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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

One Piece 603 RAW Pics and Summary

One Piece 603 (English) is up!!

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Translation for the picture above
Pic 1
Shakky: they went so fast...
Monkey-chan... and others... all became so strong..
Rayleigh: You were watching?
Shakky: Yes, I'm a fan afterall.
....weren't you remembering something?
Rayleigh: Hm?? yeah... you could say that.
Shakky: fufu...

Roger: Hey! You got a nice ship there!
Rayleigh: Hmm? It's a stolen ship... My house was burned, so I'm living here.
Roger: I see!! What's your name!?
Rayleigh: .... Rayleigh

pic 2
Roger: I'm Roger!! Us meeting here is fated, Rayleigh! Why don't you come with me to turn the world upside down!?
Rayleigh: Turn the world!? Haahaha, who the hell are you? Get lost!

Rayleigh: .... perhaps there is no coincidence in this world. It's as if it was destinied to be....
fate slowly takes its shape... anyways, Luffy has grown to become even more fitting man for that hat....!!
Perhaps.. it's not a bad idea to keep living a little longer.

Ahahaha, the way Roger approaches and talks reminds us of Luffy a lot!

Credits: Aohige
Status: confirmed

603: Keep it in your heart
Cover: Sanji and squirrel making pies

Shabondy, lawless area
Cariboo's men are digging a hole. Fake Strawhats are seen near it, begging them to not kill them.
Cariboo grabs fake Sanji (looks like ability similar to Doru-doru) and covers the Fake Sanji's face to suffocate him.
Fake Usopp tries to stop him by shooting him. The bullet gets absorbed? by Cariboo
Fake Strawhats: Logia!?
Cariboo: Let's bury them. We've already identified the real Strawhat gang...

Marines are walking sulking, saying they couldn't do anything
Sentoumaru has the fake Luffy captured in ropes, and calling the HQ with denden mushi
Sentoumaru: The ones that disappeared are Cariboo bros and his crew... and few fake strawhats.
We captured the others, but the two Pacifista were destroyed by the real Strawhats.
Yeah, the protect (I think ohana meant prototypes) that cornered them two years ago.
And yes, they were just as storng as they were 2 years ago.. the ones that changed are the Strawhats!!
They are growing at an alarmng rate. Make sure and tell this to the Marine HQ in the New World... that the Strawhat gang is fully recovered!!

Shakky: They went so fast...
Rayleigh: You were watching?
Shakky: Of course, I'm a fan. Are you remembering something, Ray-san?
Rayleigh: Yeah..

Young Rayleigh sleeping on the deck. A man taks to him, saying this is a good ship.
"I see!! What's your name?" "Rayleigh"
Roger wearing the strawhat: I'm Roger!! Our meeting here is fated. Say, why don't you join me to turn this world upside down?

Rayleigh is holding his eyelids: There may not be any coincidences in this world... Just as if it was fated, Luffy become a man even more fitting for that hat.
It may not be a bad idea to keep living little while longer.
Shakky smiles
In the sea near Sabaody
Sunny is sinking rapidly. There are Sea Kings swimming too.
Each members giving their thoughts.
Brook: Amazing nature!
Zoro: I've seen it once already
Sanji: Yeah, on the ship you got on by mistake!! Shut up, we're busy being emotionally moved by all this!
Luffy: This is so exciting!! Grand adventure down in the ocean! It's like a dream!
Luffy jumps and grabs a fish along with the bubble
Zoro unsheathes his sword to cut it, Usopp and Chopper stop him
Luffy & Zoro full of swelling from beating
sanji asks for explanation on how the ship works
Nami starts to explain, but Sanji nosebleeds and flies off just by looking at Nami move.
Sanji flies outside of the bubble. Luffy catches him
The crew are worried Sanji's become even more easily affected by women
How the coated ship works is explained, but Zoro and Luffy doesn't seem to be listening and tries to race each other to catch fish again
They are scolded again....
Franky says he has to tell them something. He reveals Kuma was the one protecting the ship
What Kuma told Rayleigh was: I'm an officer of the revolutionaries. By fate, I wish to let these men escape this land
Franky: I don't know if they (marines) took advantage of his weakness, but he was gradually changed to a cyborg as experiment of the marines.
He had a treaty to lose all his humanity by the time the war started.
Chopper: Even if he sent us separate ways, he couldn't have known what we would have done. Even then he waited for us on the ship? Even after losing his personality?
Franky: It seems he made a promise between Vegapunk to honor just one mission... (ohana snipped, but said it's a moving story)

Luffy: Hey, eat this lunch. Female Island Lunch.
Sanji: Female Island!? ....Do you really think that Kuma is a savior to us!? Do you have any idea where I was these two years!? What in the hell were you "training" Luffy!!
Brook: Calm down, Sanji. Let's sing!
Sanji: Don't try to patronize me, you're just making me feel misrable

And behind the Sunny.... is the Cariboo bros and their crew....

Terjemahan Bahasa Indonesia oleh Vebyo Arson untuk Bocoran One Piece 603 :

Terjemahan Gambar

Gambar 1

Shakky: mereka pergi begitu cepat..Monkey-chan..dan yang
lainnya..mereka semua jadi sangat kuat..

Rayleigh: kau melihatnya?
Shakky: ya, aku adalah fans mereka..tidakkah ini mengingatkan mu terhadap sesuatu??

Rayleigh: Hm?? ya...bisa di bilang begitu..

(kilas balik)

Roger: Hey! kau punya kapal yang bagus!
Rayleigh: Hmm? ini kapal curian...rumahku terbakar..jadi aku tinggal disini.
Roger: Aku mengerti!! siapa namamu!?

Gambar 2

Roger: aku Roger!! pertemuaan kita disini adalah takdir, Rayleigh!! kenapa kau
tidak ikut saja dengan ku untuk merubah dunia?!

Rayleigh: mengubah dunia!? hahaha...siapa sih kamu? mastahil!

Rayleigh: ...mungkin..tak ada kebetulan didunia ini...semuanya seolah-olah sudah ditentukan..
ngomong-ngomong, Luffy tampaknya tumbuh menjadi orang yang tepat untuk topi itu...!!
kurasa, bukanlah ide yang buruk untuk hidup lebih lama lagi..

Ahahahaha....cara bergaul dan berbicara Luffy mengingatkan kita banyak hal tentang Roger!

Terjemahan Bocoran One Piece 603

sedang di translate...tekan CTRL+F5 untuk mereload halaman ini...

Chapter 603: jaga ini dihatimu
Kover: Sanji dan Tupai membuat sebuah kue

Shabondy, daerah tanpa hukum
Anak buah Cariboo sedang menggali lubang. Disana ada
grup Topi jerami palsu yang sedang memohon ampun agar tidak dibunuh.
Cariboo memegang Sanji palsu (kelihatannya mempunyai kemampuan yang sama seperti buah
doru-doru) . Usop palsu mencoba menghentikannya dengan tembakan tapi
pelurunya terhisap? oleh Cariboo (Cariboo ternyata tipe logia)

di Grove 46
Sentomaru menangkap Luffy palsu dan mengikatnya dengan tali. Kemudian dia
melaporkan semua kejadian. Dia mengatakan "2 pacifista telah dihancurkan oleh
Luffy topi jerami yang asli dan semua anggota mereka telah pulih kembali..Pastikan
pesan ini tersampaikan kepada Marine yang ada di "Dunia Baru".

Tunjukan rasa terima kasihmu dengan menekan tombol dibawah ini dan membagikannya ketemanmu yang lain lewat facebook

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