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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

One Piece 594 RAW pics and Summary

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Credits: firefist
Trans by aohige
Status: Confirmed
 Well, it looks like the new set of pics show the Strawhats around the world understanding what Luffy's message means. Also Urouge arriving at an island full of lightning storms, and being offered an umbrella by some old woman? (according to the summary)

Credits: Chpollastrini
Status: Confirmed
Vice Admiral and above CONFIRMED to have haki. Explained specifically in detail, when they're talking to Coby.

Also, Branew is detailing Luffy's attack on Marineford.

Folks, the spoiler summary is confirmed now.  

Credits: Aohige
Status: Confirmed

Chapter title is "Message"

According to the summary... Blackbeard takes out a SN, Sengoku resigns from his position, Luffy attacks Marineford with Rayleigh and Jinbei, some of the supernovas make it to the new world, etc.

Marine HQ: Medic room

Doc: Power known as "haki"... it's one of those, for sure.
It most likely awakened in you from impact in the battle.
It's normally awakened through long term training...

Coby: Haki? This is...?

Doc: Vice Admiral class marines all uses it.
Coby: I can sense presence of others very strongly, It's unsettling...

Doc: Aren't you Garp's prodigies? Learn it from him!
Helmeppo: Hey doctor, do you think I can catch up to him!?
Damn it, it's like you got one step ahead of me!
Coby: Hey, I don't understand it well either!!


Here's the first half.

Chapter 594: Message

The Five Elder Stars are having a meeting.
Redline, the holy city of Mariejoa, The Room of the Five Elder Stars

ES1: Well, this Strawhat Luffy is never short of news is he?
Though oddly understandable, considering he's the grandson of Grap.
ES2: How is he connected with Rayleigh...? I can't believe he is coming back out to the stage of history after all these years.
ES3: And Jinbei is completely turned against us now. We were hoping for him to become the symbol of peace between the races... it's too bad.
ES4: The balace of the three powers is in shambles. How should we fill in the three vacant seats for the Seven Warlords?
ES5: We should wait till the forces in the New World make their moves. Surely the faction territories amongst the pirates will change.
We must choose someone more influential...

ES1:In the New World, Blackbeard is already on his move.
I heard one of those 100million+ rookie was taken out by him already.
ES2: No surprise, he knows Whitebeard's territory very well.
ES3: Amongst the pirates going after Whitebeard's vacant seat, I'd say Blackbeard is leading one stop ahead.
There's never been a person who ate two devil friuts reported in history.
ES4: The only one capable of stoping him would be.... one of the Four Emperors. (rest cut off)
ES5: The "D"s always causes trouble...! Just like Portgas.... (rest cut off)

Meanwhile, in Marine HQ....

Brandnew is reporting Strawhat Luffy's infiltration of Marineford.
Luffy, along with Rayleigh and Jinbei, suddenly appeared at Marineford, and took over a marine ship.
They sailed and circled around Marineford once, in a tradition of "water funeral".
Then Luffy boldly infiltrated the plaza alone, and went to the Ox bell and rang it 16 times.
Then he tossed a bouquet into the ruin of the plaza, and bowed his head in prayer.

At Kong's office, Sengoku is meeting with Kong.
Apparently Sengoku is resigning from his position.
It seems Garp has alrady visited Kong to do the same.
Kong convinced both of them to stay with the marines to train the younglings.
He is saddened to see two marines who led the force at the frontlines since Roger's age stepping down.

Meanwhile, at the medic room, Coby and Helmeppo are recovering.
The doctor tells Coby the symptoms he is suffering is a form of haki.
He explains that Vice Admiral class marines all can use haki.
Coby feels uncomfortable about the "strong presence of others" he is feeling.
The doc tells him to go learn more about haki from Garp, so that he can control it.
Helmeppo seems jealous that Coby is a step ahead of him, and wants to catch up.

At Aokiji's office, Smoker is chatting with Aokiji.
Aokiji wonders what Luffy's "Sixteen Bell" message means.
Smoker doesn't care, and asks him what happened to his request to be transferred.
Aokiji tells Smoker he must be nuts wanting to go to G5. It's infamous for problems.
Marine GS 5th division... otherwise known as the New World outpost.

Meanwhile the New World is in turmoil....
Several Supernovas have arrived at various islands.

Hawkins: I'm sorry, can you repeat that? I couldn't hear you well.
Brownbeard: I said, I am BROWNBEARD! The almight Brownbeard, with bounty of 80 million!!!
Remember my name!! This is MY territory!!
Hawkins: Oh, I see. Your name is so stupid, I thought I heard you wrong.
Let me tell you two things.... first, I hate jokes.
Brownbeard: Joke!?
Hawkins: And second.... I see death in your future.

Urouge finds himself stumped in front of an island. He and his crew can't get on an island.
The island is under constant bombardment of lightning strikes.
(according to the summary, an old woman appears here and offers him umbrella)

Capone is eating a meal in his ship, when... a massive black ball in the sky gravitates his ship to it.
With some screams, the ship is engulfed into the Gantz... I mean black ball. (and according to the summary, crushed)

Kid is seen crucifying a pirate who dared to fight them.
He says he is disappointed that this is what New World has to offer... cowardly, weak pirates.
Kid is reading the newspaper, and sees Luffy infiltrating the Marineford again.
He wonders if that's his message to the world that the era belongs to him now.
His crew tells him it has to be a reason like that, if he was willing to go back and face his trauma of losing his brother.

Luffy is on the Amazon Lily ship, being tendered by the amazons.
He apologizes to them for making them sail so long.
He asks them what they are doing (pinching him and stretching him)
They are watching over Luffy so he stays put to heal his wounds, by the order from Hancock.
Hancock is resting after being so excited over Luffy.
Luffy wonders if his crew got his message.

Meanwhile, around the world, the Strawhats are reading the papers.
Chopper: I get it Luffy!! I understand your message!!
Franky is seen with half his face blown off, and other parts of his body damaged.
Zoro is the only one who seems to be confused (according to the summary) reading the news.

Terjemahan Bahasa Indonesia Oleh vebyo arson untuk bocoran one piece 594 :
Baiklah..gambarnya sangat mengecewakan karna setengah-setengah..

Cerita kali ini berjudul "Pesan"

Dibocoran yang baru ada saat ini mengatakan bahwa Luffy, Rayleigh, dan Jimbei menyerang Marineford sedangkan
beberapa Supernova pergi menuju Dunia Baru.

Mengenai reaksi vivi pas chapter sebelumnya, ternyata dia terkejut karena melihat Luffy memiliki tatoo yang
sama seperti punya Ace.

Sengoku mengundurkan diri dari jabatannya. Lalu di suatu ruangan ada pertemuan.
Disana dikatakan bahwa semua marinir kelas "Vice Admiral" (wakil admira) memiliki Haki. Haki bisa dibangkitkan setelah latihan yang cukup lama.

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