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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Baca Komik Air Gear Bahasa Indonesia Terbaru Online

Baca Manga Komik Air Gear Bahasa Indonesia Chapter 310 Terbaru - In an effort to make them run faster and fly higher, people began putting motors in rollerblades, and eventually AT's (Air Trecks) was created. The Air Trek is a kind of inline skate, it is customized and has an engine. Ikki is a just boy who interested in AT from watching videos of his guardians (the sisters Noyamano), and from watching Simca practice everyday. Komik Air Gear Bahasa Indonesia Once he tried the AT's (Air Trecks), he became addicted, and formed his own Stormrider team with his friend Onigiri and Kazu. They began entering AT battles, and excel. Spitfire, an experienced Stormrider, told Ikki a story of eight roads and eight kings, which is associated with AT. Komik Air Gear This spurred Ikki to challenge more Stormrider teams, battling to collect team emblems. As he makes his way up from low-ranking stormrider to the king of heaven, he walked to the other kings, as well as new allies, enemies, and obstacles that he must face sooner or later. As the open road, road closed behind him and forced him to push forward. Will Itsuki Minami (Ikki) continue to push, or will the sky no more than the limit for him? Air Gear Characters: Itsuki Minami (Ikki), Kazuma Mikura, Issa Mihotoke, Onigiri, Akito, Agito and Lind Wanijima, Emily Adachi, Yayoi Nakayama, Mikan Noyamano, Ringo Noyamano, Shiraume Noyamano, Gabishi, Ohm, Kilik, Sora Takeuchi, Rika Noyamano, Falco, Spitfire, Kilik, Akira Udō, Mitsuru Bando, Simca, Nue, Yoshitsune, Nike, Benkei, Orca, Caesar, etc. Manga Air Gear Bahasa Indonesia. Read This First! Komik Air Gear may contain strong language, excessive violence, nu*dity and or lots of blood and gore. Parental guidance is advised. This series is currently unavailable on If you wish to read the chapter you will be redirected to other site. We are not responsible for what you read from Komik Air Gear, Because we already warn you!.

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