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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Naruto 535 Spoilers and Summaries

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Naruto Ch.535 | English | Indonesia

Credits: Ohana / Yagami1211 / TakL
Status: Confirmed

Naruto goes thru with full force.
He goes Sennin Mode and turns everything into dust.
Naruto rush to the battlefield.

Iruka manages to stop him all right.
But Naruto goes thru with full force
The nara dude use Shadow Bind on Naruto
When looking at the shadow, Naruto can sense everyone fighting.
Naruto wants to know the truth
Iruka tells him everything.

Naruto shoves his way through.
He goes from the sage mode to chilli mode and
Heads for the battlefield!

Before tunade or Raikage does, Kekkai(barrier) team (tries to) stop him.

Iruka did try to stop him but
naruto pushes his way through
As (one from?) the Shika clan does kagemane, the image of people fighting comes into Naruto's head.
Naruto asks for the truth.
Iruka tells everything to him.

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