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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

One Piece 618 RAW Pics and Summary

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OP 618 - English | Indo

Credits: Ohana / Mr. T / Aohige
Status: Confirmed

As for the script, the only extra revelation would be Nami realizing (or thinks she realizes) why Jinbe said not to fight Hodi.
She's heading to see Jinbe to confirm her thoughts, she thinks he knows the root of this problem.

She hopes Zoro doesn't piss off Hodi before it's too late. (sorry Nami, I think it's too late. )

EDIT: No, Zoro doesn't cut off Hodi's head.
お頭 is OKASHIRA not atama. It means boss, not head.

ohana's bigger summary

Colored cover is Straw Hats hanging out at some marketplace
Luffy and Usopp are flying on balloons
Nami is looking up at them from a window, and Zoro is on a bicycle
Brook is handing out the baloons
Sanji is carrying food, Franky sitting on stairs, Robin is under an umbrella

Chapter 618: Proposal

Citizens: Princess Shirahoshi is being kidnapped!!
Chopper: Don't turn around!! (to Sanji)

Shirahoshi cries
Sanji: Chopper.... I choose fulfil my dream and die!!
Sanji turns around and turns to stone
Luffy is worried about Hachi

The citizens tieup Luffy, Sanji, Hachi, and Chopper
Vander Decken arrives there
Vander: Shirahoshi!! Marry me!!
Shirahoshi: You're not my type!!

citizens: Please flee, Princess Shirahoshi!
Luffy: If you go far away, I can't protect you!!
Luffy shuts up the citizens with his haki

Luffy kicks Vander twice using both his legs
Vander is buried into the ground

Sanji is enchanted (by the princess)
Shirahoshi unties Luffy
Shirahoshi tries to hop on Megalo to flee, but Wadatsumi gets in her way
Luffy JET Pistols Wadatsumi
He gets on Megalo, and they (Princess and Luffy) head to the Forest of Sea

Camie and Nami gets out of the castle and heads for the Forest of Sea
Nami: I need to see Jinbei! Please take me to Forest of Sea!

Usopp looks inside the sea using his goggles
Zoro cuts Hodi, and Hodi's eyes are white
Hodi's subordinates yell for their boss's safety.

I shortened it quite a bit to summarize, but that's the gist (Ohana's words, not mine)

EDIT: From T's post, Vecken is still chasing them
Wadatsumi lost a tooth from Luffys JET Pistol
Hodi's eyes are white, blood coming out of his mouth, and is sliced by Zoro, but can't tell if it's a OHKO

Terjemahan Bahasa Indonesia Oleh Vebyo Arson untuk Bocoran One Piece 618 :

Ringkasannya saja yah:

Gambar Kover: Grup Topi Jerami nongkrong di suatu pasar
Luffy dan Usopp sedang terbang di balon
Nami melihat mereka dari jendela, dan Zoro lagi naik sepeda
Brook membagi-bagikan balon
Sanji membawa makanan, Franky duduk di tangga, Robin berada di bawah payung

cerita ch. 618: Proposal

Warga: Tuan Putri Shirahoshi diculik!
Chopper: Jangan berbalik! (Untuk Sanji)

Shirahoshi menangis
Sanji: Chopper .... aku memilih memenuhi impianku dan mati!
Sanji berbalik dan berubah menjadi batu
Luffy menghawatirkan Hachi

warga mengikat Luffy, Sanji, Hachi, dan Chopper
Vander Decken akhirnya tiba disana
Vander: Shirahoshi! Menikahlah dengan ku!
Shirahoshi: kau bukan tipeku!

warga: lari dari sini, Putri Shirahoshi!
Luffy: Jika kau pergi jauh, aku tidak dapat melindungimu!
Luffy menenangkan warga dengan Hakinya

Luffy menendang Decken dengan kakinya
Vander Decken dibenamkan didalam tanah

Sanji terpesona (oleh sang putri)
Shirahoshi melepaskan ikatan Luffy
Shirahoshi mencoba untuk naik ke atas Megalo untuk melarikan diri, tetapi Wadatsumi menghadang
Luffy menggunakan JET Pistols pada Wadatsumi
Luffy naik keatas Megalo, dan mereka (Putri dan Luffy) menuju ke Hutan Laut

Camie dan Nami keluar dari Istana dan menuju Hutan Laut
Nami: aku harus bertemu Jinbei! Tolong antarkan aku ke Hutan Laut!

Usopp terlihat di dalam laut dengan menggunakan kacamata nya

Zoro melukai Hodi, mata Hodi putih (sepertinya Hodi Jones K.O..hahaha)
anak buah Hodi berteriak mencemaskan keselamatan bos mereka.

Tambahan: terjemahan Dari posting Mr. T, Vecken masih mengejar mereka
Wadatsumi kehilangan gigi dari serangan jet pistol luffy
Hodi matanya putih, darah keluar dari mulutnya, dan dilukai oleh Zoro, tetapi tidak tahu apakah itu sebuah OHKO

Tunjukan rasa terima kasihmu dengan menekan tombol dibawah ini dan membagikannya ke temanmu yang lain lewat facebook

hitsuke Thanks

Credits: Ohana / Mr. T / Wild Seven
Status: Confirmed

Sanji chooses death by looking back at Shirahoshi.
She is so beautiful he turns to stone.
Luffy is tied up.
Vander Decken comes.
Luffy uses Haki and some technique to win.
Nami and Keimi are facing towards the Forest of Sea.
Zoro marginally? cuts Hodi and Hodi bleeds from his mouth.

Credits: Ohana / Mr. T / Kokoroles
Status: Confirmed

Kokoroles: "I'll sum up what happens, no guarantees though since I rely on OT
Cover is the SH on a balloon I think

Title is Proposal for obvious reasons"

Chopper warns Sanji not to turn around under any circumstances. Sanji gives some speech I think about death not stopping him from achieving his dream and turns around. He petrifies.
Luffy and Co get tied up by the townpeople and then VDD arrives and proposes to Shirahoshi. The townpeople panic, but Luffy quiets them with Haki and attacks VDD with a two-legged kick, I assume because he's still tied up, which burries VDD in the ground.
I think Shirahoshi breaks Luffy's bonds and then Wadatsumi appears and Luffy uses the Jet Pistol.

Now it gets a bit iffy. Luffy, Shirahoshi and Megalo apparently continue towards the forest of the sea.
Scene change to Nami and Keimi who have gotten out of the palace and look over the forest of the sea.

Something about wanting to meet someone and Usopp I don't get and we go to Zoro. I think both him and Hodi are bleeding and Hodi gives us the Arlong crazy eye. That's about it.

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