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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Naruto 523 - Spoilers & Predictions

Naruto 523: Immobilization and Illusion!
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Kabuto: It's over, hehe.
Kakashi: Why them? Why not the new generation?
The Blue: It's not true! Already with the guys with hereditary powers that's not easy... Beware!

Paku kill the Blue.

Kakashi: Training Ambush! - Electrocutes everyone -
They plant Paku with their electrified kunai.


Guy: Ohh! I see, well done Kakashi!
Lee & Sakura:?
Gai: Kakashi used his Raiton to protect the ninjas
Kakashi: Not quite. When Paku was attacked, I plunged into an illusion of my Mangekyô and so I canceled his power. The Raiton was just there to create a diversion and inflict more damage. For the moment we have'nt more to worry about it unless Kabuto reacts.
Kabuto: ... I can not cope with the Sharingan. My power goes. Fortunately Kakashi is the only ninja with the Sharingan, hehe. Paku is paralyzed only in illusion. But Kakashi will not hold this pace for long.

Juugo: Raaah! - Trapping two samurai and a door at the same time -
Suigetsu: Well done. Well, no, no, no ... It is not even!
Suigetsu: These sons of ... of ... Samouraïs ! They robbed me!
Juugo: Damn!
Suigetsu: Well ... Call your birds know where the chef.
Juugo: Hoshigaki Kisame is dead ...
Suigetsu: What?!
Juugo: ... His sword was bequeathed to the host of Hachibi
Suigetsu: (remembers his fight) Hmm ... No chance of having. And the chef ?
Juugo: The war started out ... He leads a unit of war.
Suigetsu: Well ...

Kakashi: They are coming!
Kakashi VS Zabuza
Sakura vs Haku
Guy VS Ushuu (former owner of Samehada)
Lee VS Girei (former owner of Hiramekarei)
Sai VS Mangetsu (Suigetsu's brother)
Kankuro VS Haram (former owner of the puppet Date, which is fighting with the sword Ningyofukku)
Omoi VS the 6th
Ittan VS the 7th

Kakashi: You can still stop everything!
Zabuza: I have no conscience
Kakashi: Ugh! No choice! ... Raiton - Daburu Raikiri!

Zabuza's sword is cracked and is pierced by two rays of electricity.

Kabuto: Ugh!? This technique is powerful!
Zabuza: - rises and closes the hole - I'm already dead ...
Kakashi: Kuh!?
Kankuro: I found only one way to kill them: take them through feelings!
Kakashi: They haven't theses now !
Kankuro: ... In this case, they should stop and send them in an illusion. They will not completely destroyed but it's something now.
Guy: Wait, Kakashi! Remember to master the 3rd Hokage!
Kakashi: (remembers) ... Yes ... We must seal the soul! - Released his Mangekyô -
Zabuza: My sword ...!
Kabuto: Injury Kakashi. Nobody has mastered the technique of sealing in your team, hehe.
Kakashi: - sort of iron wire and electrified – First : Immobilization ! - The cable wraps around the Raiton Zabuza and he is paralyzed - ... Then : ... Illusion! - Zabuza collapses -
Kabuto:! That's not true! Yet his Sharingan! I have no choice ... Sharingan VS Sharingan !

Itachi appears

Kakashi: That's not true! Kabuto will resurrect the entire Uchiha clan?! Argh ... I used my Sharingan following ...
Itachi: ...
Sakura: Yaaaahh! - Crushes the head of Haku -
Guy: It is useless! They must be stoped !
Sakura: I know. I intend to break his bones, it will be well immobilized and we will send him in an illusion. Yaaah! - Haku's arm is destroyed but he's reformed -
Lee: Give suddenly to prevent them from rebuilding their bodies. If they have too many injuries, they can not quite recreate the same time and this will be the go! The weakening!
Guy: Konoha Renpuu! Shit, he avoided! But I still in Nice Guy mode!
Lee: Absolutely, Gai-Sama!
Sakura: ... - jumps up and falls on Haku - SHANAROOO!

The floor exploded and water flooded the place.
Haku drowned while trying to recreate
Sakura enters the water and sends Haku to a guy named Toka

Toka: Illusion Timeless - Breaking the Mirror!

Haku is caught in an illusion where the locks and mirrors are broken.

Toka: Good!
Kabuto: Or not!
Haku: - regenerates -
Kabuto: Only the Sharingan is able to stop my guys, hehe and Kakashi is not in his top form.

Also Read Next Chapter Prediction
Naruto 524 : The Seven Swordsmens of Kiri

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