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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Naruto 473 - Kisame and Samaheda

Kisame and Samaheda
by Yondaime

Kisame: Wha...? How are you with Killer Bee, Samehada?!
Samehada: Gigigigigigigigi! [As I said, Kisame, I love Killer Bee! You don't mean anything to me anymore! I don't know why I could love anyone like you... I'm giving your chakra to him right here, so don't stop me."

Kisame: But why...? How come...? If you're joking, then this isn't funny at all... Samehada.... Just... What the hell happened to you ...?

Samehada: Gigigigigigigigi! [Nothing, really... I just opened my heart... I don't need to love someone who is a missing-nin and a criminal, do I? I'm not going to be your sword forever. I'm going to look reality in the eye.] Gigigi? [So, Kisame... I don't need you anymore. Won't you stop battling Killer Bee...?]

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Killer Bee: Don't look at me!
Kisame: "What happened to you, Samehada? Why did you so suddenly change your opinion of me...

Samehada: Gigigigigigigigi! [I'm telling you, I don't need you anymore! I've fallen in love with Killer Bee, with all my heart, that's why.]
Killer Bee: Get me out of this scene, yo...

Samehada: Gigigigigigigigi! [I've just grown apart from octopus-flavored chakra... But you've always been at my side, Kisame, with your stinky fish chakra. You just used me on every fight not regarding my feelings... I've realized... how mean you really are. You're a criminal who defected from the village. Everyone in the villages hates you now.... I've just become one of them... You were that cool swordsman... but little by little you've grown bloodthirsty and fishy... You were close to me so I saw it. But Killer Bee keeps singing Enka... It just heals my heart... He's just become someone close to me.]

Kisame: ...
Samehada: Gigigigigigigigi! [But Kisame... When I can touch Killer Bee like this... I feel at peace... I'm telling you this from the bottom of my heart...]

Kisame: Cut the bullshit, Samehada... I told you I can't laugh at a joke like that.
Samehada: Gigigigigigigigi! [What're you angry for...? I've just gotten over you, that's all. A sword's heart is like the Autumn skies...]

Kisame: I... I thought we had something special!
Samehada: Gigigi? [You really think you were my first one, don't you?]
Kisame: I'm not?!
Samehada: Gigigi! [Of course not! I had so many masters before...]

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