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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

One Piece 613 Spoiler Pics and Summary

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One Piece 613 (English)

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One Piece 613 Spoiler Pictures

Credits: Ohana / Aohige
Status: Confirmed

613 Mermaid Princess in the Hardshell Tower
Cover: News Coo is dropping off the newspapers
The article is about the Strawhats making a comeback

Vander Decken IX has been waiting his letter to be answered for 10 years.
The reply isn't coming... says Wadatsumi
Vander Decken IX, Captain of the Flying Pirates. Fishman of Japanese Bullhead Shark (Cat-shark)
Wadatsumi, fishman of Giant Tiger Puffer
Vander: Today, I'm going to send her an axe with a rose drawn on it again.
He throws the axe
But like a boomerang, it comes right back.

The mermaid princess is crying her eyes out. Her name is Princess Shirahoshi
Luffy is panicked, he doesn't know how to handle it. The aforementioned axe comes flying there
Luffy catches the axe so it doesn't hit the princess
Neptune's servant comes into the room, asking if the princess is ok
The princess hides Luffy

servant: About Straw Hat Luffy... we have trouble
Luffy and co are to be locked up under the suspicion of kidnapping the mermaids
Zoro is already locked up, Nami, Brook, and Usopp are about to be caught as well
Luffy is the only one they can't find. He asks her highness to be careful, and leaves the room

Luffy and the princess talk
Luffy asks her who threw the axe
The princess says it's a gentleman named Vander Decken, who was afflicted by a devil's curse called Mato-mato (Target-Target)
Apparently he has set myself as a target, and can aim for my life from anywhere and anytime... due to that it's too dangerous to go outside, and I haven't stepped a foot out of the tower (figure of speech)

Luffy chat with her while eating. The princess asks questions, or answers questions
Luffy would mess with her, and make her cry again
Luffy says he doesn't like her (for being a crybaby, most likely) making her cry even more
Luffy then asks her if there's anywhere she wants to go
Princess answers there's many places she'd like to go
Luffy: Then let's get out of here, let's take a walk outside! If something comes your way, I'll blow them all away

Usopp, Brook, and Nami are surrounded
As they're fighting, Zoro shows up saying he heard festival songs, so he came out.
(His roundabout way of saying I hear party going down, let me in on the fight I guess)

Meanwhile Hodi and Vander Decken shake hands, united in a common cause with merit to both of them.
To take the head of Neptune!


Vander is throwing axes at the mermaid as a sign of his affection
Neptune's daughter is mistaking that as killing intent (well who the hell wouldn't lol)

Parts in () are my own notes to decipher, not ohana's own
No real new info from what T already covered

Credits: Mr. T / Aohige
Status: Confirmed

Chapter 613: Mermaid Princess in the Hardshell Tower
Cover: cover ministory series 19: From the deck of the world vol.1 “News Coo traveling the ocean”

On the newspaper the News Coo drops is the words “Straw Hat pirates are back!” and shows pictures of them at Sabaody
To the right of that, (in a different column I guess) a word “Wapometal” is visible lol

Since there’s a lot of stuff to chew here, I’ll throw you guys this chapter in bits, just to be a tease….er I meant so you don’t have to wait the whole time.

Coversation between Wadatsumi and Vander Decken
(Flying Pirates member: The Giant Watadsumi, A fishman of Giant Tiger Puffer)
(His nickname “Dainyuudou” is a folklore giant in Japanese myths)
Flying Pirates Captain Vander Decken IX, fishman of Japanese Bullhead Shark (Nekozame)

He told Princess Shirahosi that her life is DEAD or MARRIAGE.
It means she either swears love to him, or die.
He throws an axe, stating he’ll send her an axe with picture of roses drawn on it.

The scene changes to Ryuguu Kingdom, Princess Shirahosi’s place
Luffy is trying to calm the crying princess down, and suddenly the axe mentioned earlier comes flying in from between the doors
Luffy notices it right away, and stop the axe
The guards come to the princess, but instead of handing over Luffy, she hides Luffy behind her
The guards tell her it’s been decided to lock up all the Strawhats in the cell
They say Zoro is already caught, and Nami and Usopp is soon to be caught as well
After the guards leave, the princess and Luffy have a conversation
Vander Decken is cursed by a devil’s curse called Mato-mato (Target-target) (most likely a DF)
Once he decided the princess is his target, his attacks make their way to her with precise accuracy, so she can’t leave the tower.

The conversation between Luffy and the princess continues
She treats him to dinner. She says she’s been locked up for a decade now
Luffy asks the princess out for a walk, and tells her if anything comes flying her way, he’ll blow them all away

Scene changes to the palace
Nami, Brook, Usopp didn’t agree to get caught easily, and are fighting
King Neptune is conflicted that although he doesn’t necessary agree that they should be arrested based on fortune telling, for the moment he asks them to come quietly, and proceeds to attack them
Right as his attack is about to land, Zoro, who apparently escaped from prison, stopped Neptune’s attack!
Zoro: I hear some festive songs playing… so I came!! (out)

Scene changes to Fishman town of Noa
Hodi and Vander Decken allies to take the head of King Neptune and bring down the Ryuguu kingdom
As they shake their hands, Decken tells him to wait a second and wears a glove on his hand.
(T guesses maybe the person he touches with his hands becomes his target)

End of chapter.

Vander Decken isn’t wearing a straw hat… he’s wearing a hat similar to ten-gallon cowboy hat, and he is four-legged.

For all you avid One Piece Fans, I have some news for you. Some might say its good, some might say its bad. If you haven’t heard, One Piece just went through a major arc that caused the crew to separate for 2 years in the manga. Then after that Oda Eiichiro decided to take a month break from the manga. After the long and grueling wait Chapter 598 finally came out with some very interesting changes within the crew of the Strawhat Pirates.
This is not what I came here to discuss about. What I wanted to let everyone know is that Oda Eiichiro is finally ending One Piece. This will be his Final Arc the New World. It is stated in the manga magazine in one of the side notes.

The last note by Oda,
“Thanks to all, I was able to rest very well. Thank you for the great time I enjoyed. My fuel tank is full now!! The New World Arc will be heading towards the end of the story of One Piece. As I ponder about the new adventures, it’s so exciting I feel like I’m starting a new serial! Please look forward to the adventures in the last sea “New World”!
I have been following One Piece for about 6 years now and have always been a loyal fan. I have read every chapter and have watched every movie and anime episode. I truly enjoyed what Oda Eiichiro has given us and it saddens me to see that Oda will be ending One Piece. Though he has stated that this will be the Final Arc, he has said that he plans to end One Piece the way he wanted to end it from the very start. So we can expect a truly epic ending from him.
My belief for this Final Arc is that this will be one massively long 200 chapter arc. Well I hoping that it will be this way. I don’t want to see One Piece end but since it is ending, I am expecting this will be a fully action packed Arc with each chapter leaving you on your toes.Anddddd WUME-HE ***********
What are your thoughts and opinions on this?

Terjemahan Bahasa Indonesia Oleh Vebyo Arson untuk Bocoran One Piece 613 :

Cerita OP 613 : Putri Duyung di Dalam Menara Baja
Kover: Ada berita yang menggambarkan kembalinya kru topi jerami

Van der Dekken IX ternyata sudah lama menunggu surat cintanya dibalas oleh sang putri duyung selama 10 tahun (Lelucon bukan yah..??)
tapi surat tak kunjung di balas oleh sang putri. Kemudian Van der Dekken IX mengirim sebuah Kapak yang ada gambar Bunga Rose pada kapak itu.
seperti bumerang. Kapak itu kembali lagi.

Putri duyung itu bernama Shirahoshi. Dia masih saja menangis. Luffy panik lalu
tiba-tiba ada kapak yang melayang dan Luffy menangkap kapak itu. Jadi tidak mengenai sang Putri Duyung ^_^
Neptune menyuruh pelayannya untuk mengecek keruangan apakah putrinya baik-baik saja.
Sang Putri menyembunyikan Luffy.

Situasi telah diketahui oleh Raja Neptune bahwa Luffy diduga telah menculik duyung-duyung.
Nami, Brook, dan Usopp mau di tangkap. Satu-satunya yang tidak dapat mereka temukan hanya Luffy.

Luffy berbicara panjang lebar dengan sang putri.
Luffy menanyakan "Siapa yang melempar kapak kepadamu?"
Putri menjawab "Ada seorang pria yang bernama Van der Dekken yang terkutuk oleh iblis yang disebut Mato-Mato (Target?)
tampaknya dia telah memilihku sebagai target dan dia terus mengincar hidupku dimanapun dan kapanpun. Karena itulah bagiku sangat
berbahaya kalau pergi keluar"

Luffy berbincang sambil makan
entah kenapa luffy membuat masalah lalu membuat Putri itu menangis lagi.
Luffy bilang dia tidak suka dengan putri itu (dasar cengeng katanya) kemudian putri itu menangisnya semakin kencang.

Sementara itu

Nami, Usopp, dan Brook dikepung
sepertinya mereka tidak mau ditangkap dan terlibat pertarungan. Disana Zorro muncul.

Di akhir cerita Hodi Jones dan Van der Dekken bersekongkol / bersepakat untuk membunuh Raja Neptune

Terjemahan One Piece 613 Bahasa Indonesia versi Hidayaty Eldina Pranoto @ One Piece The New World

613 Putri Duyung di dalam Menara Hardshell
cover: Loper koran sedang menjatuhkan koran yang artikelnya tentang kembalinya kru Topi Jerami

Van der Decken IX telah menanti balasan surat ini selama 10 tahun.
Belum ada balasan... kata Wadatsumi.
Vander Decken IX, Kapten Bajak Laut Flying. Manusia ikan Hiu Bullhead Jepang [cat-shark].
Wadatsumi, manusia ikan Tiger Puffer Raksasa.
Vander: hari ini, aku akan mengirimkan kapak bertabur mawar lagi padanya.
Dia melempar kapak.
Namun bagaikan boomerang, kapak itu kembali lagi.

Putri duyung menangis sejadi-jadinya. Namanya adalah Putri Shirahoshi.
Luffy panik, tidak tahu harus berbuat apa. Kapak tersebut datang lagi.
Luffy menangkap kapak tersebut agar tidak mengenai sang putri. Pembantu raja neptune masuk ke kamar, dan menanyakan keadaan sang putri.
Sang putri menyembunyikan Luffy.

Pembantu: tentang Luffy si Topi Jerami... Kami ada sedikit masalah.
Luffy dan teman-temannya dicurigai menjadi tersangka dalam kasus penculikan duyung.
Zoro telah ditangkap. Nami, Brook, dan Usopp juga akan segera ditangkap.
Hanya Luffy yang belum tertangkap. Dia meminta sang putri agar berwaspada, dan kemudian meninggalkan kamar.

Luffy dan sang putri berbincang-bincang.
Luffy menanyakan siapa yang melempar kapak itu.
Sang putri berkata itu adalah ulah seseorang bernama Vander Decken, yang mendapat kutukan iblis bernama Mato-Mato [Target-Target]
"Sepertinya dia telah membuatku menjadi targetnya, dan selalu mengejarku dimanapun dan kapanpun.. karena di luar terlalu berbahaya, aku belum menginjakkan kaki sekalipun di luar menara" [kata sang putri]

Luffy berbincang-bincang dengan sang putri sambil makan. Sang putri menanyakan pertanyaan dan menjawab pertanyaan.
Luffy mengacaukannya dan membuatnya menangis lagi.
Luffy berkata bahwa ia tidak menyukainya [cengeng banget gitu deh] dan membuatnya semakin menangis tersedu-sedu.
Luffy bertanya adakah suatu tempat yang ingin dia kunjungi.
Luffy: Kalau begitu ayo keluar dari sini, kita ke sana! Kalau ada yang mengganggumu, biar aku yang mengatasinya!
*sebenarnya artinya begini ==' >> kalau ada yang menganggumu, akan kutiup mereka semua! LMAO =='

Usopp, Brook dan Nami telah dikepung.
ketika mereka bertarung, Zoro muncul dan mengatakan bahwa dia tadi mendengar lagu-lagu festival, jadi dia datang.
[Kurang lebih dia berkata tentang pesta yang hampir usai, jadi biarkan dia bertarung sejenak]
*LOL gga ngerti T.T

Sementara itu Hodi dan Vander Decken berjabat tangan, bersatu dengan alasan umum demi kebaikan kedua belah pihak.
Menghabisi Neptune!


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