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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Naruto 517 Spoiler and Summaries

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more from 69ruma (bleach spoiler provider)
Status: Pending

陰茎は、陰茎は私の陰茎はあなたが私の非常に大きなペニスを吸うゲイ笑ている私のボールジュースNARUT O -ナルト - は、ゲイクソをゲイペニス飲んで吸う陰茎




名前:名無しさんの次レスにご期待下さい 2010/02/22(月) 01:22:47 ID:ZlLl2SlK0
SSS イタチ  マダラ 4代目火影
SS  ガイ ジライヤ 大蛇丸 サスケ 
S   綱手 鬼鮫 デイダラ カクズ サソリ 我愛羅(人柱力) ナルト カカシ
AAA  ザブザ 白 君麻呂  カブト ネジ ヒダン チヨ 
AA  カンクロウ テマリ  サクラ シノ シカマル 4人衆 リー キバ サイ
A テンテン ヒナタ イノ チョウジ 
B キン ザク ドス 
C 木の葉丸

Credits: 69ruma
Status: Confirmed


Anko loses and is captured
偵察の油女の人死亡、残りはサソリにあやつられカンクロウ部隊と交戦、そこにサイがくるが兄貴 もあらわれる
Aburame from reconaissance dies, remaining is Sasori manipulating Kankurou's team . Also Sai's precious brother

Chapter ends with:- Omoi tells a commotion causing Sai that he finds it unforgivable to allow his comrades to be injure

Kankurou's unit is Sai, Omoi, Tango, Zaji, Hoheto, Ittan, Kiri

translation corrections偵察の油女の人死亡、残りはサソリにあやつられカンクロウ部隊と交戦、そこにサイが くるが兄貴 もあらわれる
The Aburame from reconnaisance dies, and the remaining people are manipulated by Sasori and fight against Kankurou's unit. Just then Sai appears, but so does his brother.

Chapter ends with a shocked Sai being told by Omoi, "I will never forgive someone who lets his comrades be hurt"

Credits: Unknown
Status: Pending

A Rough Translation by Google Translate

- First because I was trapped by a demon corpse – Consuming Seals on the Fourth of reincarnation in this impure world is calling it?
At present, “calling it” “call” from both Iemasen.
As of the third generation vs Orochimaru have to call a description of the fourth generation would have been sealed already.
Consuming Seals Set demon corpse in the back when it came out fighting this.
But eventually failed, I failed Orochimaru calls, or have prevented the third generation is unknown.

• The body of a person not need to incarnate this impure world?
The reincarnation of his dead body will not need this impure world.
Put his soul to sacrifice someone else alive, the body is covered with dust and reproduce the shape of his life.
Incidentally, if you play again as the wound is covered by dust blown around the legs.
Sacrifice dies.

Rinnegan is the blood – the limit passage in this impure world incarnate, I’ll not use the wheel first?
Limit itself can be used for the passage of blood using a jutsu that first tree.

- White, out with a guy who not cut me down again?
Motoi father is.

Orochimaru’s lifetimes – be called this impure world?
Orochimaru is in a genjutsu forever after taking the sword of Totsuka weasel.

Jiraiya will be called in a lifetime – this impure world? Are not you still alive?
The only description 作中 dead, at least.

Sasuke – What are you doing right now? I was incarnated from this impure world 怒Reyo Weasel
Getting them to transplant Itachi’s eyes, the eyes adapt to wait in the hideout was spotted.
Kabuto also contacted because it is not, of course also be a weasel incarnate know this impure world.

***_*** I dont have a clue about this. All i know is that sasuke is about to take-off his bandage and the LONG conversation between anko and kabuto

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