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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

One Piece 615 Spoiler RAW Pics and Summary

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One Piece Ch. 616 (English)

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One Piece 615 (Indo)


Credits: Aohige
Status: Confirmed

Chapter 615: the curse of mato mato

On Cover:

from the deck of the world: "mt. corvo"
At the end of the chapter Jimbei and Otohime Queen :O

Sanji and Chopper find Hatchan, he is seriously injured (he has arrows in his body). Hatchan´s flashback, he´s discussing with Hoodie and Decken, the last one "touch" him and activate his ability.

At the end Jinbe appears in the Forest of the Sea.

Chapter 615: The curse of Target-target (Mato-mato)
cover story: From the deck of the world: Colbo Mountain

Brook: Hey, hey! Luffy-san!!
Right minister: Wait, Megalo!! Where are you going!?
SHirahoshi: (I'm sorry father, brother... forgive me everyon in the castle...!)
Luffy: Let's go out for a stroll!!

Right minister: What is up with you, Megalo!? To leave the door to the princess wide open... what if something happens to the princess!?
Skeleton!! Hurry and check up on the princess!!
Brook: Gosh, you're really whipping this ol' bone to work!
right minister: She's not HEEEEREE!!!! Princess Shirahoshi isn't here!!!!
Brook: What!? The mermaid princess is missing?
right minister: This is a crisis!! A national crisis!! Who did this and when!? This has to be a kidnapping!!

Pirates: The corridor connecting Fishman Island and the Ryuugu Palace... where's the opening switch for it...
Brook: Huh? Switch?
Right minster: Skeleton!! Hurry to your majesty Neptune!! We must report this immediately!!
Pirates: We have to do it... as they say.... The only way for us to live is to listen to them...
Hurry, tell us.... if you don't, they'll kill us!!!
Brook: What are you talking about!?

Fishman Island Coral Hill (Sango hill)
Chopper: Hey Sanji!! Why did you beat up all the soldiers!?
Sanji: Damn, that was a great chance to go to Ryuugu Palace... but they said they're gonna cuff me...
Chopper: Look at everyone staring us in doubt!! Their eyes look like deep sea fishes!!
(In Japanese, disgusted eyes is expressed as "white eyes", he says their eyes are so white they look like deep sea fish's)
Sanji: Shut it!! What's done is done!
Chopper: Well THINK before you DO!
Sanji: Look, you took out half of them!! With Kung-fu! That was... pretty strong.
Chopper: Oh... damn you, I'm not happy for that comment!! (Chopper's old happy line)

Citizen: Kyaaa!! A bloodied man from the shore!!
Hey, you're from the fishman island... what happened!? Get us a doctor!
Chopper: Huh? Hey, I'm a doctor!
Sanji: Huh!? Hachi!!! What happened to you!!

Hacchan is found lying on the ground with countless arrows on his body
Chopper: Hey Hachi!! What's with that injury!!!

Hachi: Oh... it's you guys, good to see you... is Straw Hat here....?
Chopper: He's not here right now!! Wait a sec, I'll treat you!
Hachi: Gather your crew.. hurry...... you guys shouldn't get involved with this island anymore... leave Fishman Island...
Soon the New Fishman Pirates are going to invade this land....
The kingdom of Ryuugu is going to collapse....

Few hours ago in the Fishman town of Noa

Decken: Listen up, pirates under Hodi Jones!! You are lucky ones!! You'll be able to assisst us in this history defining operation!!
Pirate: The Vander Decken, from the Flying Duchman!?
Decken: Bahohohoho!! The decendant of!! I'm no ghost!!
However, I'm cursed as well....
Although I'm a fishman, I can't swim.... the power of the devil I gained in return from the curse of Mato-mato!! Have a look at its power!!

Hachi: Hodi!!
Hodi: Hachi-san....
Hachi: The drug ES will do nothing but destroy you...!
What's the use of fishmen destroying fishman island!! Don't underestimate the Great Knight Neptune!!

Hodi: Hachi-san.... please, leave us alone...
We don't want to listen to you anymore... I can't believe you're a lieutenant of Arlong Pirates I looked up to...!!
You've gone soft.... it's time for a new generation to step in...!
For the humans to know their place, We need Fishman Island, and Neptune is in our way!
You guys are the ones that taught us that we're the superior race!!

Hachi: But Arlong lost!! Decken! Hyozou!! What's up with you guys!?
You guys didn't heed the call of Arlong back then!! Why are you lending hand to these young ones!?

Hyozou: Lend hand....? I was hired. With money.
Arlong was too tight with his wallet, and couldn't keep me around...
Since you were a child, you didn't stand a chance at me.
I feel sorry for Arlong that he couldn't bring with him a better swordsman than you.

Decken: Bahohoho!! Hachi of the Arlong pirates!? Haven't seen you in a while!
Your captain tried to make me his underling, you gotta be kidding me!
I don't work under anyone!! Hodi understands that!

Hodi: Arlong-san had ambition and decisiveness I looked up to..!!
But he was unruly and lacked the sophistication...
When you guys were out there wrecking havoc in the seas, we were too young to be pirates despite our wish..!!
That generation has grown into this crowd... that's why we're prepared! We won't make the same mistake!
I inherit Arlong Pirates' will.... And to have one of the lieutenant of that pirate object to my plans, that's very disheartening
And by coincidence, the very man who crushed that dream, Straw Hat Luffy, is here on this island... do you not feel anything about that?

Hachi: He told me I'm his friend, a former Arlong Pirate... and he saved my life!! I want to see him right away!!
But as long as Arlong's will lives on here, I can't show myself to him!!
Hodi: Humans as friends? You sound like that damn Neptune!! You disgust me.
Decken: Locked on, Hachi.

Decken touches Hachi

Decken: Bahohoho!! Have you forgotten the ways of piracy?
If you want to make a point... do it with violence!! I think.

Hachi is stabbed by Decken's knife

Hachi: Gyaaa!
Decken: I touched you, now you're my target. No matter what I fling at any direction, like a living bird it will home in to you, the target.
Of course there are ways to stop them. Try them out.

Hachi: No stop!! Not that many arrows!!!
I've heatd of your powers...!! Hey Hodi, he's gonna kill me!! Stop Decken!

Hodi: Didn't I say it, Hachi-san? Vander Decken isn't working under me. We're in a pirate alliance.
Besides, you're but an annoyance now!! Coward!!

Hachi: Damn it!!

Decken: There!! Go!!!

He sends the arrows flying
Hachi runs

Decken: Bahohoho!! Go ahead, run! Run!! But they will chase you anywhere!!
Hachi: Stop!!! Damn, they come even under water!? Gyaaaaa!!!

Decken: Bahohoho... the targets I can memorize are limited to two... the same number as palm of my hand
This right hand I haven't even washed in ten years.... memorized Princess Shirahoshi.
Do you understand? The weapon, the love, whatever I throw!! Will chase after my target to the depth of hell!! This is my power!!

Hodi: Alright humans!! You understand Decken's power now?
So here's the first part of the plan.... The Ryuugu Palace is known to be inpenetrable...
But the man who kept throwing objects penetrating its defence for ten years... is this man Vander Decken!
So... you'll become the penetrating weapons and be thrown by Decken... and fly towards the Mermaid Princess!
Where you will actually land is a hard wall of the tower....
Then you'll open the gates from inside, and let us in! That is your mission!
Pirate: Ridiculous.... we'd die hitting that wall!
Hodi: Of course you will. That's why we're going to use you humans, with your expendable lives!!
You are worth less than slaves here!!
Those who lived after hitting the wall, complete your mission!! If all goes well, we'll let you free!
If you wish to decline the mission, I'll throw you all out of this bubble!! Worthless inferior race!!

Ryuugu Palace North-East, the passage to Hardshell Tower

Right minister: Hurry skeleton! To the king!
Pirates: Wait.. if you don't open the passage, we'll be killed by Hodi...
Right minister: King Neptune!!! It's a kidnapping case!! The princes has been abducted!!
Brook: And there are pirates raining down on the tower!! We're under attack!!
Neptune: Kidnap!!!? Shirahoshi!! Who did this!!!
Zoro: Invasion at time like this...? What are we to do...?
Usopp: Why NOW! We're holed up here in the palace too!! Wh-what should we do!? No don't answer that!
Zoro: Let's slice them up.

Scene changes

Luffy: Don't you think you can come out of the shark now?
Shirahoshi: N... no, I'd rather stay inside yet...
Luffy: How is it? The first time outside in ten years!
Shirahoshi: My heart is thumping... I'm doing something terrible...
Luffy: No you're not, you're just going outside! You're weird...
Shirahoshi: Is this what they call... adventure?
Luffy: Hahahaha, yeah I guess, if your heart is thumping, that must be adventure.
And you said Forest of Sea? What is that? Is there something interesting there?
Shirahoshi: It's a graveyard!! There's a grave I haven't been able to visit ever since it was made...
For ten years, I've always wanted to go there...

Deep Sea: Forest of Sea

Jinbe: It's been ten years.... since the incident that rocked the Fishman Island...
The assassination in mid daylight... time goes by fast.
The princes' have all grown to be strong warriors... But Princess Shirahoshi is still in the tower...
But none of us have forgotten your ideals....

Queen Otohime!!

(btw, Otohime is the princess in the Japanese folklore of Ryuuguu Palace)
more to come...

Terjemahan Bahasa Indonesia Oleh Edward Newgate untuk Bocoran One Piece 615 :

Chapter 615: Kutukan Target-target (Mato-mato)
cover story: From the deck of the world: Colbo Mountain (tempat na si Dadan)

Brook: Hey, hey! Luffy-san!!
Right minister: tunggu, Megalo!! Kemana kau pergi!?
SHirahoshi: (maaf ayah, saudara2ku... semua orang di kastil ini, maafkan aku...!)
Luffy: mari jalan2ll!!

Right minister: ada apa denganmu, Megalo!? Membiarkan pintu ini terbuka lebar... bagaimana kalau terjadi sesuatu terhadap Putri!?
Kerangka!! Buruan periksa putri!!
Brook: hah, kau benar2 menyuruh seluruh tulang ini untuk bekerja kekaum.
right minister: Dia tidak ada disini!!!! Putri Shirahoshi tidak disini!!!!
Brook: apa!? Putri para duyung menghilang?
right minister: ini krisis besar!! Krisis Nasional!! Siapa yang melakukannya dan kapan!? Pasti telah terjadi penculikan!!

Bajak laut2: koridor yang menghubungkan Pulau Manusia Ikan dan Istana Ryuuguu.. dimana tuas untuk membukanya?
Brook: Huh? tuas?
Right minster: kerangka!! Segera beritahu yang mulia Neptune!! Kita harus segera melaporkan hal ini!!
Bajak laut2: kami harus melakukannya... seperti kata mereka.... cara supaya bertahan hidup hanyalah dengan mengikuti kata2 mereka... buruan. Beritahu kami… bila tidak,, mereka akan membunuh kami!!!
Brook: apa yang kalian bicarakan!?
Pulau Manusia Ikan Coral Hill (Sango hill)
Chopper: Hey Sanji!! Kenapa kau menghajar semua prajurit ini!?
Sanji: sialan, padahal tadi adalah kesempatan bagus untuk pergi ke istana ryuuguu. Tapi mereka bilang mereka akan memborgolku...
Chopper: lihat seluruh orang memandangi kita dengan penuh keraguan!! Mata mereka seperti ikan2 di laut kedalaman!!
Sanji: diamlah!! Apa yang terjadi biarkanlah terjadi!
Chopper: pikirlah sebelum berbuat sesuatu!
Sanji: lihat, kau sendiri mengatasi setengah dari mereka!! Dengan kungfu! Barusan itu… sangat kuat.
Chopper: Oh... sialan, aku tidak akan senang dikatakan seperti itu!! (gaya chopper kalau dipuji seperti biasa)

Citizen: Kyaaa!! Ada orang berlumuran darah dari pantai!!
Hey, kau dari fishman district... apa yang terjadi!? Segera carikan dokter!
Chopper: Huh? Hey, aku dokter!
Sanji: Huh!? Hachi!!! Apa yang terjadi padamu!!

Hacchan ditemukan terbaring di tanah dengan anak panah tak terhitung menancap ditubuhnya
Chopper: Hey Hachi!! Kenapa dengan luka2 ini!!!

Hachi: Oh... kalian, senang bertemu kalian... apa topi jerami disini....?
Chopper: dia tidak disini sekarang!! sebentar, aku akan mengobatimu!
Hachi: kumpulkan kru kalian.. bergegaslah...... kalian semua tidak boleh ikut campur dengan urusan pulau ini lebih lagi.. tinggalkan pulau manusia ikan… segera NFP akan menginvasi pulau ini….kerajaan Ryuuguu akan segera runtuh..

Beberapa jam sebelumnya Fishman District NOAH

Decken: Dengarkan para bajak laut (manusia) di bawah Hodi Jones!! Kalian beruntung!! Kalian akan membantu kami dalam sejarah besar yang akan dikenang ini.
Bajak laut: Vander Decken, dari the Flying Duchman!?
Decken: Bahohohoho!! Keturunannya!! Aku bukan hantu!! Walau aku memang dikutuk juga.
Walaupun aku manusia ikan, aku tidak bisa berenang.. kekuatan iblis yang kuperoleh dari kutukan Mato Mato. Lihatlah kekuatannya!!!

Hachi: Hodi!!
Hodi: Hachi-san....
Hachi: obat semacam ES tidak akan memberimu apa2 selain kehancuran...! apa2an dengan manusia ikan ingin menghancurkan pulau manusia ikan? Jangan meremehkan Ksatria besar Neptune!!

Hodi: Hachi-san.... tolong, biarkan kami... kami tidak ingin mendengarkanmu lagi.. aku tidak percaya kau adalah letnan bajak laut arlong yang dulu kukagumi! Kau melemah… sekarang waktunya untuk genekaumi baru melangkah..! agar para manusia tahu dimana sepantasnya mereka berada. Kami memerlukan pulau manusia ikan.. dan Neptune menghalangi kami! Kalianlah yang mengajari kami bahwa kita adalah kaum yang lebih superior!
Hachi: tapi Arlong telah kalah!! Decken! Hyozou!! Ada apa dengan kalian!? Kalian mengacuhkan panggilan arlong dulu! Kenapa kalian malah memberi bantuan pada orang2 muda ini!?
Hyozou: memberi bantuan....? aku disewa. Dengan uang. Arlong terlalu pelit dengan uangnya, dan tidak bisa menahanku.. sejak kau kecil, kau tidak pernah bisa mengalahkanku. Aku turut berduka arlong tidak bisa membawa pendekar pedang yang lebih baik bersamanya selain kau.

Decken: Bahohoho!! Hachi dari bajak laut Arlong!? Lama tidak bertemu! Kaptenmu dulu mencoba menjadikanku anak buahnya, apa dia bercanda! Aku tidak bekerja di bawah siapa pun. Hodi mengerti hal itu!

Hodi: Arlong-san punya ambisi dan ketegasan yang begitu ku hargai!! Tapi dia tidak patuh dan kurang memahami masalah2 manusiawi… saat kalian mengacau di lautan, kami masih terlalu muda untuk menjadi bajak laut.. genekaumi itu telah berkembang menjadi kerumunan ini.. karenanya kami bersiap! Aku mewarisi keinginan arlong, tapi salah satu letnan dari bajak lautnya menantang rencanaku? Sangat mengecilkan hati..
Dan secara kebetulan, orang yang menghancurkan impian itu, Luffy si topi jerami, ada di pulau ini.. apa kau tidak mekaumakan apapun tentang hal itu?

Hachi: dia mengatakan bahwa aku adalah temannya.. seorang mantan bajak laut Arlong. Dan dia menyelamatkan nyawaku! Aku sangat ingin bertemu dengannya! Tapi selama keinginan Arlong masih hidup disini, aku tidak bisa menunjukkan diriku padanya!!
Hodi: manusia sebagai teman? Kau terdengar begitu mirip dengan si sialan Neptune!! Kau membuatku muak.
Decken: terkunci, Hachi.

Decken menyentuh Hachi

Decken: Bahohoho!! Apa kau lupa cara bajak laut? Apabila kau ingin didengarkan… lakukanlah dengan kekekauman! Kukauma.

Hachi tertikam pisau Decken

Hachi: Gyaaa!
Decken: aku telah menyentuhmu, sekarang kau menjadi targetku. Tak peduli apapun yang kulempar ke arah manapun, seperti burung yang hidup semuanya akan menuju ke arahmu, sang target. Tentu saja banyak cara untuk menghentikan serangan2 tersebut, cobalah.

Hachi: berhenti!! Tidak untuk anak panah sebanyak itu!!! Aku telah mendengar tentang kekuatanmu..!! Hei Hodi, dia akan membunuhku!! Hentikan decken!

Hodi: bukankah sudah kukatakan, Hachi-san? Vander Decken bukan anak buahku. Kami aliansi.
Lagipula, kau begitu mengganggu sekarang!! pecundang!!

Hachi: sial!!

Decken: HOOO!! Pergi!!!

Decken membuat panah2 tersebut terbang.. Hachi lari

Decken: Bahohoho!! pergilah, lari! lari!! Tapi semuanya akan mengejarmu kemanapun!!
Hachi: berhenti!!! sial, bahkan tetap mengejar di bawah air!? Gyaaaaa!!!

Decken: Bahohoho... target yang bisa kukunci terbatas hanya DUA... jumlah yang mewakili kedua telapak tanganku. Tangan kanan ini tidak pernah kugantikan selama 10tahun… terkunci untuk Putri Shirahoshi.
paham? senjata, cinta, apapun yang aku lempar!! Akan terus mengejar targetku sampai neraka!! Inilah kekuatanku!!

Hodi: oke para manusia!! Kalian mengerti kekuatan Decken sekarang? Jadi inilah bagian pertama rencana.. Istana ryuuguu terkenal tidak bisa diterobos…. Tapi orang yang terus menerus melempar banyak benda menerobos pertahanannya selama 10 tahun.. adalah Vander decken ini!
Jadi.. kalian akan menjadi senjata penerobos dan akan dilempar oleh decken.. dan terbang menuju Putri para duyung! Dimana kau akan mendarat di sebuah menara dengan dinding yang sangat kekaum… kemudian kalian akan membuka gerbang dari dalam, dan membiarkan kami masuk. Itulah misi kalian!

Pirate: menggelikan.... kami akan mati menabrak dinding tersebut!

Hodi: tentu saja. Makanya kami menggunakan kalian, manusia. Dengan nyawa kalian yang bisa kami Cuma2kan! Kalian tidak lebih berharga dari budak disini!! Siapa yang bertahan hidup setelah menabrak dinding tersebut, penuhi misi kalian! Apabila semua berjalan baik, kami akan membebaskan kalian! Apabila kalian berencana menolak misi, aku akan melempar kalian keluar gelembung! kaum rendah tak berharga!

arah Timur laut Istana Ryuugu, jalan penghubung ke menara Koukaku

Right minister: buruan kerangka! Menghadap raja!
bajak laut: tunggu.. bila kalian tidak membukakan koridor penghubung, kami akan dibunuh Hodi...
Right minister: Raja Neptune!!! Ini kasus penculikan!! Putri telah diculik!!
Brook: dan banyak bajak laut berjatuhan menghantam menara!! Kita diserang!!
Neptune: diculik!!!? Shirahoshi!! Siapa yang melakukannya!!!
Zoro: Invasi di waktu seperti ini...? apa yang harus kita lakukan...?
Usopp: kenapa sekarang! Kita juga terasing di istana ini!! A-apa yang harus kita lakukan!? Tidak jangan dijawab pertanyaan itu.
Zoro: kita tebas mereka semua.

adegan berubah

Luffy: tidakkah kau pikir sebaiknya kau keluar dari hiu itu sekarang?
Shirahoshi: ti... tidak, aku lebih baik tetap di dalam...
Luffy: bagaimana bisa? Ini pertama kali kau berada di luar dalam 10 tahun!
Shirahoshi: jantungku berdebar2... aku sedang melakukan sesuatu yang mengerikan...
Luffy: tidak, kau hanya pergi keluar! Kau aneh...
Shirahoshi: inikah yang dikatakan orang2 sebagai... petualangan?
Luffy: Hahahaha, kurasa begitu, bila hatimu berdebar, maka itu adalah petualangan.dan kau bilang Forest of Sea? Apa itu? Apa ada sesuatu yang menarik disitu?
Shirahoshi: itu kuburan!! Ada kuburan yang tidak pernah kukunjungi sejak dibuat... selama 10 tahun, aku selalu ingin pergi kesana…

Laut dalam: Forest of Sea

Jinbe: telah berlalu 10tahun.... sejak tragedy yang mengguncang pulau manusia ikan... Pembunuhan di tengah siang bolong.. waktu benar2 berlalu cepat. Para pangeran telah menjadi prajurit yang kuat.. tapi Putri Shirahoshi masih di dalam menara... tapi tak satupun dari kami yang pernah melupakan cita2mu… Putri Otohime!!

(btw, Otohime adalah Putri istana ryuuguu di cerita rakyat jepang)


bersambung ke chapter 616...

Tunjukan kauma terima kasihmu dengan menekan tombol dibawah ini dan membagikannya ke temanmu yang lain lewat facebook

hitsuke Thanks

Credits: Unknown
Status: Pending

748: T ◆ PecpvbY4 /. []: 2011/02/16 (Wed) 15:14:28 Source: [14/13]

615 "Mermaid Tears"
On cover from the deck of the world, "the island of clay Barudigo"

Decken and three strong men were sent and a war between Vander Brook, on the way Sanji
Successfully fight off the chopper and joined.
Sanji, the princess Brooke: "Titanic" was informed that it is beautiful, a complex reaction
Show (Momoiro Recollection).

Princess Hoshino ignorance is Megaro Luffy Pirates encounter and every one of the following new fishman elephant leopard
Will give an elephant leopard exclamation Are you looking Pinpin Luffy, a young princess
Imagine the situation to see almost no motivation. Hoshino Fishman ignorance that attacks the other boo-hoo
Powers of the exercise, not to fight.
Being called a cry for change that Luffy can not swim in spite of a mermaid. It Luffy
Without taking any directed Megaro departure.

People know that the fish arrived at the island the Straw Hat Crew, the depiction of happy Jinbei.
Whale Shark and every one of the island's destiny implies Hodi Jones and Fishman.

Robin is busy. Not quite the pus out of history, it is apparent prosperity

Final dress
Ace was believed to be dead was alive
Marco's playing ability that can not even use their own
However, there is a limit to its regeneration
Wound status was beyond the limits of the aces
Desperate remnants of the white beard, appeared before the Bonnie Red Hair Pirates
Of age have the ability to manipulate Bonney
Self-healing ability may be stronger than an adult child who perhaps
Ace bets on one point that the baby was returned to the state
Successful results
To complete healing takes time but still
Inconvenient to the government known to be alive Navy
The fact is completely hidden
Children talk about Luffy and Ace
Ace "become the Pirate King!"
Luffy: "This'll give it to you a straw hat. Always come back to."


615 Mermaid's Tears
Cover page is the Island of Barudigo

Brook says Vander Decken and three strong men were sent to war.
Sanji ison his way to ryuugu palace
Chooper win and joined with Sanji

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