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Sunday, February 14, 2010

One Piece 575 Spoiler Pics and Summaries


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Pic Source:2ch
Trans by Steven D Teach

No surprise or change from what we know, but the text reads:
Pirates/Marines: The Blackbeard Pirates?!

Blackbeard: Zehahahahaha! Long time no see! Glad to know I've made it in time to see your death, pops!

Whitebeard: Teach....

Akainu: guhh...ugh
WB Pirate: P...pops is pissed!! Everyone, from here on--(cut off) =P

Soruce: AP
Credit: Aohige_AP
Verification: Confirmed

Akainu falls into the crack in the ground after being taken out by Whitebeard.
But he doesn't go down without a fight. He punches Whitebeard, and takes out half of his face.
Sengoku comments on how Whitebeard has so much power even without half his face.

The guys Blackbeard brought with him are:
A HUGE mofo like Oz, an old hag, and a large man drinking booze like crazy. The rest are his usual crew.
Akainu takes out half of Whitebeard's face with the counter attack, Whitebeard's second attack splits the entire island in two.

Whitebeard is left standing alone in one half of the island, fighting the entire rest of marines, and Blackbeard pirates.
The rest of Whitebeard pirates told to retreat are left on the other half of the island.

The Cover from 2ch ID: oDd8VnNK0 is Fake

Source: AP
Credits: Aohige_AP
Verification: Confirmed
Chapter 575: Anger without words
Luffy is at a loss, Akainu takes the chance to attack him, but Marco blocks him.
Whitebeard, who was observing the situation, attacks him without saying a word.
Akainu fights back, but is taken down with two attacks. The second punch sends damage to the entire HQ, and not just Akainu.
Blackbeard pirates, who appears to have been observing the whole deal, appears with three legendary prisoners + Shiryu + another character.
Blackbeard: I'm glad I made it in time to see your death, pops.

OP 575 Spoiler Script (unconfirmed)

from 2ch
Verification: Confirmed
Spoiler for One Piece 575 script :

扉絵 ゾロとロビン
依然エースの前でこの世の終わりの表情をしているルヒィ。 「何やってるの早く逃げないとヴァナタも殺されるッチャブル!!」「……エ……ス……エー……ス……」まるで廃人のようなルヒィ。
処刑台付近で大爆発。 「お前は……」
動揺するセンゴク。煙の中から黒髭海賊団登場。 「ゼハハハハ!!盛り上がってるじゃねぇか」ドン!
エースの方を一瞥し、白髭を見る黒髭。 「死んじまった見てぇだなぁ!?」無言で激怒する白髭。白髭の周りが激しい揺れ始める。
砲弾が白髭の船に撃ち込まれる。遠くに見えるは数隻の海賊船。 「……おぉ、面白そうなことになってるな」船の上でニヤリと笑う男。 「麦わらにだけいい思いはさせられないからな……」隣の船の男は呟く。
「あいつらは……まさか……」動揺するセンゴク。 「俺たちも楽しませてくれよ!!」キッドが叫ぶ。横一列に船を並べたルーキーたち。ドン!!「こりゃあ大変だねぇ……」嘆く黄猿。
「ゼハハハハッ……!!」ひとりで大笑いする黒髭。 「……これで主役は出揃った!!さぁ!ショーの幕開けだぜぇ!!」ドン!!!!

I cannot to translate the script at all but I know one case, Bleak Beard is coming and join the battle...

If you find any spoiler please post it here...Thanks.

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