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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

One Piece 611 Spoiler RAW and Summary

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OP Ch. 611English Scan

Chinese Scan
One Piece 611 Indo

Credits: Mr. T / Aohige
Status: Confirmed

Incoming T.
The chapter is 17 pages including the cover.
Chapter 611: Hodi Jones

Good ol' Jones wrecking havoc, he says.

T says it's a fun chapter.
Hodi Jones AND his lieutenants are wrecking havoc.
He also says he doesn't think the octo merman from last week is a lieutenant of Jones.

Hasn't said what makes him think so though, waiting on his summary

Ok, it's posted and it's looooooong.

Btw cover is Carue skating with penguins


Alright, part 1

Fishman town of Noah

A ship has escaped form the clutches of New Fishmen Pirates
Pirate named Gyro the Crab Hand, and his crew.
They plan to go through the Red Line and resurface on the other side, in the New World.
They were attacked by the Kraken just like Luffy and the strawhats, but managed to escape and run
...only to find themselves surrounded by the sea monsters.
They agreed to join the New Fishmen Pirates just to get through that predicament, but they were just putting on an act to find the chance to escape.

The fishmen notices they ran away
New Fishman Pirate Lieutenant: Dosun, fishman of Hammerhead Shark
New Fishman Pirate Lieutenant: Zeo, fishman of Japanese wobbegong shark
New Fishman Pirate Lieutenant: Daruma, fishman of Cookie-cutter shark
New Fishman Pirate Lieutenant: Ikaros Muhhi, fishman of Giant Squid
New Fishman Pirate Captain: Hodi Jones, fishman of Great white shark

Ikaros stands on two legs, and has eight arms.
He's holding a spear in his hands.
Dosun, the hammerhead shark, is using a hammer, fittingly.
The other lieutenants don't seem to be carrying weapons.

Daruma is the smallest one of the members, but all the lieutenants looks way stronger than Arlong.

Oh, and Nami was in Pappag's store.

...... HELL YEAH GWShark

part 2

Dosun: So they -dosun- ran again.... they never -dosun- learn do they
Zeo: Humans flee a lot
Daruma: Should I eat the flesh off them!? Kyakya!
Jones: Nah, it's fine.... Zyahahaha! We can use them to make examples out of them...
Ikaros: Muhihi!! I'll go firsthhi!
Jones: No, not you!! Ikaros..
Ikaros: Roger that!! Muhhi!
Jones: I'll go myself....

Jones swallows chunks of pills

Jones: Get the bubble ready
Daruma: Dah!! You go again, taking so many pills at once...! Those terrible drugs!!

Jones' muscles grow very large, and his eyes look like when Arlong got pissed.

Meanwhile, Luffy and co arrives at Pappag's house
The first floor seems to be a store.
Someone's causing a ruckus in the store... it's Nami.
Nami is complaining at a clerk about the prices on the clothes in the store.
Pappag says he owes them from 2 years ago, so she can have whatever she wants for free.
The crew goes all out and carries out all the loot with them.

part 3 (last)

The crew goes all out (eating shopping spree) and carrying all the loot with them.

From above appears the King of the Ryuguu Kingdom, a merman of Coelacanth... God of the Sea, King Neptune himself.
He appears riding a whale named Whoe (pun to shortened Japanese pronunciation for the English word Whale)
The shark seen freed from the Karaken, wearing the Crimmin shirt, is named Megalo
Neptune asks him: You're sure this is the place?
King Neptune invites them (Luffy and co) to the Ryugyu Palace. Pappag and Camie are astonished.

Scene returns to bottom of Fishman town of Noa
Hodi Jones appears in front of Crab Hand Jyro and his crew, with handcuffs on his arm.
The vile drug he took earlier is called E.S (Energy Steoroid)
Jones juggarnauts to the ship, and wrecks havoc
He bites the flesh off the pirates, and shatters the Crab Hand.
The reason why he's handcuffs is to show that he'll destroy them all even without using his hand.

Explanation of E.S
The first pill doubles your strength, and the second doubles again.
"This marvelous power comes at a cost... it shaves life off you"
"But we care not for our death, we will go forth with our operation!"
"The life of Fisher Tiger, shattered by the humans! The will of Arlong!
The dark and suffering history of Fishman will end this generation... by the hands of us, the New Fishman Pirates!"

The Crab-hand's ship is wrecked in pieces.
It's engulfed in bubble, and floats to the bottom of the sea (did T actually mean surface here? lol)
Jones: Zyahahaha.... I have to make sure you live... to tell the surface world of what happened to you under the sea... who did this to you... tell the humans up there your fears!!
We are the center of this world... We will take away this Fishman Island from the hands of cowardly Sea God Neptune, and bring you humans down to the dark depth of the sea!!!
We'll make you all know that the Fishmen are the ultimate race!!

more info from ohana and translated by Aohige

nothing new in ohana's post, other than Gyro's bounty.
Crab-Hand Gyro from South Blue with bounty of 73 Million Berries
(ohana wrote 7300B but I'm gonna assume she meant 7300万B lol)

ohana tidbits!

The squid guy is wearing a helmet and sports a goatee.
The NFP guys look more fashionable than Arlong's crew.
Zeo is striped and kinda looks like Killer

King Neptune, indeed, looks sorta like the Triton in Little Mermaid
He rides a whale, and is a merman of Coelacanth
His speech pattern is putting "jamon" at the end.

Well, from reading ohana's extra bits, I think the previous script is pretty much confirmed.
(Had the bounty correct and Neptune's speech pattern)

Terjemahan Bahasa Indonesia Oleh Vebyo ARson untuk Bocoran One Piece 611 :

Ni ringkasan bocoran cerita one piece 611.

Chapter 611 - 17 Halaman termasuk kover : Hodi Jones

seseorang dengan nama Jones membuat kekacauan.
dia membuat kekacauan bersama para letnannya.

terjemahan bocoran dibawahnya

Pulau duyung di Kota Noah
Ada pasukan bajak laut manusia ikan yang baru muncul.
Bajak laut itu bernama Gyro (Si tangan kepiting) dan krunya.
Mereka berencana untuk pergi melalui Red Line dan muncul kembali ke permukaan di sisi lain "New World"
Seperti halnya Luffy, mereka juga diserang oleh Kraken dan mereka juga berhasil lolos dan kabur.
Mereka dikelilingi oleh monster laut sama persis kejadiannya dengan luffy namun mereka menerima tawaran
untuk bergabung dengan "New Fishman Pirate". Mereka ingin bergabung agar mereka bisa lolos dari kesulitan
dan sebenarnya mereka ingin melarikan diri.

Akhirnya bajak laut Gyro ini berhasil melarikan diri
tapi di ketahui oleh para letnan "New Fishman Pirate"
Nama-nama letnannya yaitu Dosun, Zeo, Daruma, Ikaros Muhhi, dan Hodi Jones Sebagai Kapten Letnannya.
Pasukan ini memburu bajak laut yang melarikan diri tadi.

Disana juga diceritakan Luffy dan kawan-kawan mendapat undangan dari Raja Neptune ke Istana Ryugyu.

Skenario beralih lagi ke Hodi Jones bersama para letnannya. Adegannya menceritakan tentang Hodi Jones.
Hodi Jones ingin menjatuhkan kekuasaan Raja Neptunus. Jones bilang dia tidak ingin ada
yang melarikan diri dari Pulau Duyung. Dia juga mengatakan ingin membuktikan bahwa Manusia ikan adalah ras utama.

Tunjukan rasa terima kasihmu dengan menekan tombol dibawah ini dan membagikannya ketemanmu yang lain lewat facebook

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