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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Naruto 487 by Numinous

Click HERE to read Naruto Chapter 486 in FULL SCREEN

Naruto 487
Spoof Prediction

by Numinous (  To lighten the mood, i made a spoof prediction (still thinking about what to write for the real prediction)

Sasuke: Yes, I know my name’s Sasuke…
Naruto: I don’t care what you say, I just want to be with you, because I lov- errr, I care a lot about you!
Madara: Don’t be silly, everyone knows that you want his mayonnaise more eagerly than KYF and True-Uchiha together! Now, Sasuke, to the Uchihamobile! (disappears with Sasuke)
Naruto: Now what I am supposed to do.
Kakashi: Hummm, Naruto… (points to White Zetsu)
Naruto: Do I have to? I mean, he’s butt-naked! The only butt-naked guy I want to wrestle with is with Sasuke, with lots and lots of lu-
Kakashi: Shut up and fight, before Sakura dies from lack of blood!
Sakura: (having a nosebleed while staring at White Zetsu) Me want…
White Zetsu: Back off, filthy fangirl! (Sakura hisses) Now I’ll show you I’m not fodder! (everyone starts to laugh histerically)
Kakashi: Oh my God, that’s rich!
Karin: Even I think you’re fodder!
White Zetsu: You guys are so mean… (Sai, Kiba and Lee appear) More Konoha nin?
Sai: You’re weak, why are you so weak, white blob? Because you lack… penis.
White Zetsu: (starts crying) It’s true… it’s all true! (runs away crying)
Sai: Well, that took care of him.
Naruto: Wow, I never thought that I’d be happy to hear another penis joke again… but to the more important stuff, let’s go after Sasuke!
Kakashi: Naruto, stop thinking about Sasuke!
Kakashi: (sighs) Why do I even bother

(Madara and Sasuke are in a tank)
Sasuke: Why are we riding a tank?
Madara: Why shouldn’t we be on a tank?! Now to cheer up the voyage… (starts singing) Na na na na na na na na, Batman! Na na na na na na na na na, Batman!
Sasuke: Now you’re singing Batman’s old theme?
Madara: I love Batman!
Sasuke: Now I understand the Mugen Tsukuyomi plan… so, where are we headed to?
Madara: Amegakure! I’m going to fetch me some Rinnegan!
Sasuke: I want some Rinnegan too, can I have, can I, papi?
Madara: Hey, know your place, b*tch! Just for that, I’ll put on my “Torture Mix” on the CD player. (presses on the CD button)
Sasuke “Torture Mix?” What the hell is th-
Speakers: MY HANDS! Don’t want to start again, MY HANDS! No, they don’t want to understand, MY HANDS!
Sasuke: Turn it off, turn it off!!!
Madara: Only when “I can transform ya” stops playing… and that’s the last track of the mix!

(Zetsu arrives to Kisame’s location, rejoined)
White Zetsu: Oh, he’s already dead, Madara won’t like this…
Dark Zetsu: But there’s a plus on his death.
White Zetsu: There is?
Dark Zetsu: Of course, free sushi! Dig in!
White Zetsu: Yay! (notices Samehada is missing) Hey, where’s his sword?
Dark Zetsu: Who cares, maybe the Hachibi’s Jinchuuriki took it. (starts to eat Kisame’s head) Yummy!

(Sasuke and Madara reach Nagato’s tomb, Konan is there, nervous)
Konan: Madara, what are you doing here?
Sasuke: Are you hearing voices? It sounds like a woman…
Madara: I heard that too, maybe it’s the rain…
Konan: Answer me!
Madara: See?! I told you, it’s the rain.
Konan: Are you ignoring me?
Madara: Now, let’s defile this tomb while nobody watches!
Konan: Guys, I’m right over here…
Sasuke: The rain seems intense…
Madara: (opens Nagato’s casket) A step away from absolute power, muhahahaha!!!
Mysterious Voice: Not so fast, lollypop face!
Madara: I know this voice!
Sasuke: Who’s there?!
Konan: I am!
Mysterious Voice: Run, Uchichas, before you’re well done, because the ultimate collector of swords, trinkets and junk nobody cares about, the one, only and truly (comes out of the shadows) Gilgamesh!
Sasuke: Gilga-who?
Madara: Hey, you’re that guy that I fought with to grab the Kyuubi to attack Kono- (Sasuke looks shocked at Madara) errr… you’re that guy!
Gilgamesh: Yes, it is I who almost defeated you with my extra special Excalibur, but fate decided that the sword wouldn’t be your deathbringer!
Madara: (whispers) He used Excalipoor, 1 HP damage.
Sasuke: (whispers) At least it does more damage then you in the entire manga.
Madara: Why, you little…! (strangles Sasuke)
Sasuke: I’m kidding!
Gilgamesh: Now is no time for fooling around, hand me the Rinnegan!
Konan: I won’t let you!
Madara: Never!
Gilgamesh: Then I don’t have no choice but to use… (takes a sword out of his back)
Madara: (in sarcastic tone) Oh no, the Excalibur. Wah, wah, I’m so afraid, yadda yadda, you know the rest.
Gilgamesh: (wields Samehada) Swordfish!
Madara: Oh crap! Bye, Sasuke! (disappears in a vortex)
Sasuke: Oh no, he didn’t! No matter, the power of emo conquers all!
Gilgamesh: Emo? On a second thought… (pulls Zantetsuken out) Hasta la vista, baby! (Sasuke dies) Now the Rinnegan is mine, all mine!
Konan: Doesn’t anybody listen to me?! (kicks Gilgamesh in the groin)
Gilgamesh: Curses, my plans were foiled again, now by an unseen ghost!
Konan: I knew it, kunoichis do win battles! (Naruto and his crew arrives)
Naruto: What happened here? (notices Sasuke is dead) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
Kakashi: (facepalms) Oh God, please don’t let-
Naruto: My life has no meaning anymore!!!! (stabs himself with Zantetsuken) SASUUUUUUUUK-(gurgles while dying)
Konan: Nobody cares about Nagato corpse’s near defilement?! That’s it, I’m out of this manga!
Kakashi: Right behind you, sister.
Kiba: I’m going too.
Lee: Same.
Sai: My thoughts exactly.
Sakura: (standing alone) Hey, guys, where are you going? Guys? Meh, this is still better than Bleach.

Archive for Naruto 486 :

Naruto 486
Status: Prediction
by Silver Blade@ Naruto Central

Sasuke: Hmph Bullshit. You make me laugh. YOU FAILED AND YOU WILL FAIL AGAIN!!!!

Naruto and Sasuke jump from the water.

Sasuke: Naruto It's over.

Sasuke uses Tsuykomi on Naruto.

Naruto falls to his knees...

Kakashi: NARUTO!!! Damn it!

Sakura: !!! Genjutsu

Naruto is inside of the genjutsu. He is reverted back to the time when he was lonely as a kid.

Kid 1: Hey look it's the ni---
Girl: Shh!! Don't say that.

Kid 1: Let's leave him alone...

Naruto: No... Not this again.

Kid 1: He's crazy. Look at him talk to himself.

Naruto: !!!! *Suddenly the whole village crowds around him..*

Iruka: You killed my parents!
Mizuki: Heh. The nine-tailed fox.
Sakura: You're annoying.
Sasuke: Loser.

Naruto grasps ahold of his head and yells

Naruto: I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Kyuubi suddenly clasps his paws against Naruto.*

Chakra erupts from Naruto.. He is in a one tailed state.

Sasuke: You transformed eh?!!

Kakashi: Oh no this could get dangerous.


Sasuke: Heh *Thinking: TCH!!! My eyes.*

- Scene switches to Mizukage -

Ao: I just sensed a foul chakra coming from that way.

Mizukage: It's probably Danzou. Let's dispose of him.

Ao: It's not Danzou.. It's the Kyuubi.

Mizukage: Hmm.. Why not pay Uzumaki Naruto a visit, eh?

- Scene switch to Yamato -

Yamato: !!!

Yamato is awaken by Kyuubi's chakra. He opens his palm and see the number "1"..

Yamato: Isn't Naruto here?!!!!

Yamato throws a rock at the shadow clone!

Yamato: He tricked me!!!

- Scene Switch to Sasuke and Naruto -

Sasuke: Ugh. He's too strong.

Naruto: Today. YOU RETURN HOME!!!

Sasuke: I have no choice.

Naruto: Neither do I!!! -Forms a Giant Red Rasengan in his left palm.

Sasuke: AMASTERU!!!!!!!

Naruto is caught in Amasteru!!!

Kakashi: NO WAY!!!

Sakura: NARUTO!!!

Karin is terrified.

Naruto defeated?

Next time - Reality

Archive for Naruto 485 :

Naruto 485
Status: Prediction
by Lalalila @ Naruto Central

Sasuke with evil smile on his face

Sasuke: So you're here to, I was starting to wonder...

Naruto is watching Sasuke with angry face

Kakashi: I don't see Yamoto anywhere... Naruto you shouldn't come here, there is no other way, we have to do it... you saw what he was trying to do.

Sakura: Naruto... I'm sorry (and she's starts crying, nothing new (-_-, ))

Naruto is still looking at Sasuke

Sasuke: Aother fly to kill... Kakashi is right, you shouldn't come here (he activates sharingan) or maybe you want to die? (evil laugh)

Naruto is shocked

Sasuke thinking: Damn it! my eyesight is getting worse! I must rest before I go to Konoha...

Naruto: Why Sasuke?!... Why did you become like this?!

Sasuke: Why? Because I know the true!

Naruto: The true is you are manipulated by Madara! Can't you see?!

Sasuke: What I'm doing is what I want to do, and what I want is REVENGE! And I will not die till I KILL everyone in Konoha! (Sasuke in anger forms Sussano skeleton version, blood is flowing from the right eye, left eye is bleeding too but not so hard like left)

Naruto and Sakura jumps back.

Sasuke thinking: I must kill them fast!

Naruto is thinking about what Itachi told him and what he said to Itachi ( I will find a way to protect Konoha and Sasuke thing)

Naruto thinking: This cant be true! That's not Sasuke I know...

Kakashi: Watch out Naruto! Sasuke in this form is really dangerus and practically untouchable!

Naruto: Sasuke! Madara is manipulating you! Open your eyes Sasuke!

Sasuke: My eyes are open! They are open like never before! You will know this before the fight ends!

Sasuke in Sussano form starts running toward Naruto and Sakura.

Naruto is forming kage bunshin seal, clone appears and takes Sakura away from Naruto and Sasuke

Suddenly Naruto in Sage Mode jumps from the forest and trying to punch Sasuke from behind with frog katas!

Sasuke turns around and strikes him with Sussano fist, the smoke appears!

Sasuke is turning around and he see original Naruto in SM trying to hit him the same way like the clone second ago!

Sasuke takes hit and he fly few steps back.

Kakashi thinking: So he made clone in the forest before he rescue Sakura to gadder Natural Energy, not only that but he use him as a decoy and when he was destroyed he transfered NE to original Naruto who was already attacking Sasuke. Nice plan Naruto, too bad it was not very effective... but you don't want to kill him do you?

Sasuke: So you have some new techniques Naruto, too bad that's useless! I didn't feel a thing! Muahahaha! (evil laugh)

Sasuke starts coughing up blood, Sussano disappears

Sasuke Thinking: Damn! I don't have time! I have to end this quickly!

Blood is starting to flow from Sasuke's right eye

Kakashi: ! Watch out Naruto! Don't look into his eyes!

Sasuke: too late! (Sasuke use tsukuyomi on Naruto)

Inside Naruto head:

Naruto: !? where am I?! (Naruto can't move, he's paralyzed)

Sasuke: This is my world, and the last place you will see in your life! he try to stab him with sword but suddenly he's paralyzed just like Naruto!

???: Corection... this is my world... Sasuke.

Sasuke: ?!?!!, ITACHI?!!

Itachi appears!

The End ^^ next chapter : Naruto 485 "Itachi gift"

Archive for Naruto 484 :

Naruto 484: Team Seven
CLICK Images to Enlarge

Watch Naruto Shippuden Episode 148 Online
Title: Heir to Darkness

Direct Download This Video

Little Itachi is so cute...

By: Sage_Naruto

Naruto 484: Student Vs Sensei!!

(Sasuke Scene)
Kakashi: Sakura go….
Sakura: Sensei i….(closes her eyes and makes a fist)
Kakashi: …..(removes a kunai)
Sakura: I-I am sorry sensei….(picks up Karin)
Sakura: (thinking)I am sorry Naruto...
(Sakura puts Karin on her back and turns away)

Sasuke: (watches as sakura goes away with Karin)
Kakashi: Alright then…time to correct my mistake… (Readies kunai)
Sasuke: heh! (Smiles and charges at kakashi with a chidori )

Just as the chidori is about to hit him, Kakashi jumps in the air barely dodging it.
Sasuke is prepared for the dodge, and turns around as soon as kakashi is in the air.He charges his other hand with a chidori spear.

Sasuke: HA!(the spear pierces a surprised kakashi, who was unable to dodge it because he was in mid air)
Kakashi:..Poof! (turns into a rag doll)
Sasuku : !! (Thinking) substitution!
Kakashi: (appearing just a few steps behind sasuke) Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet! (a huge water dragon flies at Sasuke who is just inches away)
Kakashi: (watches as sasuke is engulfed by the water dragon)……!!!!

(Suddenly black flames start consuming the water dragon)
Kakashi: (thinking) Amaterasu…
Sasuke: (Standing in middle of the smoke cause by the rapid evaporation of the water because of amaterasu) Is that all you have got Kakashi? (Reveals his mangeykyo sharingan!)
Kakashi:?! (Looks at the evilness in sasuke’s sharingan) (Thinking) Revenge has consumed him…Sasuke…

Sasuke: DIE! (Aims the amaterasu at kakashi )
Kakashi: Shadow Clone jutsu! (Makes 5 shadow clones of himself) Poof!! (The kakashi who was attacked with the amaterasu disappears)
Sasuke: hmph (used shadow to escape dodge my amaterasu…)
Kakashi: (thinking while dodgeing sasuke’s amaterasu’s continuously)sasuke’s chakra levels are pretty low…Looks like he was in a fight not to long…the kage summit maby?...judging by his state right now, those mangeykyo attacks should be taking a lot out of him..if I can keep out of his line of sight and confuse him with my clones then I should be able to get close enough to finish him off…

Sasuke: haha keep running…I am going to burn you to the ground and watch as you suffer in agony!!
Sasuke:?!! (Suddenly kakashi’s figure blures causing the flame to go totally of target and Sasuke becomes a little dazed for a second)
Kakashi: (thinking) NOW!!!

In a split second, Kakashi’s 4 shadow clones surround Sasuke and get ready for a lightning blade from all 4 sides..
Kakashi: Lightning Blade!!!

All the 4 Lightning blades hit Sasuke at the same time from all sides!!!

Kakashi: *pant* *pant I got him…
Kakashi: (surprised) HUH??! What the-

Sasuke is completely surrounded by susanoo’s bones!

As Kakashi is about to jump back, the bones form a fist and catch hold of kakashi’s arm

Sasuke: (turns around to face Kakashi) Now its my turn….

(Naruto Scene)
Naruto: (thinking) almost there... (Speeds up a little bit)

(Sasuke Scene)
Kakashi: Arrrrghhh!!!! (The Susanoo’s fist is crushing Kakashi’s arm)
Kakashi: (falls to his knees and his shadow clones disappear)
Sasuke: hahaha (has a insane looks on his face) that pain is nothing compared to the pain I have gone through! Maby now you will understand it a little better…

(Slowly sasuke’s susanoos body starts to form behind him)

Kakashi: (wincing from the pain) (thinking) I have got no choice…
Sasuke: I am going to tear you limp from limp and-

(Kakashi raises his head and looks at Sasuke straight in the eye)

Kakashi: You let revenge take over you…and now you are too far gone in the darkness to be brought back……

(kakashi closes his sharingan eye)
Sasuke: hm…..?

Kakashi opens his eye to reveal the Mangeykyo sharingan!(close up on kakashi’s eyes)

Sasuke: (surprised) eh?! How did you-

Kakashi: KAMUI!!!


Kakashi has activated his mangeykyo sharingan! He used kamui on Sasuke at almost point blank distance. Has Sasuke finally been defeated??? Did kakashi really kill him?

Look out for Chapter 485!

Naruto 487 Spoiler RAW will be out by Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. Naruto 487 Onemanga, Naruto 488 Mangastream, Naruto 489 binktopia, Naruto 490 MangaHelpers, Naruto 491 Narutocentral, Naruto 492 Narutofan Prediction.

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