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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Naruto 472 - Tsunami

by: Black Dragon

Naruto 472: Tsunami

(Kirabi Scene)
(Kirabi is panting heavily, while Kisame is grinning)
Kisame: That’s all you got, Jinchuuriki? My Samehada begs for more.
Kirabi: (thinking) Hachibi, I need to go eight-tails.
Hachibi: (in Kirabi’s mind) You’re crazy?! What if he drains even more of your chakra?
Kirabi: (thinking) Let’s overwhelm him before he does that! (talking) Sabu-chan, get out of here, the battle will start to be epic!
Sabu: R-right! (runs away; Kirabi starts to go Eight-Tails)
Kisame: Now we’re talking
Kirabi: (while in Eight-tails) You called on the bull, you get the horns! (starts to form a Menacing ball)
Kisame: That doesn’t look good… (Kirabi shoots his menacing ball)
Kirabi: Haha, I killed him!
Kisame: (appears from his Earth Release: Underground Submarine Voyage, at the side of the eight-tails) Good thing I know a Doton or two… well, time to play my trump card. I never thought to use this technique on such an annoying guy, but since you’re a Jinchuuriki… (performs the Snake handseal) Suiton: Souseki Shinsui!* (nothing happens)
Kirabi while in Eight-tails: So much for so little, haha!!!
Kisame: If I were you, I wouldn’t be laughing.

Naruto six tailed beast
Naruto Gallery © 2009 Colleted by Yami-Hitsuke

*Water Release: Flood of the Genesis

(Land of the Waves Scene)
(Tsunami is putting some laundry in a rope, while whistling; the sea water starts to recede greatly, probably hundreds of yards)
Tsunami: (thinking) What is happening?! The sea is… oh, no, a tsunami!
(The sea returns, creating a humongous wave that leaps towards the Land of Fire; the Great Naruto Bridge remains still right next to the wave)

(Hiashi Scene)
(Hiashi and Hanabi are walking though a forest near Konoha)
Hanabi: I wonder how Hinata’s doing…
Hiashi: I’m sure she’s fine. We were away for a week, probably nothing happened, don’t worry. (he notices flocks of birds going away; thinking) Something’s wrong… Byakugan!
Hanabi: Something’s wrong, otou-san?
Hiashi: RUN, HANABI, RUN!!! (they take a detour and start running)
Hanabi: What is it?!
Hiashi: JUST RUN!!! (they leap forward as the giant wave devastates the forest behind them)

(Danzou Scene)
(Torune carries Danzou, who has bandages covering both eyes; he covers his face with his palm, likely in pain)
Fuu: Are you alright, Danzou-sama?
Danzou: The Byakugan is proving harder to master than I thought. But now, let’s hurry back to the village for your new assignment.
Fuu: And what is it?
Torune: Wait! (Danzou groans) Excuse me, Danzou-sama, but I sense a big mass embedded with chakra near us. (closes

(Ao Scene)
(the wave reaches the puppet trapping Ao)
Ao: (thinking) Sorry, Mizukage-sama, I’ve failed you. (the wave destroys the puppet)

(Mizukage Scene)
(Mizukage and Choujuurou are on a tree’s branch, a bit distant from the wave that chages the landscape as it progresses)
Choujuurou: Such a powerful Suiton, it must from Hoshigaki Kisame!
Mizukage: Go and warn the Raikage, I’ll try to reach Ao.
Choujuurou: Yes, Mizukage-sama! (he goes away)
Mizukage: (thinking) Please be alright, Ao.

(Sakura Scene)
(Sakura’s group, Team Samui, Raikage and his guards are hoping through the forest)
Sakura: Uchiha Madara, alive? (thinking) I wonder how Naruto will react to that…
Raikage: I know it’s hard to believe, but now we must find him before Akatsuki does! I’m counting on you, Shii! And on you, dog-boy!
Kiba & Shii: Stop! (everyone stops)
Raikage: What now?! (the huge wave crosses right in front of them)
Karui: What… WHAT IS THAT?!
Omoi: Good thing the sensors warned us on time.
Karui: How can you be so calm when we almost died?!
Lee: Let’s follow that wave.
Karui: WHAT?!
Lee: Me and Gai-sensei once fought against an Akatsuki named Kisame, who was an expert in Suiton. If he’s summoning this much water, he must be fighting someone powerful.
Raikage: My brother! You heard the bushy-browed kid, let’s go!

(Naruto Scene)
Kakashi: So that’s his plan.
Yamato: He must be demented to think he’ll get away with that.
Naruto: So he wants me and the Raikage’s brother for his plans… that’s why he’s using Sasuke and his revenge, it’s to get me, isn’t it?! (everyone looks down) So why didn’t he take me when he had the chance?
Gaara: He says he’s weakened from the battle with the First Hokage.
Kakashi: I don’t know to which point he’s reliable, but he seems to hold a lot of information. It’s up to us to verify that information and try to get a step ahead of him.
Naruto: I know, but we got to warn Sakura about this before she does anything!
Yamato: For once, I must concur with him.
Naruto: Sai, can you lead the way to your original body?!
Sai: Yes. (he turns to an ink bird and flies away)
Naruto: Yosh, let’s go! (Naruto, Kakashi and Yamato depart, the Sand Siblings follow them)

(Kirabi Scene)
(Kirabi shoots another Menacing Ball, which Kisame evades with Earth Release: Underground Projection Fish Technique)
Kirabi: Damn fishy guy, always escaping! (rumbling noises are heard) What’s this?!
Kisame: (appears from the ground) That, my friend, will be the last jutsu you’ll witness.
Kirabi: What the…? (the colossal wave is almost reaching Kirabi)

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