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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

One Piece 564 Prediction

 Precdiction by Dragon

Path Chosen

Akinu: Curses Whitebeard isn't going to fight his allies like I had hoped.

Sengoku: Akinu your strategy succee
ded in injuring Whitebeard but you and I both know that a simple stab as that won't stop Whitebeard, let alone slow him down.

Squad: Was I truly tricked, but how does that explain the marines only killing New World Pirates?

Marco: Akinu probably instructed the marines and their captains to attack only New World Pirates to make the betrayal all the more convincing. Plus there are A LOT more New World pirates than there are Whitebeard Pirates so it makes sense that it is much easier to target New World Pirates than the fewer Whitebeard Pirates.

Whitebeard charges the front line with amazing speed swining his naganato at the marines sending a huge shockwave at them. Hundreds of Marines are blown away and killed. Akinu lunges at Whitebeard.

Akinu: How dare you break the agreement between us Whitebeard

Whitebeard: I have made no agreement with you fodders

Whitebeard swing his nagnato and misses Akinu, Akinu tries to swipe at Whitebeard but Whitebeard sees it coming and with his fist and combining it with his Quake abilites he hits Akinu. Akinu flies into a stone wall and disappears. Kizaru and Akoji also attack whitebeard but the result is the same.

Marine: Even the Three Admirals are nothing compared to Whitebeard

Sengoku: Enough quickly resume the execution

Executors: YES SIR!

The two executors begin their traditional execution perfomrance, and ready their spears to execute Ace.

Sengoku: DO IT NOW!

Sengoku is getting paniced because Whitbeard is getting close.

Luffy: NO!

Luffy along with Jimbei are charging through a small line of marines but they are slowing them down and they can't get there in time.

Whitebeard: I won't make it in time

Whitebeard is at the bottom of the stand but he can't jump up fast enough

Marco: I'm too late

Marco is flying but he just left the ship and is also too far

Sengoku: I win Whitebeard

Ace watches as the spears lunge at his heart.


A jet of green wind envelopes the two executioners and turning into a twister it bows the two executioners away.

Sengoku: What the?

Garp: I should have known...Dragon

A figure appears out of the shadows behind Ace and Sengoku looks on shocked.

Dragon: Good to see you again father


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