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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Naruto 491 Spoiler RAW and Summary

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Naruto 491 RAW
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491: Jinchuriki Confinement!!

Aiming to control the Kyubi!!

Scroll Frog: Here! Open your mouth wider!!
Naruto with tears streaming down his face: Why from the mouth...this is gross~
Scroll Frog: Do you want to store this or not!?
Fukusaku kicks the scroll frog into Naruto's mouth.

Naruto: Uogh~
Fukusaku: OK, it's in! From here you should be heading back to Konoha!
Naruto: I should start searching for the octopus huh...where in the world is this octopus? Some sort of hint would have been nice.

Prophet Frog: I can't say for sure but, there is a solitary island...a paradise of living things people can't approach...seems like a fun resort I could live at.
Naruto imagines a paradise of sorts.

Prophet Frog: There the octopus should assist you...anyhow, that's some sort of guidance yeah.
Naruto: Alright!
Fukusaku: Then we'll return with that.

Naruto returns inside Ichiraku Ramen.
2 Ninja eating there are surprised.
Naruto: Ah!...I'm back...

Ichiraku's Old Man: Where were you!? You quickly disappeared I thought, and now you've suddenly appeared again!
Naruto: I guess so.
Ninja A: Ooh! Naruto huh!
Naruto: ?
Ninja B: I didn't think I would meet you in a place like this! Please, can I have your autograph! I was wondering if you could write it out to my kid. He's your fan.

Naruto: ...autograph...?
Ninja A: Konoha's Hero. The boy who made a miracle happen. Uzumaki Naruto! Please write one for me too!
Naruto: ...

Ninja A: ...what's wrong? Don't want to do it?
Naruto: No... I guess I'm just not used to this...autographing for one.

Ichiraku's Old Man: (...Only recently has he become this boy of miracles...but only until recently was it the's crazy to think)
Ichiraku's Old Man: Before you start signing, what can I get started for you?
Ninja A: Ah...A...
Naruto: Finally, time to eat!

3 days following the Raikage's summons.
Assembly in the lightning country.

Tsuchikage and unknown escort.
Hokage is with Shikaku.
Mifune is with that Hage guy.
Mizukage is with Ao.

Kazekage is with Temari.
Raikage is with his secretary.

Raikage: That was fast everyone...
Kazekage: This is an urgent issue after all.

Tsuchikage: But Tsunade-dono...everything is well with you? You've taken the opportunity to make yourself out to be young again, you oldie.
Tsunade: I should say the same for you Twin Scales gramps!!

Mizukage: Now that this Danzou matter has been set aside, I'm relieved you've returned as Hokage Tsunade-sama.
Mifune: Greetings can be done after. I apologize, but we need to begin the meeting immediately.

Mifune: Firtly, information concerning the jinchuriki of the Hachibi and the well as the enemy's stronghold and war power.
Tsunade: One of ours has seem to located what looks to be the enemy's stronghold. However this could be a trap...we have no choice but to gather more information.

Raikage: Myself as well. I've formed a scouting party to gather information on that location. We need to quickly check with each nation's information.
Mizukage: In that case, let's put structure a group to unify all this information together.
Tsuchikage: That's a good idea! So...where are we hiding the jinchuriki?

Tsunade: Hide!?
Raikage: What is it!?
Tsunade: Naruto and Bee are great strengths for us!! What would we have them do in concealment!??

Tsuchikage: I also thought the same but, those two are what this war is revolving around. We've considered letting them head out with our forces, but it's been decided at the previous meeting.

Tsunade: The enemy is Uchiha Madara! We can't spare any potential is manpower. There won't be a second chance at victory if we mess up now. We should combine all our military strength---

Kazekage: This is a war about protecting those two. We can't just have it that way on the basis of what the Hokage wants. It's majority rules.
Tsunade: This youngster! Like Naruto.

Kazekage: I know what you're thinking concerning Naruto... but it would be rash to do this just for the purpose of being that's why it is how it is.
Tsunade: ...

Mifune: Before it even becomes a problem of war potential...the five kages must be on the same page for victory to even be a possibility.
Shikaku: I agree with them.
Tsunade: Ch...Fine...

Tsuchikage: Your horrid mouth is in good health too...proof you've gotten better.
Raikage: The place where we hide the Hachibi and Kyubi needs to be decided. There's no objection, right, Hokage?

Tsunade: I understand...let's carry on!
Raikage:Hm...we are thinking of a hiding place....the best place. It is only appropriate that it be in the Hidden Cloud, considering it is a place untouched by Akatsuki. It's an island where Bee and I have trained.

Naruto and Yamato on a boat.
Yamato: Hm, no octopus...
Naruto: This is a top secret mission from the prophet sage to go to this solitary island of paradise. As the prophecy states.
Yamato: ( seems he hasn't noticed yet.)
Cloud Ninja A: Please make preparations as we are approaching shore.

Konoha Ninja: Oo, I can see the island!
Naruto: It's really here!

They arrive at the island.
There's only stone, bone, and dead things...

Naruto: Huh...paradise...?
Cloud Ninja A: It's like Konoha's Forest of Death...this is a little more extreme but safe...there's nothing else alive here...except for one...

Yamato: Except for one?
Naruto: What about this is paradise!! That idiot sage!!
Cloud Ninja A: The thing that lives on this beach...
Naruto: ! A!! An octopus tentacle!! The octopus!! Please guide me!
Yamato: Naruto...this is...

It's a squid!!

Naruto: Eh!?
Cloud Ninja: It's here!! I was trying to say if you should be aware of this, but it's here now-!
Yamato, Konoha Ninja: What!!!

Naruto: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6...
Yamato: Even without counting the tentacles you should be able to tell by just looking, Naruto!

Naruto: But just to make sure...squid have 10, and octopus has 8...
The squid grabs Naruto.
Naruto: Uwwa!
Yamato: Naruto!!

The Hachibi seizes the squid.
Bee: Squid are beneath me, they are below me!!

Ninja: What's this- another ones here and it's talking-!!
Ninja: It's nothing!
Naruto: 4, 5, 6, 7,'s an octopus!! This time it's an octopus!!

Yamato: Octopus...huh?
Cloud Ninja: Killer Bee-sama!!
Yamato: Killer Bee? Then..this...
Bee: You're late brat!!

Encounter! The start of sequester with the Hachibi!!

The end.

From SHounensuki
Status: Confirmed

Naruto returns to Konoha with the key frog stored in his mouth.
When he returns to Ichiraku Ramen, he is asked for an autograph by a ninja, because his son is a fan.
Naruto feels awkward, but the old man of Ichiraku also appreciates Naruto.

At the Kage conference, Tsunade is furious at the other Kage, who want to protect B and Naruto and not let them enter the war.
(She thinks something like if we lose the war ebcause we didn't sent those two in, wouldn't it all be meaningless)
However, the Tsuchikage and Kazekage calm her, saying it was an agreement reached after a majority rule.
So the two will be sheltered on something that looks like Onigashima in the Land of Lightning, where the Akatsuki can't come.
Naruto expected a paradise, but becomes dejected when he sees the island.

While on a boat, a giant squid swoops down on Naruto, who is facing Yamato.
B, while in his Bijuu form, repels the squid.
Naruto: "Oh! Could that be the squid that is supposed to show me the way?!"
B: "Well aintcha late."

The end

-The Onigashima is an island featured in the tale of MomotarĊ. It is an island infested with oni, mythical Japanese ogre-like creatures

Terjemahan bahasa Indonesia oleh vebyo arson untuk bocoran Naruto 491 :
Naruto kembali ke Konoha dengan kunci katak yang disimpan dalam mulutnya.
Ketika ia kembali kekedai Ichiraku Ramen, ia dimintai tanda tangan oleh seorang ninja, karena anaknya adalah fans Naruto.
Naruto merasa canggung, pak tua yang jualan Ichiraku juga menghargai Naruto.

Pada konferensi Kage, Tsunade sangat marah pada Kage lain, yang ingin melindungi Bee dan Naruto dan tidak membiarkan mereka masuk dalam medan perang.
(Dia memikirkan kalau tidak mengutus mereka berdua untuk ikut dalam medan perang maka kita akan kalah,
semuanya menjadi tidak berarti)
Namun, Tsuchikage dan Kazekage tenang, lalu mengatakan kalau hal itu merupakan kesepakatan yang dicapai bersama.

Mereka berdua akan bersemayam / bersembunyi pada sesuatu yang tampak seperti Onigashima di Negeri petir, dimana Akatsuki tidak dapat datang ketempat itu.
Naruto mengharapkan tempat itu seperti surga, tapi ia kecewa ketika ia melihat pulau itu.

Sementara di kapal, sebuah cumi-cumi raksasa menuju ke arah Naruto, yang sedang saling berhadapan dengan Yamato.

Bee berada dalam bentuk bijuunya yaitu Cumi-cumi.

Naruto: "Oh! Mungkinkah ini cumi-cumi yang yang dikatakan katak peramal?!"
Bee: "Yah aku sedikit terlambat."


-The Onigashima merupakan sebuah pulau yang terdapat dalam kisah Momotaro. Ini adalah sebuah pulau penuh dengan Oni, makhluk raksasa Jepang seperti dalam mitos

Tunjukan rasa terima kasihmu dengan menekan tombol dibawah ini dan membagikannya ketemanmu yang lain lewat facebook
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