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Monday, April 19, 2010

One Piece 582 Spoiler RAW and Summary

One Piece 582 (English)
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Hm..I'm not sure about this,
After this war, new bounty reward announced:

Luffy 700 million
Buggy 600 million
Crocodile 400 million
Ivankov 550 million

From Apperentice
Status: Confirmed

Two weeks have passed, and Luffy is recovering.
Iva and co head to Kamabakka.
Flashback of 10 years ago inserted, and Dadan is shown.
Carly Dadan. Probably female.

Terjemahan Bahasa INdonesia Oleh vebyo Arson untuk Bocoran One Piece 592 :
Dua minggu telah berlalu, dan luffy masih dalam masa penyembuhan
Iva dan Teman2nya yg lain kembali ke pulau Kamabakka

Disana juga ada kilas balik 10 tahun yang lalu dan ada Dadan.
Dadan rambutnya keriting kemungkinan dia itu perempuan.

dan ceritanya bersambung.

Tunjukan rasa terima kasihmu dengan menekan tombol dibawah ini dan membagikannya ketemanmu yang lain lewat facebook
hitsuke Thanks

Source: 2ch
Credits: さん
Verification: pending

Chapter 582 "A New Era"

Moria is in critical condition in the backtown of Marine Ford

Moria: *breathing heavily* DoFlamingo, who's side are you on exactly, betraying me, another member of the Shichibukai...Who's orders were they, Sengoku? No, the Five Elders? Answer...

DoFlamingo: Hahaha. Moria, how do you read the upcoming era? Now that WhiteBeard is gone...Here let me tell you something interesting. The government never respected you from the start...It could have been anyone with a certain level of power, you were just being used. Understand? We had no particular use for you from the beginning!

DoFlamingo cuts Moria in two.

DoFlaming: Now then, there are only 4 Shichibukai left..Well 3...hahaha, things are starting to get interesting.

**Scene Change, Impel Down**

Domino: What's Mazelan's current condition?

Medics: Not good..Judging from his mental condition, there is no letting our guard down.

Mazelan: Blackbeard...Strawhat...

**Scene Change, Luffy**

Hancock: Warriors, take Luffy to the Castle's hospital.

Warrior A: Mistress Hancock, what's the emergency? Is Luffy okay?

Hancock: Luffy went to Impel Down to save his brother Ace, you know this...The problem occurred afterwards. After saving Ace from capture, Luffy joined forces in the battle agains the Marine HQ, where one of the Marine Generals Akainu murdered Ace in front of his eyes. Ever since, he's had a mental breakdown...

Hancock: Medics, prepare for surgery.

Warrior B: Snake Princess.

Hancock: What?

Warrior B: A middleman...j-just called in through the snailphone.

Hancock: ?!

Source: 2ch
Status: Pending

582 路導
巻頭 シャンクスとルフィ
The cover is Shanks and Luffy
戦争終結記念 その背中…ただ遠く…遠く
Post-war Memorial His back is just getting farther...and farther
Two weeks have passed.
Law says Luffy hasn't regained consciousness but he's recovering suprisingly quick.
クロコダイルがダズに手を貸す 完全にいいキャラ
Crocodile helps Daz Bones(Mr. 1). He's completely good now.
シャンクスが白ひげ海賊団にエースと白ひげは任せろ おまえ達にはやる事が残っている 白ひげが死んだ今その意志を受け継ぐお前達が…
Shanks leaves Ace and Whitebeard to the Whitebeard pirates. "You still have things to do." "Whitebeards dead but you have inherited his will."
Each captain takes their crews to the "Past" islands protected by Whitebeard and go wild.
Going back a short time
Doflamingo vs Moria
"A higher place has seen your blunders...all of them."
モリアの悲鳴 生死不明
Moria screams. His fate is uncertain.
Ivan and Inazuma take the New Kamas to Kamabaka...Bon-chan is there too.
A Luffy Flashback
While touching the straw hat he reminiscences about Shanks.
ダダン登場 海軍はいい所 正義と悪 おまえはどっちがカッコイイのか…
Dadan appears. "The marines are good." "Which is cooler to you...Justice or Evil?
Luffy "This again?"
Luffy's dreaming!?
終 End

Source: AP-Forum
Translation: AcapulO_o_JP
Status: pending

Luffy is still under medical treatment. Law’s crew is about to depart.
Law: I gave it my best, it’s now all in your hands. I can’t stay any longer.
Hancock: I guess I have to thank you – on his behalf.
Law: Forget it. What will you do if they revoke your Shichibukai status?
Hancock: That shall be none of your business, insolent fool.
Law: Sure, sorry… Empress…
Bepo: I wonder how high his new bounty will be…
Pirate: Can they even rise it anymore without making it ridiculous?
Bepo: …
Law: Finally, let’s set sail to new World, I can’t let that Kidd have all the fun alone.
Pirates: Yeah!!!
Hancock: Luffy… be strong!
Smoker is shown helping injured soldiers to get back to receive medical treatment.
Smoker: I wonder what the next step will be… If he survives they will surely give him a rough time now…
Tashigi: Smoker-san, where do you think was the rest of his crew? I never saw those people before…
Smoker: Idiot! You are not fooling me. You are thinking about Roronoa Zoro, aren’t you? Mind your own business!
Tashigi: A… aye, Sir.
Sengoku and Garp shown in a rather destroyed office in Marinford (?)
Sengoku: What are the Elders up to? What is the meaning of their order?
Garp: I think they are kinda right. We have to deal with the mess quickly and quiet.
Sengoku: Don’t you think we are a bit short of sufficient personell to handle everything?
Garp: It seems the admirals will finally do something for their reputation. Hahaha.
Sengoku: What are you so excited for? You declined the promotion over and over again. Regretting it finally?
There is something going on outside that is not shown. The door opens and Enel walks into the office, carrying a corpse by its vest.
Sengoku: What is the meaning of this? Who are you?
Enel: You can call me God, but Enel would work fine. Seems you are a bit short staff after the little brawl?
Garp: What do you want?
Enel: Not much. After I finished my long journey I decided to explore the blue sea as well. I brought someone with me to speed things up.
Garp: That man… impossible…!?
Sengoku: Aokiji… what the…?!
Enel: Let’s see, how about… giving me his position?

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