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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Naruto 524 - Spoilers & Predictions

by: Silverblade

Naruto 523: The Seven Swordsmen

Kakashi: It's time that I gotten serious.

Sakura gulps...
Random Ninja: Guy look out from behind!

Gari throws his fist towards Guy
Guy: !!!

Guy then thinks to himself -This is the one who can cause explosions by touching an object. It's best to dodge his attacks for now.
Guy sidesteps Gari's fist.

Gari snickers and stomps his heel onto the terrain
Gari: Blast Release: SinkHole of Doom!
Guy: !!!

Kakashi turns over to Guy
Zabuza: Kakashi you're fight is with me.
Mangetsu: The world of the living eh?
Zabuza: Yes. We kill again like we used to do in the old days.
Ex-Samehada user: Let's rejoice with our blades shall we?!

Kakashi: No you don't
Kakashi quickly makes some seals and raises his palms in front of his chest.
Sakura: ?!! That techinque..

Lee sends another spinning heel into Haku's face. But then becomes snow that encases Rock Lee's foot.
Lee: Tch!

Kakashi: Raiton - Dancing Wolves

A ball of lightning emerges from Kakashi's palms landing onto the surface. The ball becomes two wolves that Kakashi can control with both of his hands.

The two Wolves sends a sickening howl nullifying the movements of the enemies.
Guy: Here's my chance.
Guy performs a couple of seals and removes a scroll from his waistline.

Gari: I.. I can't move!!
Guy: It's all over for you. Guy sends his fist into the chest cavities of Gari, propelling him backwards.
Gari: !!

Zabuza: Shit.
Kakashi: SEAL!!!

Guy then places the scroll onto the ground. Slams his palm onto the smooth surface of the ivory sheet. A seal emerges and then Gari's soul is sent into the paper. Revealing the dead body which encased his soul.

Kakashi: *thinking - I have to conserve my chakra here. I managed to get one down. So far. I'll have to release the jutsu on the seven.*

The stun effect wore off.
Zabuza: You're dead meat.

Kakashi sends one of the wolves crashing into Zabuza.
Mangetsu appears next to Kakashi and then Kakashi sends his second wolf into Mangetsu's core.
The Wolf jutsu stuns them both.
Kakashi makes his way to the other five. But is met with a wall of mist which covers the battlefield..

The Masked Swordsman appears out of nowhere and Rock Lee is stabbed...
Lee: GAHH!!!
Sakura and Guy: Lee!!
Guy: These bastards...

A random alliance ninja dispels the mist jutsu.
A mist swordsman is behind him and takes him by the arm then slits his throat....

Guy: Sakura! Quick. Get Lee.

The Masked Swordsman moves with elegant speed. He tries to go for a second assault on Lee but is stopped by Sai's short sword.

Masked Guy: A novice stops me?! Fu Fu.
Kakashi: Where are the other swordsmen and that girl...

Mist Sword-tress appears out from the bushes
Hiramekarei release!!

The blade propels from the bushes and sends Kakashi through the trees..

Random Shinobi: General!!

-Scene switches to Darui-

Ninja 1: Darui. Troops are coming by sea.
Darui: The great Salamander.
Hanzo: I. The Great Salamander will smite these pathetic living beings.

Naruto 524: Assault of the Seven Swordsmen
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