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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

One Piece 612 Spoiler Pics and Summary

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 One Piece 612 (English)

 One Piece 612 Bahasa INdonesia

Credits: Mr. T/Aohige
Status: Confirmed

Chapter 612: Led to by the shark we saved
Color cover art: The Strawhats fighting a giant shark

Woot, mermaid princess!
Yes we finally see the mermaid princess!

Lots of dialogs, so a short one (T says he'll leave the rest to ohana)

Flashback of Cariboo escaping the barrel. The mermaid near by was abducted
The three prince arrive at Madame Shirley's place
They ponder the possibility of Luffy (Strawhat) kidnapping the mermaid.
The princes say this needs to be dealt with

Cariboo is Numa-Numa fruit (Swamp-swamp)
He's elated at capturing a mermaid, as they sell for high price

Zoro is already drinking at the Ryuugu Palace
Franky went to search for Tom's relatives
Robin said something about history, and went somewhere
The reason why the Fishman Island is so bright even though it's deep undersea is because of the Sunny Tree of Eve
(Related to the Treasure Tree of Adam)

Mermaid princess apopears.
Fishman Island Ryuugu Kingdom Princess, Princess Shirahoshi (Mermaid of Big Sillago?)
(T wrote massive fish Big Sillago, but I don't see any fish by that name.
I wonder if it's supposed to be Hoshigisu, Sillago aeolus, judging from her name)
Apparently someone's after her life

T says the mermaid princess is cute, but huge

Zoro isn't shown, but King Neptune told them where he is, Nami knew where Robin and Franky went to

Credits: Ohana / Aohige
Status: Confirmed

BTW, the title is a reference to the Urashima Tarou Japanese fairy tale
Urashima Tarou saves a turtle, and it leads him to the legendary Ryuugu Palace.

anyways ohana summary

Jump issue comes with a Sunny paper-craft model

612: Led to by the shark saved

The mermaid inlet
The mermaids try to pry open that mysterious barrel
When they manage to open a little, they hear a voice from inside...
Out comes a swamp-man who ate the Numa-numa (swamp-swamp) fruit
The mermaids can no longer run to the waters
The swamp-man ponders how much the mermaids fetch on auction

Sango (Coral) Hill
The patrol are looking for Luffy, and discussing matters
Prince Fukaboshi and Madame Shirley appears
Madame explains to the prince that Luffy will destroy the Fishman Island
Fukaboshi says the matter must be dealt with...

Gyoverly Hills
Luffy and co heads to the Ryuguu Palace riding on Neptune's whale
Neptune: We've already invited a member of yours. He's already started drinking
Usopp: Zoro.
Nami: Yeah, Zoro.
Franky looks for Tom's relatives, while Robin looks for important piece of history
They both went their ways and separated from Nami
Neptune explains details of Fishman Island

They arrive at the Ryuguu Palace
Luffy somehow gets lost inside the palace
Luffy finds a room with massive metal bars
He opens... and finds gigantic mermaid princess, weeping inside!
(it appears she is the daughter of Neptune)

The mermaid princess cries her eyes out, and Luffy doesn't know what to do

Yes, Luffy bounces on the princess' breasts.

(bunch of info about presents and OP 200 million sales events snipped)

Terjemahan Bahasa Indonesia Oleh Vebyo Arson untuk Bocoran One Piece 612 :

Judul OP Ch. 612 : Berkat ikan hiu kita tertolong

Woow..putri duyung!
ya..akhirnya kita melihat putri duyung!

karena dialognya terlalu panjang jadi saya di ringkaskan saja yah ^_^

ada kilas balik ketika dimana Cariboo melarikan diri dari tong. Duyung yang ada didekat sana diculik.
ada pangeran di tempat Madam Shirley
Mereka berfikir Luffy (topi jerami) melakukan penculikan terhadap putri duyung.
pangeren yang ada disana bilang "Ini perlu di tangani"

Ternyata si Cariboo adalah pemakan buah Numa-Numa (Rawa-Rawa)
Si Cariboo senang sekali bisa menangkap duyung karena mereka bisa dijual dengan harga tinggi

Di istana Ryuugu ada Zorro yang sedang minum
Franky pergi mencari kerabat Tom
Robin mengatakan sesuatu mengenai sejarah dan pergi ke suatu tempat

Neptune menjelaskan asal usul Pulau Duyung
Alasan kenapa pulau Duyung bisa terang sekali meskipun dibawah laut adalah
karena "pohon Hawa" (sepertinya ada kaitannya dengan bahan baku Thousand Sunny yaitu "pohon Adam")

Luffy akhirnya tiba di istana. Tapi, entahbagaimana Luffy tersesat.
Luffy menemukan suatu ruangan dengan logam metal yang besar.
Dia membuka pintunya dan menemukan putri duyung raksasa sedang menangis didalam.

Luffy tak tau harus berbuat apa dan begitulah akhir dari cerita one piece 612 ini.

(Sepertinya duyung itu anaknya Neptune)

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