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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

One Piece 596 RAW pics and Summary

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Credits: ShadowFox1
Status: Confirmed

Revolutionary Armed Forces of “What now!?”

Robin “I said let me meet a dragon giggle.”

Revolutionary Army “Are you sure you want to go back to where the fellow?”

Robin “Yes, the situation has changed in the captain’s orders.”

Looking at newspapers

Revolutionary Armed Forces of “something in the article?”

Robin “I had a message from captain ride”

Revolutionary Army “?”
“Please wait! Check comes.”

Robin “Luffy”

Saul recalls

Recollection of the ship and join me and Robin

Reflections on the island of Justice

Robin “(You helped me! Now become a force that I turn Luffy!
I made friends from the first time! ! ! ) ”

Revolutionary Army “Toremashita contact.”
“It took a revolutionary military leaders gathered today in fact.”
“The” meeting “Mr. Dragon and you want to attend!”

Robin “Conference! Important place that I do that?”

Revolutionary Armed Forces of “Yes! In Dragon’s intentions.”

Robin “Okay giggle.”
“(Now that I can do to get a little information for their voyage!
(To stop them again with colleagues to stick in the New World!) ”
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