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Monday, January 11, 2010

One Piece 570 Spoiler Pics and Summaries

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I'm so sorry I miss these  ^_-

Source: 2ch
credit: Steven@ap
Verification: Confirmed

Iva: I'm asking if you're ready to live up to Whitebeard's expectations! (not too sure this is the best way to translate it)
Luffy: I dunno about old man Whitebeard...but from the start, I came here for only one reason!
Iva: Get out of the way, strawhat-boy! It's Hawkeyes Mihawk (not sure if it's Iva who says the last bit.)

Luffy: You!
Daz: It's an order from the boss...oppose the marines.
Mihawk: You're Daz Bones.

Mihawk: Crocodile...
Crocodile: Watch out Hawkeyes...I'm in a bad mood right now.
Sentomaru: What the hell are you trying to do? You’re a Shichibukai aren’t you? You’ve stopped so many Pacifistas…aren’t you on the marines’ side?!
Hancock: Let me teach you something…
Sentomaru: Hm?
Hancock: Love is always a hurricane!!
Sentomaru: What the hell does that mean?!
Iva: Sorry about this, we need your power!
Inazuma: Go ahead and use me, Iva! (I guess)

Inazuma: Worry not...
Iva: The execution platform is really close, Strawhat boy! (rest is cut off)

Marines: Whooooooooa! What the hell is this?!
Luffy: Crab-chan!
Marines: That's...the revolutionary Inazuma!
Inazuma: Luffy-kun...go!
Luffy: Whoa thanks!

Luffy: I'm here Ace!!!
Marines(?): Don't let him through!
Vista: Go! Strawhat!
Kizaru: I won't let you go...

Source: ???
Credit: OPF
Verification: Pending
Translation by Ace

The 570 story "Fist"

Marines "You lie ... ambition Haoh color?"

Hancock "(I become stronger at the Amazon Lily)"

Ace "You Luffy ..."

Luffy "huh ... that?"

Ivankov "The unconscious Vanata!?"

Sengoku "[D] to ... [color Haoh] but ..."

Shirahige "huh ... huh ..."

Ivankov "Now the [passion] to say ..."

Kizaru "at all ..."

Luffy "him again!"

Kizaru "flower buds to bloom sometime in the government would need to leave early pick is, but Nee said."

Snaps! Doon!
Ivankov "Straw Boy!"
Kizaru "I Aranci friendship and good brothers die -"
Luffy "Ace is! Nee never be allowed to die!"


(The monkey Butsu?Basa yellow)

Marines "...!? Huang general ... I was hit by a monkey!"

Pirate "I punched him in ambition! E'll ace brother dude!"

Luffy "Nuke ... hit ...? Maa is now such a thing and could not care less! Scaffold is there anymore!"

Marine "and let the guy close to the scaffold!"

(Marines we stand)

Luffy "!"

White beard, "the boy's fist good ... Keep your face down!"

Dooon!! (Nagi?U to our Marines in front of Luffy Naginata)

Our Marines "... Wow!"

Luffy "perforated the way! Thank you."


(Skip the vibration into the Gap in Naginata)

Garp "Funtsu!!"


(Negate the punch)

Kizaru "Nee can not stand"

Dontsu!! (Jimbey to stop, captain of some people)

Kizaru: "Inperudaun Jimbey ~ ... Did you go back to it again?"

Jimbey: "Well if is better to die fighting back to hell to live."

Changing scene

Aokiji: "Oops ... He knew I'm better ... Toita ??Me here?"

Pikipiki ... crunchy

Jozu revived from the ice

Aokiji: "!"

Jozu "ambition for now ... Let's surviving brother or ace!"


The punch Jozu

Aokiji: pieces

Changing scene

Luffy "arrived! Ask Iwa-chan!"

Ivankov "That does it fall Nasshiburu anymore!"

(Towards the Ivankov on, jump on it Luffy)

Ivankov "We came

Naa! "


(Jump Luffy)

Tsu off!

(According to Garp, look down to Luffy)

Luffy "Ichan same!"

Goo!! (?Rikaburu a fist)


Garp "You fight and attempt"

Dadan "I ask Ku citrus. I have is from the bar"

Ace young "Even the guys ..."

Luffy young "Even the ace ..."

Gochintsu! (Fist)

Luffy Ace "E pain ..."

Ace "That's why I hit"

Garp "Ichanhana same, That does the fist from Hey we love you That does not ?Ku we are not doing fist you."

Ace "That's what I'm"

Luffy "Get out -"

Garp "Well really! Haji Ichanga'll go to help when we were in danger so Hey. This [Ken] is like Ja Mong in addition to honor those before us! Become a good Marine Once you know "

Luffy "What will the pirates from taking any ..."


Luffy "pain - E!"

End recalls

Goo ...

Garp "... ... ..."

Quite right

(According to Garp, stop Punch)

Luffy "!"

Gafu ° "..." (tears)


(Luffy, through the Gap)

Sengoku "What are you doing I'm Garp!"
Garp "Sengoku ... Sorry ... I have sympathy for the pirates ... but ... still ... the eagle puzzle Ja impossible to do this manually ... Dekin Son!"

Sengoku "... ... ...!"

Changing scene

Pirates "E goes!"

Akainu, "What do Yorunjaaitsuraha Chi!"

Luffy who's trying to go

Grasp the Akainu clothes

Gatsu ... Doon!

(?Kitsukeru the ground caught the Akainu)

Shirahige "You're against me for this!"


Luffy "Ooo!"

Tsu off! !

(Popping in front of the Aces)

Luffy "d ~ ~ Su !!"

Ace "Luffy ..."

Sengoku "...!"

White beard "... go boy! save Ace...!!"

Soruce: 2ch

Juin Jutsu Team

English - Japan Translation by Idol

Verification: Pending

570 Bridge of life

Luffy's ambitions begin to develop,

Mihawk Vs Dazu, Mihawke Vs Crocodile

Inazuma is hide between Iwankofu's hair and with his ability build a bridge to the scaffold.

Luffy crosses the bridge built by Inazuma and reaches the scaffold.

Garp is in front of him.


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