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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

One Piece 602 RAW pics and Summary

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Translation of Pics Above


Marine: Uwaa!!
Perona: I knew it, this ruckus was your doing.
Kumacy: You were still wasting your time here!?
Marines: I.... want to become a tick....

Sanji: Oh!! You're the one from Thriller Bark!!
Zoro: Why are you still here!?
Luffy: Who was this again?

Perona: How dare you speak to me like that, I'm the one that brought you over here! If not for me, you'd still be....

Sanji: It's a real woman... real... woman...
Perona: Of coruse I am!! What the hell kind of sickness you got!?
.... anyways, hurry up and sail out of here. Marine ships have appeared around the island!!
Zoro & LUffy: What!?


Chopper?: Zoro!! Sanji~!!
Franky: You guys got manlier!!
Brook: Luffy-san!! I wanted to see you so bad!!
Usopp: Hehe!! We're all here again!
Nami: Heeeey!!
Sanji: !!
Chopper: Sanji!!?


Marine: Hold up!! Stop firing!!
Marine: That's....
Mairne: Kuja Pirates!! What are you doing there!! Are you going to sabotage our mission!?
Hancock: Who... put a marine vessel in my path!?

Robin: That's the symbol of Kuja....
Nami: Kuja?
Robin: It's a powerful female pirate crew led by the Shichibukai "Pirate Empress".
Usopp: Shichibukai!? Holy, she's the most beautiful woman in the world!!
Brook: She's so... bright!!! She's shining like a beacon of light, her beauty knows no bounds!! What is a Shichibukai doing here!?


Luffy: Oh, it's Hancock!!
Hancock: (Luffy, this is your chance!)
Brook: Whoa!! She winked at us!!
Luffy: Thanks!! Let's get out of here now!
Nami: You know that Shichibukai?
Luffy: Yeah, I was sent to the female island, they're all friends of mine
Usopp: The female island!? The legendary island with nothing but females!? The dream island really exists!?
Sanji: You're.... friends... with the Empress..!!?

Luffy: Yeah, I sure did
Sanji: YOU!!! Y...YOU!!! You know where I.... I.....

Marguerite: Wow, that's Luffy's crew!! They look so fun!
Sweetpea: chapter of "So many creatures I've never seen"! 1, 2, 3, 4......


Franky: I got the floats off!!
Nami: Roger that!! We're gonna dive!! Everyone hoist up the sails!
Brook: The sails!?
Robin: Apparently a coated ship navigates the current as if they were wind.
Usopp: You don't get there just by sinking!?
Luffy: Time to sail, Nami?
Nami: Yeah, go ahead captain!
Luffy: Alright, fellas!! I have a lot to talk to you about... but for now!
Thank you for follwing my selfish plan for two years!!!
Sanji: It's not like your selfishness started recently
Usopp: Yeah, he's right! You've always been like this!!

Marine: Rear Admiral!! The pirate ship is fleeing into the water!!
RA: Damn it!! Do you realize just how dangerous they are!?
Marine: Rear Admiral!!

Luffy: Here we come, Fishman Island!!!

Okama Scene

Marine: we have bee sabotaged by means... we have never imagined...!!
okama1: What do you mean you don't want to come with me!
okama2: Oooh, you're so shy aren you!?
okama3: Come on, let go have some tea together!

Marine: Our... minds are about to break!!!

Okama: (Sanji-kyun, now is yhour chance)

Sanji: Ow!?
Luffy?: Hey, what's wrong Sanji!?
Sanji: I... I don't know, it felt like someone just squeezed my heart till it collapsed...

Nami: Everyone listen up!
You see, coated ship can negate many different pressure applied on it. (rest cut off)
If you take off the floats that's holding the ship up, the ship will start sinking to the depth. That's how it works.
(rest cut off)

Credits: Mr. T and Aohige
Status: Confirmed

Translation (AP):
602: Full ahead with the rudder (?)
Rayleigh draws a line with his sword in front of the marines who are trying to attack Luffy.
"Leave my pupil be. I suggest you don't try to cross this line."

Perona's entrance!

I've only read that far! (laugh)
But the crew meets up and Luffy's eyes sparkle upon seeing Franky.
Okay! I'm off to read the rest now!

cover art is Usopp and river otters swimming.

Chapter 602: (I assume T meant "Hard starboard", 面舵いっぱい instead of 下舵いっぱい. Anyone actually familiar with sailing language, correct me on this)

Marines try to chase and take out Luffy, but Rayleigh draws his sword and cuts a line on the ground,
and tells them "He's my apprentice, let him go" "I suggest you not cross this line" and stopped the marines

Perona shows up!

This is as far as I've read yet, the crew got together and Luffy's eyes are full of excitement when he saw Franky.

Brook joins up, and as usual asks Nami to show her panties and got kicked.
Chopper came from the ship to see Zoro/Sanji/Luffy, and now the whole crew are gathered.
Sanji spews fountain of noseblood upon seeing Nami and Robin

Marine ships came attacking, but Hancock appears in their way.
She asks who dares put marine ships in her path, and saves Luffy
Usopp and Sanji sees her using binoculars. Sanji got stoned just by looking at her through the binoculars lol

Luffy tells Sanji about her, and he cries in jealousy
Herculesun came with Usopp as well to this island, and he also blocks the marines' path with giant beetles.
The scholars of Weatheria created rain in the Marines path to stop them as well
They were told not to use lightning because it'll hit the citizens.

The bird that Chopper was with came to greet Luffy (earlier in the chapter before they got on the ship)

Apparently Kamabakka okamas also helped stop the marines.

Luffy's order at the end.
"Alright guys!! I have a lot I have to tell you!! But for now!!! Thanks for following with my selfish plan for 2 years!!"
Raises the sails
"Set sail!!! Fishman island, here we come!!"

The end. Sorry about typos.
Perona just shows up for farewell. Came with Zoro probably.
Everyone who were with a Strawhat came to help

Hancock's awesome.

more from T

The revolutionaries didn't show up. I assume it's because HQ is near by

(in question about Perona)

Perona's wearing different outfit now, and looks cuter.
She has a Moria tatoo on her left arm.

When she showed up to stop the marines using her negative hollows, Sanji smelt her scent
Sanji: (I smell) Real woman!
Perona: ....what kind of illness do you have?

She was interacting with Zoro rather aggressively, since he owes it to her for bringing him here.

Also, Sanji didn't become stoned because of Hancock's fruit, he simply got stoned from looking at her beauty lol
He snapped out of it right away
When he heard Luffy was on Amazon Lily, the island of Woman, he went nuts in jealousy

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