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Thursday, October 15, 2009

One Piece 561 Prediction

From the last chapter luffy was face off with Mihawk. What will be happen next?

LUffy Crew

Mihawk use his black sword to cut luffy strawhat pirate into pieces. Mihawk is so fast and tough within his sword. fortunately, luffy can escape from that terrible slash, but luffy just get a bit wound in his arm. Luffy Said "Huh..He is so fast and dangerous".

(Smoker vs Hancock scene)

Smoker : "what's your reason to protect that Straw-hat pirate?"
Hancock: " Shut up silly..!!, I'll not forgive you b'coz you have attecked my love" (hancock attack smoker and smoker blow away)
Smoker : "Ugh..!"

(Kuma vs Ivan-kov Scene)

Kuma stand up and use paw-paw power to attack ivan-kov. Ivan-kov dodge it and feed it back. (Maybe they won't have a chat coz Kuma cannot speak anything, now Kuma just like a weapon)

(Doflamingo , Crocodile, vs Jozu Scene)

I think in this One piece 561 this scene will not show up yet. Maybe another battle will show up.
such as Admiral Kizaru vs Marco , Jimbei vs Moria, White-Beard vs Akainu, or probably white-beard and buggy just make a move to save Ace. Just it..!!

Notes of Kuma: This isn't so much of a predictions as it is my ideas of what Kuma's reasons, and actions are.

Do you have any prediction? Share it with us by fill the comment box below ^_^ I'll appreciate it.

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