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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Naruto 507 Spoiler and Summaries

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Credits: Yagami1211
Status: Confirmed

507 - The Fake Existence.

Kisame's sharks are absorbed by the Hydra. Hydra is no chakra.

Guy : Howl ! Youth !

Tiger and Shark are clashing.

Just near.

Yamato : Guy's Hachimon Tonkou's technique ! It's the Noon Tiger !

Naruto : Noon Tiger ? It's just like him naming techniques for discounts sales or something.

Yamato : The Noon Tiger's range is huge. He must stand firm !

Kisame falls on the ground. Guy is standing above him. Guy haves a scroll in his left hand.
Kisame is all beaten up. "That was a like a Air Bullet, that attack."

Guy haves white eyes. Noon Tiger is no Ninjutsu, it's Taijutsu. He explains about Noon Tiger.

Kisame tries to moves but Guy punch his guts. Kisame vomits blood. Kisame lose consciousness.

Kisame : You're just like a torturer. Just so I can't move.

Aoba comes and just like Ino's father, he tries to get info out of him.

Kisame's past.

Sob Story incoming. NOT !


Kisame refuses to have lunch with his friends.
When they see this they're all like "Geez, whatever."

Kisame's mission is it to deliver a password. He meets Ibiki.
Kisame killed all his friends so he would be the only one knowing the password.
Since if they're catched and they talk, they're killed.

And comes The Fourth Mizukage.

Kisame asks if he's a ally or a foe.

And behind him, there is madara.

Madara manipulates the 4th Mizukage.


Kisame regain consciousness.
For him to no reveal any crucial intelligence. Kisame commits suicide by biting his own tongue.

Another Translation by Yasha_NF

Kisame's sharks attempt to absorb Noon Tiger's chakra. But Noon Tiger is not made up of chakra.

Yamato: Noon Tiger's strength is far-reaching. Stand firm (to Naruto).
A gust blows through Yamato's whereabouts.

The scroll is Kisame's info.

Kisame is tied up on something like an execution platform.

Aoba uses Ino's father's jutsu to extract info from his brain.

-- His death his meaningless, since they can autopsy his body to search for secrets and stuff. Maybe he does have some sort
of Curse Seal that destroy his body upon death.

-- No nothing of the sort.
He just cut his own tongue normally.

Aoba does use some sort of jutsu that looks like Inoichi's.
Then when Kisame regain consciousness he bite his own tongue.
Even though his memory doesn't interest me, maybe we'll see Madara's face.

Kisame doesn't want to spit crucial informations.
So he commits suicide.


First one:
Hirudora isn't a ninjutsu that uses mainly chakra, it's a taijutsu!
Just a punch with a fist... but a punch with over-the-top speed! An air-pressure punch concentrated on a single spot aimed at the opponent.
After it is compressed, it is released all at once!
Also, the aura surrounding me isn't chakra... After opening the Seventh gate, the Gate of Fright, my body excretes green sweat! This is then evaporated by my heat!

As for the other two:
The first one says something about if Lee opens the Seventhg Gate, he would sweat green too and how that sounds gross.
The second one talks about the dead bodies of shinobi and how Kakashi said [that they hold secrets and information] and how it's odd Hizashi's body was given to Kumo


507 The False Existence

kisame's shark tries to absorb the chakra of hirudora
Hirudora (the day tiger) isn't (made of) chakra.

Gai : Roar!! Youth!!

the shark and the tiger dash against each other

At a short distance
Yamato:i ts a technique of gai-sans 8 gate art... hirudora!
Naruto: hiru-dora? (hiru-dora is also an abbreviation for midday/afternoon soap opera shows on tv. Often melodramatic about love affairs, love and hate relationships and love triangles) the naming is sorta soppy for gai sensei who promotes the refreshing youth, dattebayo.
Yamato: Hirudoras power will reach far and wide! We gotta brace ourselves!
The gale arrives to their place.

kisame is lying down. Gai stands on him with a scroll (of info) in the hand.
Kisame in shreds: wasnt that a kidan (an energy attack)?
Walleyed Gai: hirudora isnt a ninjutsu but a taijutsu
an explanation of hirudorafollows~~~~
kisame moves and gai punches him on the belly. kisame spits blood and loses consciousness

The scene shifted
Kisame gets shackled with a device like the guillotine (a yoke? edit: seems more like a pillory thanks to bearzergers!). so that the hands and the neck are restrained from moving.

The crow user from konoha (aoba?) tries to get info inside of kisames brain like ino papa does.

kisames flashback~~

kisame is asked by a team mate to have a meal together but he declines.
seeing them the other team mate tells the guy not to bother~~~.

While communicating in cipher on a mission Kisame happens upon ibiki.
Kisame kills his team mates all. Because he alone doing (/knowing) the ciphers will do. The others would talk if captured. So he put them away beforehand.

There (comes) the 4th mizukage.
Kisame asks him if friend or foe.
From the behind, madara...
Madara was keeping the 4th mizukage on a string.

then, kisame comes around and not to let info out
he bites off his tongue to kill himself.

end of the chap

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