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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Naruto Chapter 464 Prediction

by: The Special One

Naruto 464 Prediction

-Raikage goes for the finishing blow!

(Raikage rips off his wrist brace that is being charred by the Amaterasu.)

“It’s over Uchiha,” yelled Raikage.

(Raikage is falling towards Sasuke’s prone position with a leg drop. As he lands, a crater stretches across the field which shakes the earth as samurai, Darui and Shi flee to higher elevation. Raikage backs up and lands outside the crater’s core.)

“Those bones again… He used that them to cover his front. Though they are weakened he still managed to fend off my drop... DAMN YOU UCHIHA SASUKE,” yelled Raikage. (The scene switches to Suigetsu whom is pinned down by Darui's lightning charged blade.) “Sasuke. RETREAT NOW SASUKE. He's too much. Get out of here,” yelled Suigetsu.

“This guy, he’s stronger than anyone the Raikage has ever fought,” said Shii. “Yeah. Most guys would be dead after his first blow. I can see why the boss is angry. He must feel restless not being able to kill the man that defeated his brother. But look at his eyes… It might get dangerous here soon.” said Darui.”I just got feeling back in my legs,” said Shii.

(As they rush off, the scene is now at Karin’s location she peak out from a secured location and notices that Sasuke is still alive.)

“There’s no way he can win now. Suigetsu is right. We need to head out of here, his chakra levels are impossible. His partners left, I guess Raikage must be pulling out all the stops. If I move now, the samurai probably catch me; damn, I have to have faith in Sasuke to pull through for us.

The Special One

(She has a flash back of Sasuke using the Amaterasu on the Eight Tails.) He saved us all from an assured death. The odds were stacked against us, like this time. Yeah, this is Sasuke. The guy that beat Orochimaru and Itachi! He can beat the Raikage,” thought Karin as she smiles.

(The scene switches back to Sasuke, as he is planted into the ground. The bones of Susano now stretches across his front however, they are cracked severely.)

“I’m stuck pretty deep in the earth, the Sasuno’s mass is filling in the ground creating a large nitch. I can’t free myself,” thought Sasuke.

( Raikage walks over to Sasuke.)

“I’m gonna kill you Uchiha Sasuke. I see why you might have given my brother (Sasuke takes notice.) a little trouble with that sharingan of yours. But, your reign ends here. Praying will be meaningless. I’ll punish you for your sins,” said Raikage.

(Raikage jumps into the air and bursts through the ceilings, as he reaches out side, then he stands on top of the structure and makes a handseal. His lightning aura is extended to the clouds and his body is engulfed in a more intense lightning. The lightning continuously arcs to the sky. The scene switches to Darui and Shii. They notice the long bolt of lightning that is being channeled from the sky and down onto the fortress.)

“He’s going to use the Judgment Strike,” said Shii. “The whole fortress will be eradicated. He must really want him dead to the point that he is risking the Land of the Iron's samurai,” said Darui. “It is not a technique to use lightly for sure. He uses his whole body as a weapon once he is successfully charged by the bolts. His body’s reflexes are further enhanced by natural lightning as it increases his striking speed from mid-air to the ground, and to anywhere with traveling speeds of 1/1000 of a second. No living human is as powerful or as fast as Raikage is when he using this technique,” said Shii.

(Scene switches back to the Karin’s location as everyone takes notice of the thunder sounds.)

The Special One

“Sorry Sasuke. These Chakra levels are too much! I’m outie,” yelled Karin.

(She runs all away all crazy like with her arms waving all flailing like. The Samurai take notice.)

“Follow her,” yelled The Commander. “Shit, I’m being followed,” said Karin.
“Karin you chicken! Leaving us to die like that, at least get this blade out of me,” yelled Suigetsu.

(The scene switches back Sasuke, he is still planted in the earth.)

“I have to disable Sasuno so I can move,” said Sasuke. (Sasuke is now free however, Raikage is rushing down with his feet pointed straight in the air, while his fists are balled and his arms are stretched out toward the ground. He is completely straight.)

“Judgment Strike,” yelled Raikage.

(Time goes in slow motion as Juugo slowly opens his eyes and witness total devastation as lightning crackles around the entire area before Raikage smashes everything. Suigetsu begins to open his mouth, but nothing comes out. The scene cuts to Karin and the Samurai as they clear for the exit with the slow mo effect still taken into consideration.

CRASH, as the entire area is stricken with an enormously powerful lightning strike that reduces the entire foundation into rubble. A huge crater is left in Raikage’s wake. The smoke clears a little, revealing and uncharged Raikage. The scene soon switches to the Kage summit where they all question what the noise was. The Tuschikage hints that it was the Raikage’s technique. Madara is shown far up on a snowy cliff somewhere. Dark Zetsu is there with him, they look on and scouts the area.

Darui and Shii look on towards the destroyed area. The scene switches back to Raikage, he looks around the area. Short distances a way, shows shattered bones littered over a bloody and bruised Sasuke. Raikage stumbles across bones in the debris and notices the blood near Sasuke’s supposed mangled body, the bones from a larger scaled Sasunoo evaporates into thin air, representing the fading of Sasuke's life force. He smirks and decides to turn his back and walk away. Sasuke then opens his eyes revealing the sharingan.

“He’s in range. Five meters, it should be enough,” said Sasuke.

(Sasuke uses his chidori chakra sword to pierce the back of the unaware Raikage. Raikage notices something and then begins to turn around. As Raikage halfway turns around, the chidori chakra sword is already inches from his body.)

Next Chapter: Does Sasuke’s Final attack put an end to Raikage? Next Time, the conclusion.


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by: jeanericuser

Naruto 464: The Brothers in Blood

Raikage is standing over sasuke and prepares to strike him with his fist through amaterasu.
Raikage: "This is the end for you sasuke uchiha!"
Karin: "It can't end like this."
Suigetsu "Sasuke!"

Two men are sitting on a dock fishing overlooking a rapidly flowing river. Slowly one reels in a fish. In the glimmer of the fish's eye we see
the face of killer bee.
Killer bee: "Ahh this is the life. I should have come here sooner."
Fisherman: "Its been a long time since we did this. Normally your brother would never allow you to leave the village."
Killer bee: "What he doesn't know won't hurt him. Besides he can take care of the village fine all by himself."
Fisherman: "Than why is that seal of yours suddenly going active?"
Killer bee: "He must be after that kid that attacked me before."
Fisherman: "You really should deal with this before it gets out of hand."
Killer bee: "Fine then. If you are gonna insist I will."

Killer bee stands up and preforms a hand sign. Suddenly all the world seems to go black around killer bee. Raikage is then shown about to strike sasuke when suddenly he is stopped when he notices the sky around him darkening.
Raikage: "It can't be. You are dead!?!"
Killer bee: "Well hello to you to bro."
Raikage: "Everything we have confirmed you were killed by sasuke and taken by akatsuki to have your bijuu extracted."
Killer bee: "If I was dead than we wouldn't be doing this now nor would you be using all my damn chakra."
Raikage: "I uh....Where are you now?!"
Killer bee: "Well if you must know I gave akatsuki the slip and Im now with our old sensei."
Raikage: "Stay there. I will send people to get you as soon as Im through with Sasuke Uchiha."
Killer bee: "The one who attacked me? Well have fun and give him a few whacks for me."


Raikage smiles and the darkness instantly fades. Raikage strikes sasuke sending him crashing backwards until he lands near karin. Karin looks over sasuke who is struggling to get up but seems a little shaken.
Karin: "Sasuke this fight is useless. We can't defeat them."
Sasuke: "I will not accept defeat even if we are this close to getting our goals accomplished."
Karin: "But what is the point if we can't escape with our lives."
Sasuke flashes back to sakura helping him while in the forest of death.
Sasuke: "Your right. We have no other choice."
Raikage sees karin and the samurai also spot her.
Darui: "There is the chakra sensing type. Quickly take her out!"
C: "Your mine!"
Suigetsu charges in front of darui and c blocking their pathway to sasuke and karin.
Suigetsu: "You will have to get through me first!"
Raikage charges forward to strike sasuke when suddenly Juugo stands in his way. He is reverted back to his original form with severe bruises all over his body.
Juugo: "Sasuke! Leave here as fast as you can! Suigetsu and I will hold them off for as long as we can."
Raikage: "I'll kill you right now! This time you won't be getting back up!"
Sasuke and Karin flee with samurai chasing after them. They dodge around a corner and when the samurai turn the corner they find nothing but empty area. Raikage charges at juugo and juugo turns his arm into a big fist. Raikage extends his fists and the two fists impact each other. Juugo is sent crashing back with his arm destroyed while Raikage is standing there. C and Darui are having trouble with suigetsu when suddenly suigetsu is punched from behind by Raikage.
Suigetsu: "Raikage's raiton is too strong. Can't change into water! Argh!"
Raikage pulls his arm back to reveal it covered in blood and a big through hole is revealed in suigetsu. Darui and C are shocked at what they have just seen.
Raikage: "Now what are you waiting for!? Go find sasuke! Don't let him escape!"
C and Darui flee while Raikage stands there. Juugo then suddenly gasps and Raikage turns around to see juugo trying to stand up.
Raikage: "You are foolish to try to defend sasuke even now when your only inches away from death."
Raikage charges at Juugo when suddenly mifune stands in his way along with several guards.
Mifune: "That is quite enough of that Raikage. This individual is more useful to us alive than dead."
Juugo: "Sasuke. Im sorry."
Juugo collapses on the shoulders of the guards.
Mifune: "I need a medic here immediately."

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Next Episode: "Interrogation"

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