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Sunday, November 22, 2009

One Piece 565 Prediction

wow man hatred for WB. He also used an attack that would have destroyed the entire marine HQ if not for the combined efforts of the 3 admirals. He basically dealt damage to everyone there. Either way, I agree he hasn’t done TOO much yet but he has demonstrated his strength, without a doubt. It’s cool to see that the strongest man isn’t Logia either. I’ve been getting pretty sick of top level fighters just being all like “LOGIA TYPE!”. Anyways, I think WB is in a position where he has to do a little more in order to tilt this battle in his favour. He is about to get magma’d. I think he will step his game up a little.

HE MADE EVERYBODY LOOSE THEIR BALANCE, it wasen’t even something extremely hard to do for a guy with his abilities,he didn’t show something other than what we already knew he could do, and I’ve been the one saying for about a month that by the end of this war the WG needs to stay pretty much intact at the higher ranks, if an admiral is going to die it has to be one of them and by the end of it,not so soon, but I mean another giant? Luffy pwned one easily,he made an island tilt? if his abilities were rubber related,I’d say pretty damn awesome,but it wasen’t anything other than what we knew he could do, I was expecting a nice tactic followed by something other than an earthquake,but I guess that’s just me, you seem to find watching the same thing we’ve seen already pretty awesome..

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