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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Naruto 471 - The Truth

by: Yondaime

Naruto 471 – THE TRUTH

Naruto six tailed beast
Naruto Gallery © 2009 Colleted by Yami-Hitsuke

(Naruto Scene)
Sai comes out of hiding in front of naruto,
Naruto jumps back and shouts 'Didnt u just leave with sakura and bushy brow ?'
Sai ' No that was just my ink clone , i made it back in the village and have been tailing them from the start'
Naruto ' But why ?'
Sai 'i cudnt take any chances of getting caught by the anbu that was trailing me at the village , i left a clone in the village as well'
Naruto'....... Sai , I am worried about Sakura , i know she came all the way here not just to say that she loves me , she came here to find sasuke herself !'
Sai '....... Yes , I have been thinking the same thing , though she didnt tell any of us anything before , but she wants to find sasuke herself and..................'
Naruto, Yamato ,Kakashi ' ?? '
Sai ' ...... kill him........ '
Naruto ' wtf ??!! Sai wat r u talking about ? '
Sai ' This might sound strange to you naruto , but when i told her about your promise and your feelings for her .......'
Naruto ' wat ??!! u idiot , why did u tell her anything , i like her a lot but that doesnt mean i love her !! '
Naruto looks down , " the truth is , when we were in team 7 , there was a time when i thought i really loved her and wanted to be with her. But slowly and painfully, i accepted it all , that she wanted sasuke not me. And then ,(flashback - hinata coming forward and confessing her love and fighting with pein) when i was moments away from my death.......'
'There was Hinata , She came and gave me the will and strenght to fight back , she saved my life........though it is unfair , but I cant say i love her either coz i barely know her'
Sai '............'
Sai ' Naruto , u must know something , when i told sakura about you , i saw through her , i felt her emotions, naruto , though she might look confused , but she truly loves you in her heart...'
Yamato (Flashback - Naruto becoming four tails in the fight with orochimaru , sakura reaching out to help naruto putting herself on the verge of being killed by the 4 tailed form)
Naruto ' Sai............ I want you to follow sakura and give me constant updates. Can you do that for me? '
Sai ' I will keep you updated naruto....'
Sai leaves.

(Konoha Scene , Tsunade Scene)
Shizune and Shikamaru are standing outside the camp.
Suddenly , a nurse rushes out , 'Lady Shizune ! Tsunade-sama has gained consciousness !!'
Shizune rushes inside to see tsunade in a semi-seated posture, trying to sit.
Shizune ' Tsunade-sama , please !! you should take rest , your chakra levels are still too low '
Tsunade ' I want to see n..nar....naruto '
Shizune ' He has gone to the Iron Country with Yamato and Kakashi senpai ! '
Tsunade ' I think my time is near , i will be joining jiraya and orochimaru soon , before i die , i want to tell naruto something , i want you to convey him something personally , this is highly confidential.....'
Shizune ' What ??!!'
Tsunade ' Naruto , like Minato has a bloodline............He has the Unlimiter !!'
Shizune ' what the Hell !! I have read about this bloodline in the texts...... but is it possible ?? does it really exist ?? '

(Naruto Scene)
Gaara , Temari and Kankuro arrive.
Kankuro ' I guess the Raikage was right , they are here indeed.......'
Yamato , Kakashi ' ??!!'
Kakashi ' Shouldn't you all be at the summit ? '
Gaara ' It is a long story , But the gist of it is that ,sasuke attacked the summit and he is with madara, who has announced the 4th great shinobi world war !'
Temari ' .....and your dear Hokage Danzo , he has lost trust of all the kages and fled the meeting , and it has been decided that you , hatake kakashi will be the representative of konoha in the great shinobi alliance'
Kakashi thinking.... the old bastard !
Naruto ' ...........The 4th great shinobi world war ??!! How is that possible ,especially when an alliance between all the shinobi nations have been formed ??!! '
Yamato ' Naruto , do not underestimate Madara's powers , he has collected all the bijuu's and can unleash them at his will'
Kakashi ' I doubt that, if it would have been this easy , he wouldnt have come to the summit for a bargain , he would have simply taken it. There must be risks involved , even to madara in using the bijuu's powers '
Naruto '....................'

(Killer Bee Scene)
Samehada evolves further , and forms a mini shark
Kisame ' Behold the samehada in its true form , you should consider yourself lucky , you are the only person alive who has seen this form'
Bee wondering..... if i cant use my chakra against him , what should i do ? Overflooding his sword with chakra is an option but..... lets do it the other way 1st.........right hachibi !! lets go.........
Kisame leaves the samehada, it begins crawling and does a summoning jutsu.
Sabu thinking wtf ??!! what is that shit , he has passion in his eyes ,but it is pure evil......and that THING is his sword ??
Bee lunging straight ahead at kisame ...
Samehada tries to bite bee , but before kisame gets his hands off the ground , after performing the summoning, bee's punch lands straight at kisame's face and kisame crashes in a tree.
The entire area fills with water all of a sudden , with kisame appearing out of the territory , and bee is seen looking at kisame
Kisame ' I marked the territory before i came here fool , now you are done for !'

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