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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

One Piece 556 Spoiler Image (RAW Pics)

One Piece Chapter 556 Spoiler Image (RAw Pics)

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One Piece 556 Spoiler ImageOne Piece 556 Spoiler Image

One Piece 556 Spoiler ImageOne Piece 556 Spoiler Image

One Piece 556 Spoiler ImageOne Piece 556 Spoiler Image

Credits: Aohige_AP
Verification: Confirmed

Moria: Kishishishi!! See, that’s the smart way to kill!
Hancock: There really are massive men in the outer world.
pirate: Captain Oars!! Damn those Shichibukai!!
Oars: Hah…huff… Ace-gun…..

flashback of Oars: I really like dis!!

Ace: Oars!!! Oaarsss!!!!
Moria: Kishishishishishi!!!
DoFlamingo: Heheheheh… This is great! Heheheh!!!
Atomos: What’s so funny, DoFlamingo!!!
Whitebeard: Oars…

The giant marine with the iron mask: You let your guard down, Whitebeard!! You have no time to mope!
Whitebeard catches the giant’s axe, and crushes it.
He then grabs the giant’s face, and slams him down into the ground.
Then, he uses the gura-gura fruit power on him from his hand, shattering the mask and the giant falls unconcious.

marine: Vice Admiral Rons!!
marine: Even a giant is taken down easily!?
Whitebeard: Walk over Oars, and march foward!!!
pirates: Yeeeaaahhhh!!!!

A cattle is seeing running away in a town.
A man: Heyheyhey! Wait you guys!… damn, we get a lot of earthquakes today..

The scene changes to Doflamingo.

Doflamingo: Heheheheh… What’s so funny you say?
THIS! Feeling of standing in the middle of the era!! That what, heheheh.
Atomos: !?
DoFlamingo: This exact place we stand… this is the “the center”!
Division 13 captain, “Water Buffalo” Atomos!!

Doflamingo moves his fingers

Atomos: Damn…!! You guys, get away from me quick!!
Stop… don’t do it Doflamingo!!!
Atomos is controlled by DoFlamingo to attack his own men.

Scene changes to Coby. He’s running through the town.

Coby: Ha..hah…. Impossible! It’s impossible!! I’m too scared to do anything!!
People so powerful are all going down bleeding!!
Helmeppo: Wait, Coby.
They see Akainu stopping other marines also abandoning their post, and hide from him.

Akainu: Go back to the warzone!
Marine: Please… please let us go…!! I’m afraid to die… My legs starts shaking when I think of my family! Please..!!
Coby: Admiral Akainu…!? Why is he here…!
Akainu: If you truely love your family… do not live and burden them with your shame!!
Marine: Gyaaaa!!!!
Akainu finishes off the marine with his power.
another marine: Admiral Sakazuki! We’re ready for the operation!

Back to DoFlamingo
Atomos: Guys! Don’t get near me!
pirates: captain Atomos!?
DoFlamingo: The pirates are the evil? Marines are the Justice?
Such things have always been changed through the history….
The values held by kids who don’t know peace, and values held by kids who don’t know real war… are different!!
The one to rise to the top is what decides the good and evil!! This place right here, is that borderline!!
“Justice prevails”? Of course it does!
Because the winner is the only Justice!!

Pirate: Don’t let them close the path Oars opened for us!! March on into the bay!!!
Marine: What!? An icebreaker!?
A ship lead by a female pirate appears, destroying the tip of the bay.
Marine: It’s the Ice Witch Whitey Bay!!
Bay: Hah, This iceburg is nothing to us!

Marine: They have breached us in two sections of the bay! They’re going to flood in now, Fleet Admiral Sengoku!!
Sengoku: It’s not a problem.
Sengoku on den-den mushi: Otsuru-san… it’s time for the operation.
Otsuru-san is seeing defeating the pirates with laundry ability.
Pirate: She washed us…. and dried us….
Otsuru: It’s about time. Send orders to all soldiers and fleet!
Whitebeard: Gurarara… you guys are up to something aren’t you, “The strategist” Sengoku the Buddha!

scene changes to Ace
Ace: …. Old man….
Sengoku: What have you come for, Garp? You have a problem with our plan?
Garp: ….no… he’s a pirate… there’s no room for sympathy…
Sengoku: Well then,
Garp: QUIET!! There should be no problem… for me to just stay here.

flashback to Luffy and Ace in childhood
Ace: Don’t hit Luffy, damn geezer!
Garp: There’s no sympathy for criminals.. but family is different!
Ace: !

Garp: What am I supposed to do….!!!
Garp looks very conflicted
Garp: Ace… why didn’t you live as I told you to!!
flashback to Garp’s past: You guys are gonna grow up to be a great marine! You got that!?
Ace: Old man…!!!
Sengoku: If you start something up now, I won’t go easy even on you Garp!
Garp: Humph!! If I could, I would have already!!

Scene changes to Coby
Coby whispering: Helmeppo-san…. did you hear that? the plan!
Helmeppo: Yeah.
Coby: They’re gonna execute Ace-san early, ignoring the execution time! But if they did that…!!!
Helmeppo: Yeah, I know, but…. huh?
Coby: eh?
Helmeppo: Something’s falling from the sky.

?: That’s why I said, you overdid it!!
Croc: It’s because of this guy’s wink.
Ivankov: Oh you dare blame it on me, Croc!?
?: Whatever, you know we’re gonna be killed by this fall!! There’s ice below us!!
Marines notice something in the sky
Marine: Look, what is that…. something’s falling from the sky!
Ace notices also
Ace: …… what?

Luffy and co are falling from the sky
Luffy: AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!! … Oh yeah, I’m rubber, II’ll be fine.
Mr.3: Oh you better not survive this just yourself!! Do something!!
Buggy: I know we shouldn’t have listened to your idea, Strawhat!! Damn you!!
Ivankov: Nooo!!! I don’t want to die like this!! Someone stop usssss!!!!

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