thinking): Kankuro, are you doing all right?
Cut to Kankuro with a bloody face and being held up by the neck with Hanzo's hand.
Hanzo: Pathetic. How did someone so weak defeat Sasori of Red Sands.
Hoheto: Kakuro!
Kimimaru: Don't leave yourself open!
Kimimaru cuts Hoheto.
Black-haired shinobi: This is bad. We have to fall back to Kakashi-sempai's location. He's the only one that has a hope of defeating these guys.
Hanzo: It looks like your allies are to preoccupied to save you...what was your name again?
Kakuro spits in Hanzo's face.
Hanzo: Disrespectful little whelp! I'd kill you for that, but I have to know something: is Nagato still alive?
Kakuro: Who the hell are you talking about?
Hanzo: The guy that killed me! I want to return the favor.
Kakuro: He he. You're to late. Naruto beat you to it.
Hanzo: Hm. I could kill this "Naruto", not that it would be the same. But then no one would question my superiority.
Kakuro: Like hell you will. Compared to Naruto, you're a second rate--no--third rate loser not worth his time and effort.
Kakuro: Come on, what you just did is nothing compared to what Naruto pulled when he was 13, or was it 12? You're nothing but a joke when I think of a shinobi like him.
Hanzo: THAT'S IT!

Hanzo makes a hole in Kakuro's chest and turns away.

by: superninja

Naruto 530

Shikamaru: "That was effective, now we can use the sealing jar to quickly end all the edo zombies."
Darui: "The jar can only hold one person at a time so it is useless until we empty it."
Ino: "Shikamaru look, it's sensei!"
Asuma standing in the distance.
Darui: "You try to catch him with your shadow binding and I'll loop his head off."
Shikamaru: "No, that guy is our sensei. The three of us will deal with him."
Darui: "Suit yourselves, just make sure you don't be sorry later."
Chouji: "What are we going to do?"
Shikamaru: "I'll try to shadow bind him and talk to him, maybe I can break his curse like that. Whatever happens don't hold back, you won't hurt him since he is in this state."
Tenten: "Hi guys, can I help you with your plan?"
Shikamaru: "Chouji, Ino and I are going at him from his left side, you start throwing kunais at Asuma when we are in position or if Asuma attacks first. Lets go!"
Shika, Chouji and Ino circle around Asuma while Asuma is standing there.
Shikamaru does hand seal: "Signal Tenten to attack!"
Tenten starts throwing kunais from her scroll, Asuma evades or deflects them with his kunai. Shika tries to catch him with his shadow, but Asuma jumps away.
Shikamaru: "He is jumping around us so we stand between him and Tenten."
Teten: "That makes no difference."
Tenten throws her kunais up and they fly over Shikamaru, Ino and Chouji and start falling towards Asuma.
Asuma throws his kunai at Shikamaru. Chouji blocks it with his hand, but it goes through since it's wind chakra infused and passes close to Shikas head.
Shikamaru: "Damn...."
Chouji: "Aaaah!"
Ino: "I'll try to heal that."
Shikamaru: "If you didn't block it, it would have probably killed me."

Meanwhile Darui faces Kakuzu.
Darui: "You don't look like a pushover, where have you been hiding the entire fight?"
Kakuzu: "Obtaining useful parts and pieces...I think your heart will be the most prized possession I'll acquire here."
Darui: "My heart is already promised to a certain lady so you can't have it. Your entire group has been defeated so give up already."
Kakuzu: "I have my own plans, it feels good to be back in the world of living."
Darui (thinking): "I don't have much chakra left, but I can try."
Darui does the laser circus, Kakuzu dives under earth.
Darui: "Damn..."
Darui jumps into air, but one of Kakuzu tentacles manages to wrap around his leg. A lot of alliance shinobis come running and one of them cuts the tentacle with a sword.

Meanwhile Asuma gets caught with Shikas shadow jutsu and gets covered with kunais.
Shikamaru: "Sensei..."
Asuma: "Shikamaru...have you taken good care of the king?"
Shikamaru: "Your child still hasn't been born, but will be anytime soon."
Asuma: "So it hasn't been long since I died."
Shikamaru (starts crying): "No...I will take good care of your child. If it's a boy, he will be the strongest and bravest in Konoha...if it's a girl, I bet she will be beautiful."
Asuma: "All of that is not important as much....what is important to me is to know you will be there. He might be the weakest guy in Konoha, but I know he will be the most fair with you as his mentor. She might be the ugliest girl, but I know she will never feel unloved with you around. I am a lucky guy..."
Shikamaru: "I promise you that much."
Chouji and Ino come closer wiping tears.
Asuma: "I am sorry for all the trouble I caused you now. Sorry for the arm Chouji."
Chouji: "It's all right."
Asumas soul gets free.
Asuma: "Ino, Chouji and Shikamaru, I am proud at how strong you've become. Keep growing. And also Tenten, tell her to improve her aim a bit."
Shikamaru: "Goodbye again."

Naruto 529
Prediction by Killer Zylos Wolf

Chapter cover-It's of Darui
Chapter title-The Storm Clouds Have Vanished

Chapter starts off with Kinkaku looking scary. Darui doesn't know what to do.

Scene changes to Kankuro. Everyone who was with him before is now dead. He was able to escape but lost Deidara. He then goes off.

Scene changes to Kurotsuchi. She's fighting the Zetsus along with Karui and some unnamed people.

Scene changes back to Darui, he's losing. He is about to be finished until Kitsuchi comes out of nowhere and saves him. Darui smirks and says it's about time they got there. With Kitsuchi is Shino, Neji, Hinata, Kiba, Hana, and unnamed people. Hinata notices Hiashi and Hizashi battling, she tells Neji. Kitsuchi tells everyone in his division to spread out and help take down the Edo Tensei and Zetsus.

Neji and Hinata go where Hiashi and Hizashi are, the tension in the air is thick. Some words are exchanged.

Kiba and Hana go over to where Chouza and Tenten are, who are fighting against Asuma and Dan, Asuma asks Kiba how's he's doing, Kiba makes a joke and Asuma laughs, Kiba gets serious and tells Asuma that Shikimaru and the others are doing well too, Asuma smiles and says that he wish he could see them now.

Shino sticks around with Kitsuchi. Kitsuchi tells Shino to get ready to use the sealing jutsu.

Side text-Kitsuchi and Shino have a plan, but will it work?

Chapter ends

Prediction by kanpyo7

-Darui fails to defeat Kyuubi-Kinkaku, but right as he's about to get smashed, Kitsuchi's backup (including all the rookies that were in that division) arrives to save him.

-The Zetsu Army is continuing to pour out of the ocean, with more Edo Tensei among them as well. Meanwhile, Akatsuchi arrives with backup for Kurotsuchi and the remnants of Division II trying to hold back the initial wave of Zetsu from getting to the beach.

-Division I is shocked to see Fu, Torune, and legendary shinobi from the minor countries among the ET, Kiba and the rest of the rookies from the three divisions then stand together in an epic equivalent to the "Kakashi's Rampage" scene and state "Well then, looks like we'll have to make some 'legends' of our own!"

-Scene changes to Edo Kage getting hit by sandstorms and blasts of wind. Muu: "Trying to keep us at a distance eh? How about THIS!?" Muu levitates a giant chunk of ground with him and the other Kage on top of it, and sends it flying above the attacks toward Division IV.
Chouji: "What the hell is that!?!?"
Gaara: "Looks like it's time for our battle to start."

Archive for Naruto 528 :

Naruto Ch 528
Status: Prediction
Credits: KillerBee

I just remembered that Kitsuchi's division(At less some of them) would be going to Darui's division when told to mobilize, and they were told so last chapter.

So I'm guessing Kitsuchi and whoever else would become back up for Darui and his divison.

I'm changing my prediction:

Chapter cover-It's of Kinkaku and Ginkaku
Chapter title-The Storm Clouds Have Vanished

Chapter starts off with Kinkaku and Ginkaku doing their thing. Darui finds out how Samui lost. Darui is about to lose.

Scene changes to Kakashi and that. Kakashi shows a new move, with the help of Sai another Swordsmen is caught. Fuguki is the one caught.

Scene changes to Kankuro. Everyone who was with him before is now dead. He was able to escape but lost Deidara. He then goes off.

Scene changes to Kurotsuchi. She's fighting the Zetsus along with Karui and some unnamed people.

Scene changes back to Darui, he's losing. He is about to be finished until Kitsuchi comes out of nowhere and saves him. Darui smirks and says it's about time they got there. With Kitsuchi is Shino, Neji, Hinata, Kiba, Hana, and unnamed people. Hinata notices Hiashi and Hizashi battling, she tells Neji. Kitsuchi tells everyone in his division to spread out and help take down the Edo Tensei.

Neji and Hinata go where Hiashi and Hizashi are, the tension in the air is thick.

Kiba and Hana go over to where Chouza and Tenten are, who are fighting against Asuma and Dan, Asuma askes Kiba how's he's doing, Kiba makes a joke and Asuma laughs, Kiba gets serious and tells Asuma that Shikimaru and the others are doing well too, Asuma smiles and says that he wish he could see them now.

Shino sticks around with Kitsuchi. Kitsuchi tells Shino to get ready to use the sealing jutsu.

Side text-Kitsuchi and Shino have a plan, but will it work?

Chapter ends

by: superninja

Naruto 528

Darui: "I better get focused on the fight, the less I think and talk the better."
Darui: "So now it's me vs the two of you! Things are not going to be.....this will be interesting!"
Kinkaku: "Watch your tongue, watch you thoughts, you will slip sooner or later kid! Lets go Ginkaku!"
Darui with an angry expression: "You bastards!"
Darui picks up the rope with which the souls are extracted.
Kinkaku: "You don't know how to use that kid, even if you did you've got no chakra."
Darui: "We'll see."
After a fierce fight Darui manages to use the rope on them and use the 7 star sword on them. Now it's the question of who will say their favorite word first.
Ginkaku: "Hahaha. This is interesting. Well what now?"
Darui (thinking): "I'm almost out of chakra, I need to make these two talk about things."
Darui: "The two of you are really strong. You are stronger than me and people expect me to be raikage one day."
Ginkaku: "Yeah, for sure."

Kinkaku: "Shut up, can't you see he's done. He's trying to trick us into talking."
Darui: "So whats your favorite food?"
Kinkaku: "Haha, you're funny. Your jokes are funny kid."
Darui: "I don't need to talk with you to win. You two are piss weak. I think I'll just blast you with my laser element like I already did a couple of time."
Ginkaku: "You have no chakra! You are so weak! You a raikage?"
Ginkaku gets sealed.
Darui: "haha what a moron."
Kinkaku: "You bastard! Brother!"
Kinkaku gets sealed.
Darui: "So even a monster like you cared for his brother. Now what? If only I could get Samui and her brother out somehow?"

Archive for Naruto 527 :

by: Superninja

Ok well this is the way I hope the next chapter will look like (not necessarily these fights, but I hope we get a one or two fights developed)


Kinkaku: "We're sorry kid, but it looks like this is your last battle."
Kinkaku and Ginkaku charge at Darui, Darui jumps and swings his sword at one of them but Kinkaku blocks it with his hand. Kinkaku's hand that blocked the sword gets covered in kyuubis chakra.
Kinkaku: "This is our partial kyubi chakra cloak ability, our hides are hard to break through."
Kinkaku grabs the sword with his hand. Darui releases his hold on the sword and jumps away by pushing himself of the sword.
Darui (does hand seals): "Storm release jutsu!"
The water around them starts to rise in pillars. Darui sends electrical discharge into the water. Lightning bolts start to dance around the water pillars and the water starts to boil.
Darui: "I'll use the water to prolong my lightning attack, this jutsu will last a while, as long as there's water around."
Kinkaku and Ginkaku get caught and paralyzed with electricity.
Meanwhile Kakuzu at the other side of the field notices Darui.
Kakuzu: "Haha, a lightning and a water user, his heart will be useful to me." (Kakuzu drops a guy he was killing and turns to face Darui)

Meanwhile Kankuro gets ready to retreat.
Kankuro: "Now!"
Kankuro's team takes the container with Deidara and starts running, Kankuro throws smoke bombs.
Kabuto (controlling the golems from afar): "You guys are not going anywhere."
Chiyo, Hanzo, Kimimaru and that other golem run after them. Kankuro retreats, but he runs backwards while he controls the Sasori puppet to fire at the zombies.
Kankuro: "You guys go ahead, don't let them get a hold of Deidara!"
Kimimaro runs beside Kankuro, but doesn't attack him.
Kankuro: "They are going for the container with Deidara?"
Chiyo attaches her strings to Sasori puppet and blocks it's actions.
Kankuro: "Shit, this isn't good!"
Hanzo does a water cannon attack on Kankuro. Kankuro releases the puppet and jumps down from a tree while the water cannon blasts a couple of trees but misses him. Chiyo with Sasori puppet, Hanzo and that other guy jump down and face Kankuro.
Kankuro: "I'm sorry it has come to this, granny Chiyo."
Kankuro opens his scroll and summons a couple of puppets.
Kankuro: "At least I'll be able to show you ... a puppet I created my self, my ultimate creation."

Darui (holding a hand seal): "I'll increase my lightning release and turn these two to dust, then I can seal them before they regenerate."
Kakuzu grabs Darui with his tentacles which forces Darui to release the seal. Darui grabs Kakuzus tentacles and electrocutes him which breaks Kakuzus hold on him. Darui jumps away to have all three facing him. Now Darui faces Kinkaku, Ginkaku and Kakuzu. What he gonna do now???

by: Forlong

Naruto 527

Ginkaku: Look at this cocky bastard.
Kinkaku: Reminds me of that guy that killed us.
Darui: Storm Release: Thunder Cloud.
Ginkaku and Kinkaku jump over the cloud.
Ginkaku: Come on, kid. You don't think we knew about that jutsu. You can do better than that.
Darui: Well hows this. Storm Release: Cloud Clone Jutsu!
Dozens of Kage Bunshins come at the brothers.
Gin & Kin: What the...!?
Hiashi: So many Kage Bunshins. I thought Naruto-kun was the only one who could make that many.
Cloud Shinobi: If he was using his own chakra he wouldn't be able to make so many. In fact, he has below average chakra. He was the first to truly master Storm Release. He uses almost no chakra in his jutsu, because he can harness the powers of nature itself!
Darui: Water Release: Water Wall Jutsu!
Water engulfs Gin & Kin.
Black lightning courses through the wall of water.
Cut to Muu.
Muu: !? O...Onoki!?
Kabuto: Fu fu fu. It seems that the Third Tsuchikage-sama has come to the front line. Well, I have a little surprise for him. Thank you, Sakura-san, for leaving this where I could easily find it.
Second Muzikage: Who the Hell is Onoki?
Fourth Kazekage: Idiot, did you know nothing about your own rival? Onoki-sama is the Third Tsuchikage and was Muu-sama's student.
Third Raikage: Yes. He was the only other person to master Dust Release.
Second Muzikage: Wow! I don't know who did this but I like him already. What would be a worse fate for Muu than to have to kill his own student.
Muu: I wouldn't expect you to understand the bonds others share, murder of First Mizukage-sama.
Second Muzikage: WHAT? No one was able to connect me with that.
Three coffins rise out of the ground.
Fourth Kazekage: More dead fools that what nothing more than to bicker?
Gaara: !?
Onoki: What is it, young man. Spit it out.
Gaara: They just summoned three more people and they all have insanely high levels of chakra.
Onoki: That's Muu-sama for you. He must have sensed our numbers and caught me here. Who are they.
Gaara: I'm checking right now. One is an old man with red hair. He's wearing some sort of faceplate.
Onoki: That sounds like Roshi-sama. He was the Jinchuriki for the Four Tails.
Gaara: And the other two are...
Fourth Kazekage: Master?
Gaara: The Third Kazekage and the previous Jinchuriki of the One Tail.
Onoki: Well...those are long range fighters...this is going to be tough.
Gaara: Everyone prepare to fall back. Shikamaru, take your half of the Division to back up Durai when I give the order.
Shikamaru: Roger!
Onoki: Tell me, Gaara-sama...this Naruto he really all that? Is he really worth what this will no doubt cost you?
Gaara: No. He's worth ten time more than this will cost me.
Onoki: Well...well. No way I'm going to let myself die here and miss the chance of meeting that guy now.

Archive for Naruto 526 :

Status: Prediction
by : Unknown

kabuto gets a hold of himself: "all right kakashi... this is the end..."

meanwhile kakashi charges the swordsman with sai and guy as backup. guy acts as a body guard and sai seals the dudes. they manage to seal 4 of the swordman and are starting to approach the next one.

kabuto performs several handseals and all the edos vanquish.

kabuto: kukuku... so you wanted to protect
them... i see, in that case...

all the edos reappear and circle sakura

kakashi: SHIT...


sakura: wierdo...

kakashi performs subtitution jutsu to switch places with sakura in the last minute..


kakashi lies heavily wounded on the ground and screams like a girl

guy: o.0 it can't be...

kakashi (singing): Oh my dear what have I gone and done now?
It's curtain call, I'm about to take my last bow.
What did you expect from me? Well what did you expect from me???

sai: are you okayyy?

kakashi (ignores sai and continues): So will you scatter my ashes where they won't be found?
I kept my word when I swore that I would let you down.
(And now that I'm gone) Try to forget me and just move on.
So will you scatter my ashes where they won't be found?
I kept my word and you hate me for it now,
(But you knew all along) Try to forget me and just move on.

whole kakashi platoon: SHUT UPPPPP!!!!

kakashi (ignores again): Without giving away the entire ending,
I ruined the evening again.

sakura: ...

kakashi (dancing): Are you desperate for an answer?
I don't have an ounce of good left in me now,
Thats why I walked out.

sakura: humm... don't you want me to heal you?

kakashi: naah its okay... What did you expect from me?

edos: ...should we finish him?

kabuto: naah, i'm having fun

kakashi (rolling on the floor): I am not the one that you should blame,
So take what I left you for the pain.
I am not the one that you should blame,
So take what I left you for the pain.
And do your best to forget my name.


sakura: -_-
(slams kakashi on the floor and kills him)

kakashi platoon: WTF????

guy: hey, not fair... -_- i wanted to dance too... what did you do that for???

sakura: oh well i guess, he was just malfunctionning..

the whole platoon then proceeds to rip sakura to shreds

kabuto: ^^ yeah, gangsta fo' life! ^^

- END - (wait don't leave)

by: Tenge

1) Zetsu is going to persuade the feudal lords to stop being loyal to the ninja villages (e.g. offer their own help and protection)
2) The two guys with 9 tails' chakra are most likely the previous hosts of the beast.
3) I am really not sure about how awesome the next chapters are going to be. I believe Kishimoto never has had any experience with drawing so many charachters at the same time. The only example is probably the attack of the sand on the Leaf 9000 episodes ago. If this is the case,
a.the good guys will start getting their asses kicked
b. meanwhile naruto vs sasuke battle takes place
c. there is a 3-4 chapters of naruto and sasuke having their (insert weapon name) in each other nad struggling/discussing their lives
d. something happens that makes Naruto have the upper hand (Hinata gets her ass kicked/Minato gives a speech/Sakura cries *sighs* on the background).
e. Naruto gives a huge speech about the will of fire is unbendable (is there such word in english?)
g. a few epic episodes with how good guys SUDDENLY become stronger and kick the bad guys' asses.
e. Naruto sacrifices hhimself to beat Madara
d. end of series, Naruto's and Sasuke's graves next to each other. Sakura gives a speech about how those two helped her to become stronger (it took her about 600 manga episodes, two ninja wars, and sacrifices of those two to realize some universal truth).
PS I think that Sasuke might have some epic plan about how to lure Madara into some kind of trap to get him killed by Naruto or whoever, maybe he is doing all those things to become a hero like Itachi.
PSS Reread what I wrote, and realized I sounded too sarcastic.
I think the final scene of the manga is going to be just how I described it, and it is kind of sad.

by: kevinyu

Onoki: With the Second Mizukage being together with Muu sama, it could give us the advantage.
Tsunade: What are you talking about? The Second Mizukage was equal in terms of water manipulation with the Second Hokage
A: I agree with you Tsunade, how could that be an advantage?
Onoki: Muu sama and the Second Mizukage were bitter enemies, just like Senju Hashirama and Uchiha Madara. Even my granddaughter was a witness to that
Tsunade & A: ...
Onoki: Even though their will is controlled, the possibility of them fighting each other will be high haha
Tsunade: There's no time to laugh old man.
A: We gotta tell them about the strategy now

Gaara's Panel:

Gaara: How can I bring myself to Dad? How could've I forgotten about the past? Damn it, no choice, but to fight him.


Hiashi: Brother!
Hyuuga nin: Even your twin, Hizashi-sama got revived too.
Hiashi: This should be kept secret to Neji!

Hizashi: I wonder what happened to Neji, did he take over the clan? Heh! I hope the discrimination between the main house and the branch house has ended.

Asuma: Hizashi-sama, Hiashi-sama has told Neji about the truth, though it took him longer. Your death has affected your son so much that he was bitter to the main house before.

Hizashi: I see, but atleast, Hiashi did not disappoint.

Dan: We're going to attack in a few minutes.

Kakashi Panel:

Kakashi (in mind): The onslaught begins, they might want to reminisce about the Fourth's wrath during the previous war. Using Kamui to these resurrected bodies? Awesome idea. Victory will be ours.

Kakashi rushes in to Sukazan and uses Kamui with ease

Kakashi: Almost near to perfection...

Archive for Naruto 525 :

by: superninja

Naruto 525

Tsuchikage golem: How impressive, this entire area is made out of sensor sand, a jutsu from the hidden sand village. My original plan is ruined now.
Gara appears above him flying on his sand cloud.
Gara: Desert burial!
Sand waves form around tsushikage.
Tsushikage claps his hands: Pillars of earth!
Stone pillars emerge from the ground and tsushikage jumps on one of them.
Gara: I must break you!
Gara sends sand after tsushikage.
Tsushikage does a hand sign and becomes invisible.
Gara (thinking): So this guy depends on stealth. I have the area surrounded with sensor sand, but I must cover these pillars with sand also so he can't escape by moving on them.
Tsushikage: Your skill is very commendable, I haven't seen a sand ninja of your caliber yet. I can see you are covering the pillars with sand, but that won't help you now.

Meanwhile Kakashi is getting ready to break loose.
Kakashi: Now we are on the attack. Sai follow me and be my long range support, also seal any golem I incapacitate. Omoi you guard mine and Sais backs. Lets go!
Kakashi starts running with the big sword behind his back, Sai and Omoi following him.
Meanwhile that ninja that drains the water out of her victims kills another dude.
Fodder ninja: We mustn't get close to her, her attack will kill us instantly!
Sakura: Then use the long range attacks!
Shinobi throw kunais at her, but it doesn't damage the edo golem.
Two fodder shinobis charge edo golem with a chain to tackle her down. The edo golem jumps up and lands behind Sakura. Edo golem gets impaled on the beheader sword and then flipped over by Kakashi.
Kakashi: Time to die.
Sai binds it with his ink snakes and then writes some symbols in ink on the edo golems forehead and does hand seals. Edo gets paralyzed.
Omoi: The next one is there!
Kakashi: Sakura guard this golem until the sealing team gets to you!
Kakashi and Sai move on.
Meanwhile the edo golem with explosive punch gets one paneled by Gai.
Gai (evades his punch and hits him in the stomach): Your punch may be destructive but you'll never hit me. Because you lack power of youth!

Meanwhile Gara vs tshushikage
Tsushikage: I can adjust my weight and pressure I put on the ground. That is why your method of detection is useless!
Gara: If that is so, then I'll just have to find you using a different method.
Gara: Sandstorm!
Gara raises a lot of sand up and starts bombarding the area with sand. Gara destroys the stone pillars and everything but there is no tsushikage.
Tsushikage: Too late.
Tsushikage has a big ass sniper crossbow that shoots stone bullets. And he hits Gara's sand clone that was riding the sand cloud. Gara's sand clone falls apart.
Tsushikage: Just a clone?
He becomes invisible again.
Gara's sand eye is floating above him.
Tsushikage: There is no point in trying to find me, I am the invisible killer, the one that took out the most feared of shinobis.
Gara catches him with sand and immobilizes him.
Gara: Sand particles in the air, I can feel you walking through them.
Tsushikage: Impressive for a kid your age. You have a skill worthy of the title kage.

Meanwhile Kakashi.... (to end on a cliffhanger)
Kakashi, Sai and Omoi face the needle thread guy, lightning sword guy and a fat guy.
Kakashi: Time to put my sword wielding skill to test.

by: Gakure

Naruto 525: Full Body Foes

-Somewhere in the desert-

Gaara: They’re here….(Jumps from atop the hill to the ground). U are in my territory. Care to invite the other two to join us.

(3rd Rai and 4th kazekage emerges from behind one of the hills)

(Behind Gaara and one of the desert hills)

Temari: Get ready, Gaara’s distraction shd be enough for u to immobilize them. (Spreads her fan)

Shikamaru: Such a drag. (Signals to others to get ready). Tonka, get the sealing barrier ready.

Tonka: Yessir

(Back to Gaara vs 3 kages)

Gaara: Pops, u too?

4th Kazekage: Sorry son, must kill u.

Gaara: What makes u think this time is different from the other times u tried to?

(Gaara gets blitzed by a fast moving Raikage)

3rd Rai: No talking, Just aint manly.

-Swordsmen vs Kakashi Platoon -

Kakashi: Mist is all cleared and its an all out war now. Begin Sai, no time to waste. Maki and I will give u cover. Santa, u stay and guard Sai.

Maki: U sure u can that sword?

Kakashi: Don’t worry about that. I have copied Zabuza’s moves and also have the ability to use it thanks to…. (Remembers fighting Sakura and Naruto, and how Sakura punched the ground open – 246 pg 11. Thinking: I copied the chakra manipulation then). Let’ go Maki (As they launch forward towards the rest of the swordsmen)

-Zetsu vs Kitsuchi Platoon-

Kitsuchi: Damn, we haven’t finished dealing with these and they’ve sent another platoon already. Let’s do it.

Kitsuchi, Kurotsuchi: Doton, Rising Earth Excavation. ( More Zetsu’s are brought out)

Kitsuchi: Stay back everyone, let the aburame’s handle this (As they reshuffled, going behind the Aburames)

Shino: Their weakness is known now, this will be over quickly. (As millions of bugs are released)


(Gaara crumbles only to reveal his sand shell.)

Muu: Oh, he’s good.

Gaara: (Appears behind them, clasps his hands) Sand Migration. (The sand begins to move the edos. They are being pulled into an already erected barrier as random nins come out from hiding and start forming seals)

3rd Rai: Oh no u don’t!!! (Begins making some seals)

Gaara: (Thinking: Wont let u). Desert Coffin (The edos are each trapped in ball of sand)

3rd Rai: Armour!! (Shatters the the sand ball as if it was not there)

Muu: Doton: Camoflage no jutsu (Faded thru and came out of the sand ball unscathed)

4th Kazekage: Fuuton: Waves!! (Emitted wind blade from his body which slash open the sand ball)

Random nin: Gaara Sama, those three are all former kages and have full-body abilities

(Kabuto: (Somewhere else) Yeah, that’s why they are together. Time to get them serious, won’t make the same mistake. (Makes seals)

(Smoke emits from the edo’s.)

3rd Rai: Raiton, Lightening House Armour. (highly vibrated ration engulfs his body)

Muu: Doton, Earth Embodiment. (He turns jet black with black dust surrounding him, eating away at the ground where he is standing)

4th Kazekage: Fuuton, Wind Incantation. (a violent, quick spinning wind encases him, causing a lot of dust)

Random nin: Close and mid range combat is not an option with these three. They each have the power to incinerate hundreds of opponents in a single attack. (Starts sweating)

Gaara: Stay alert. They are attacking!!!

3rd Rai: (Raises hand) Raiton, Lightening Bolt Splash. (High speed lightening moves on the ground)

Muu(Raises both hands to his chest): Doton, Black Dust Release. (A ball shaped dust is formed and released)

4th Kazskage: Fuuton, Shockwave (The air is instantly compressed in his palms and released)

SA forces: !!!!!! (As the three attacks approached with devastating effect, destroying anything and everything in its path)

Archive for Naruto 524 :

by: The Special One

Naruto 524: Kakashi’s Life at Risk!

(With his arm stuck through Haku, Kakashi faces certain doom. As Zabuza aims to complete his attack, a close up inspection reveals Kakashi’s Mangekyou. Before Zabuza’s blade slashes through both Haku and Kakashi, sword and all, Zabuza is whisked away into another dimension. The scene switches over to Kabuto, as he displays signs of disbelief as his eyes are focused on the playing board below him.)

Kabuto: “That damn Kakashi! (Kabuto then sarcastically smiles) It appears that war hound still has some tricks up his sleeves…”

(The scene switches over to Kakashi as he withdraws Mangekyou.)

Kakashi (in thought): “I was saving that for when there was no other option. Now, I must be extremely cautious knowing that I was forced to play that card so early.”

(The scene switches over to Ensui and Santa)

Santa: “Strange, I can’t feel Zabuza’s presence anymore.”

Ensui: “Dammit! Does that mean we’ve been compromised?”

Santa: “I’m not quite sure, Zabuza’s chakra source is like, not existent at all. But something else is in his place! Keep the strategy going, at least we’ll get something!”

(The scene switches back over to Kakashi, who still has his hand through Haku. As the fog begins to fade, Kakashi can see Maki in back, as the scenario switches over to his perspective.)

Maki (in thought): “That’s not-.” (Kakashi raises the signal to continue, as Kage Mane fully restricts Haku and Kakashi is set free. Not a second to waste, Maki comes behind and prepares his technique to restrain Haku, completely, however, from behind Maki comes several flying, sharp spikes, which pierces Maki in the back of the neck. Maki falls down, dead. In the back, Fugaki turns away and heads toward another location.)

Kakashi: “SHIT!” (The scene switches over to Kabuto’s location.)

Kabuto: “Kakashi’s quite the dangerous one. It would be wise to not lose anymore of my valuables like that… Taking a hit like that is painful. Kakashi must be taken out quickly but cautiously.”

(The scene switches over to Kakashi’s location. The fog fades completely as everyone can now see the battlefield.)

Kakashi (in thought): “Something’s going on here, something troublesome. To my knowledge, the only mist shinobi honed enough to detect enemies by sound alone is Zabuza. Even though Haku is special in his own right, he simply doesn’t have the senses, same with the guy who took out Maki. Have to regroup and reform our battle plan if we’re to survive this and prove my hypothesis about what’s going on here.”

(Kakashi pulls out a string of metal wire and strings up Haku and throws him on his back, Ensui then cancels Kage Mane. Kakashi then turns around and rushes back only for the ground beneath him to break apart, causing Kakashi to toss Haku to the ground during a backward flip motion to avoid being torn apart by the geyser erupting from the earth. The water settles and reveals itself to be Mangetsu.)

Kakashi: “The mist’s kid-prodigy standing before me… Heh, I just can’t catch a break.” (Mangetsu splits up into many clones. They surround Kakashi as he gathers himself. A clone rushes from the back and attacks Kakashi, Kakashi avoids the kick by turning around and ducking and cart wheeling out of the way. Two more approaches, one from behind and other from in front of Kakashi. Kakashi ducks a hook from in front, turns his head quickly and avoids being grabbed by twisting his body to the right and rolling out of the way. Kakashi then lands on his feet and stands up.

From Kakashi’s view, he sees hundreds of steps ahead. Many, many multi-layered predicted projections of his enemies’ movements. Once the view breaks from Kakashi’s, he is seen engrossed in the midst of Mangetsu’s onslaught. Kakashi is seen quickly bobbing and weaving his head to avoid crosses and jabs, ducking to avoid hooks, side stepping to avoid enemies charging at him (which allows him to dodge the splashing effects of Mangetsu’s water clones), and back flipping to distance himself from crowds. Kakashi then pauses to take a breath as the enemies let up and back away.)

Kakashi: “I’ll die if this keeps up. I can’t keep overusing the sharingan like this.” (Mangetsu withdraws his bodies to him and becomes one again. Before Kakashi can react, Kakashi is instantly socked right in his jaw by the enlarged fist of Mangetsu, which sends Kakashi crashing into the ground.)

Kakashi: “GHARAAH!” (Mangetsu walks over to the disgruntled Kakashi, lifts him up by the neck with ease and begin to choke the life out of him using his enlarged arm’s strength.

Mangetsu: “HAAA, HA, HA!”

Kakashi (in thought): “Ahh, that’s right. He split his body up into many sections. It divided his power up… But when he joined them together again, his true speed and strength is made present. Chri-, it was all a ploy to make me tire myself out to the point that I couldn’t match his original stats. Only if I hadn’t used that jutsu.”

(Kakashi’s eyes rolls back into his head, and Kakashi hands drop from Mangetsu’s arm. It looks dire for Kakashi, however, Kakashi’s hands spring to life, and in a one quick event, he makes handseals and forms Raikiri, sending a strong electrical current through Mangetsu, disrupting his body, as he’s water and the electricity circulates through his body which dispels his grip on Kakashi’s neck. Kakashi hits the ground. Mangetsu is in a state of distortion, trying to re-gather himself. The scene switches over to Kabuto’s location.)

Kabuto: “DIE KAKASHI!” (The scene switches over to Kakashi’ location, Ringo prepares to bare his twin lightning blades into the collapsed Kakashi, however, Omoi slips into the fray and uses lightning channeled blade to parry Ringo’s. Then, out of no where-.)

Gai: “KONOHA SENPUU!” (Gai uses a spinning roundhouse kick to send Ringo flying into mid-air as Kakashi stumbles to his feet.)

Kakashi: “Guys?”

Omoi: “Sorry we’re late, we had our own battles to take care of. But you’re still amazing, staying in there all by yourself! I can look up to you even if you are from Konoha.”

Gai: “I won’t let you die! If you die, who’s robust display of youth will match mine?”

Kakashi: “What about that Haku kid, did someone manage to bring him in?”

Omoi: “All taken cared of!”

Gai: “Commander Kakashi, I await your next order!”

Kakashi: “Fine… I can’t fight anymore, but you two, get me over to Ensui and Santa’s location. We need to prepare a new plan… Apparently, somehow, our enemies on this battlefield are being directly controlled!”

Next Time: Kakashi Devises His Final Plan

by: VDF

Kakashi VS Itachi
Sakura & Toka vs Haku
Guy VS Ushuu (former owner of Samehada)
Lee VS Girei (former owner of Hiramekarei)
Sai VS Mangetsu (Suigetsu's brother)
Kankuro VS Haram (former owner of the puppet date, which is fighting with the sword Ningyofukku)
Omoi VS the 6th
Ittan VS the 7th

Guy: The fate of the world depends on it! Yaah! I'll do like Sakura, only this time it will be reduced to ashes! Asa Kujaku!

Ushuu was burned but rebuilt.

Guy: Huh?! That's not true! Yet I have given everything! And I feel the effects - see disorder -
Lee: No problem! Rock Lee Special – Chimeitekina no Burumu (Fatal Broom) !!

Gaï : Yaaah ! Konoha Kaigansho !! Yiiyah !!

Lee & Gaï : Taïjustu Nankaina no Konoha - Ten Doriru !

They form a sort of spin, one foot forward and crushes Ushuu in the soil.

Lee: Great! Oops! I forgot one! Ugh! I'm getting exhausted.
Girei ...
Kabuto: For you it's over.
Guy: Guy to the rescue! Konoha Renpuu !

Girei puts his arm and against the hit.
He puts a large kick in the head of Lee.

Gai: Lee!
Lee: Sorry, Sempai! I wasen't enough strong ... Ugh
Guy: I can not accept it!

Kakashi: - Pants - Why not attack?
Kabuto: Itachi continues to put up any resistance in his mental. But he can't control his body huh ... He will not listen. No choice, Forbidden Technique: Remove the Mind ! Neither I or Itachi does control this body he's like a free electron, it attacks that he wants but he attack, hehe.
Kakashi: That's it! He is coming!

Sakura - gasp - sleep apnea is not my forte
Toka: My illusion is not working! Apparently, only the high illusion used by Uchiha with their Mangekyô, works!
Sakura: What?! But Kakashi-sempai is ... I see.

Lee: ...
Guy: Youth ... birth ... old age ... death ... All these things ...

Girei attack
Guy: Hirateuchi Yaku o!
Girei gets a monstrous slap and burns.

Sakura : !!

Toka : Sakura !

Sakura : ! - she's scratched by the ice needles of Haku -
Sakura: Argh! SHANAROOO!

Haku is struck by a thousand fists

Toka: It's useless! Don't bother!
Sakura : Kabuto ... This son of a bitch! He should know that we not use people as pawns or weapons!
Kabuto: But I know, little fool. I won the war ahead ... Uh! ... Well, well, Juugo is in motion. I'll go get him, but I must first finish "this" work.
Sakura: I know you can hear us through these bodies!
Kabuto: Insightful.
Toka: He must calm down, please.
Haku: - is reuniting - Sorry ... Really ...
Sakura: Not care !
Kabuto: I'm wasting my time with these kids. No need to monitor. - disappears -

Kakashi: - falls to the ground, unconscious -
Itachi: ... You! - shows Guy with his finger -
Guy: Ohhh ...
Girei: - to rebuilt -
Lee: Gai-sempai is good.
Guy: No, I take care of him
Lee: No! Watch the fat!
Guy: huh?
Girei: - can't rebuilt -

Kabuto: So ?
Suigetsu: Huh ?!
Kabuto: Juugo is not here huh ?
Suigetsu: You!
Kabuto: Pff ... I'll make a bargain ... Gimme Jûugo ... And I give you Mangetsu, your brother!
Suigetsu: !
Kabuto: (What? Someone hit my tactical plan !)

The woman who changed everything ...!
Anko Mitarashi!

Anko: So you've got this in your ass, Kabuto ! Argh ... So, many die in an act of bravery ! This is the last option to destroy the zombies ... That's what you don't want to say to Madara huh ... It's to destroy the pawn on the plan to eliminate the zombie. - broke a dozen pieces - Urh! - collapse -

Guy: They have all disappeared!
Lee: You forget someone!
Guy: Yes ... Uchiha Itachi!
Itachi: Hahaha! You will all die!

Naruto 525 : The Fourth Option

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