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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

One Piece 568 Spoiler Pics and Summaries

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Source: AP
Credits: Aohige_AP
Verification: Confirmed

Chapter 568: Do as you damn want

Pic 1
Pirate: It's the legendary marine, Garp!!
(cut off AND blurry, guessin) He's joined the defence!!
Whitebeard: Don't let his fame intimidate you!! He's just one old soldier!!
Garp: Heh!
Akainu: Well, you're also his generation... you should be careful of the foe in front of you!!

Pic 2
(again, super blurry)
Akainu: Damn you, going around destroying the town...!
Whitebeard: I told you, try and protect it!!
Pirates: pave the way to rescue Ace!! Show them the might of the New World!!

Ace: ........
Sengoku: What's wrong, Fire-fist?
Garp: hm? Ace...
(pic too blurry to make out, towns people talking bad about Roger)
punk: It's all because of Gold Roger's fault!! He should never have been born!!
He's such a piece of trash... he was a nuisance in life, and even more trouble in death!
He's the biggest trash in the world, remember that.
punk: Huh? Why are you getting pissed? Who are you?

pic 3
Dadan?: What the hell did you do down there in town!?
They're saying the town's delinquents were nearly killed by a boy!
Ace: oh, they're alive? I thought I killed them.
Dadan?: What!?

thug: What? You want to know about Roger?
thug: Roger!? Don't mention that goddamn name!!
Garp: Bwahahahaha!! I heard you're getting pissed lately!
Ace: .... old man, you have a grandson, right? he happy with his life?
Garp: Yeah, Luffy's growing up just fine!
Ace: gramps.... do you think it was ok for me to be born?
Garp: !?
Garp: Well... you'll only know by living

Luffy: Iva-chan...!!
Ivankov: You're concious!?
Luffy: I want you to hear... my final wish!!

Pirates: Clear the way!!!

Ace: I am.... rotten!!
(Jinbei's line cut off)
pirate: we're almost there!!

Pic 4
Pirates: Ace~!!! Ace, we're coming!! Hang in there, Ace!! Don't give up on us!!
Ace: I'm.... i'm no good!! At time like this... when brother.. and my friends are bleeding and falling all around.... yet I can't stop crying in joy!!
After all this... I finally value my own life!!

Pirates: Captain Buggy!! You're awake!! Gosh, you're alive!!
Buggy: What happened to me!?
Pirates: you were frozen by Aokiji, and then defrosted by sea water boiling by magma!!
Buggy: *pant..pant* Damn you marines, don't think I'm through just yet!!
Pirates: You hear that!? Unbelievable words coming from someone who just came out of frozen state!!

pic 5
(whitebeard falls down, bleeding)
Whitebeard: ..... Damn it!!
Division commanders: Pops!?
Akainu: It seems you can't beat your aging, Whitebeard!!

Marco: .....!!! (That's what I was afraid of the most!!)
Kizaru: Victory is decided in an instant, you know.
(shoots lasers through Marco)
Joz: Marco!!
Aokiji: You looked away just now, didn't you?
(freezes half of Joz)

pic 6
(Akainu lands a magma blow on Whitebeard)

Ivankov: You want another shot of Tention hormone!? Impossible!! No way!!
You've been fighting non-stop since Impel down...!!
You nearly died from poisoning, and your body has already gone beyond the limit!!
If you decieve your body any further, you'll be.... dead afterwards!!
Luffy: If I die after I did everything I can, then it's fine...!!
Let me fight, Iva-chan!!

Vista: pops went down!! Marco and Joz are in danger also!!
Luffy: If I don't fight now... and failed saving Ace....

pic 7
Luffy: I will want to die afterwards!!
Give me the power to fight right now!!
Ivankov: I told you!! If I let you die right now, what am I supposed to tell Dragon!? You idiot!!!
Fine..... do as you damn want!!!

Pirate: hey, what did you just do....!!
Ace: ....Luffy.....

First Spoiler from Chinese forum
Status: Pending

chapter 568

ACE is in retrospect about his childhood.
At that time, Roger was regarded as a malefactor by the residents in the town and ACE was extremely ruthless about that.
Retrospect end.
Seeing buddies are fighting for him, ACE saying with falling tear that he will cherish his life.

At that moment, WB is taken bad with hematemesis suddenly, and beat by Akainu when he falling to the ground.
And Marco and Jozu..
Marco being shot by Kizaru, and Jozu's left arm being frozen by Aokiji...

NW pirates are starting to hesitate about this war because of this scene.

Luffy wakes up and demands Iva to inject him with stimulation-hormone, even injury will size him seriously.

The last scene is Luffy roaring "WOOOOOO AOOOOOO....".

Source : AP
Credit : Battle Franky
Verification : Pending

Spoilers from OP channel (mobile site bbs) <-- reliable spoilers have come out of this site in the past, the spoiler pic from the same source seems to match up.

Script :
回想シーンは終わり、今になって命が惜しいと言い、自分の為に戦ってくれてるみんなを見て泣き 出す。
どうなってもしらない的なことを言いながらうってもらい、ルフィが『ウォォォォ』って叫んだところで終わり 。

Quick and dirty Translation by
Black Lagoon from MH:

Early childhood flashback of Ace
Roger was often vilified in the town (Fuschia, I guess) so like him, Ace rebelled and becomes a rumbustious punk.
Flashback ends, Ace feels his life isn't worth saving, but is moved to tears by just how many people are trying to save it.
Whitebeard collapses in pain in front of Akainu, coughing up blood, Aka uses the opportunity to attack.
Marko and Joz look for openings.
Marko is fired on by Kizaru (most likely hit)
While Joz's left arm is frozen by Kiji.
New world pirates are really startled by these turn of events.
Luffy rises to his feet and asks Iva to inject him with his tension hormones.
He doesn't know what he'll do, but it doesn't matter (???) Luffy [WOOOOOOOOO] he shouts out (battle/rallying cry) and it ends.

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